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5 myths about bikini line hair removal

by:Breitex      2020-06-13
Razor bumps.
Hair growing inward
Sensitive Skin
Difficult angle. . .
There are few places on the body that are more challenging than bikini lines, as many women have learned to work hard to shave, pull hair, wax and laser to smooth their skin.
Unfortunately, there are many myths about hair. Dr.
The dermatologist for Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery in Manhattan, Marissa gashick, reveals the myth that she hears patients repeat the most in the office.
Which do you believe?
Myth: hair will grow thicker if you shave. Shaving anywhere in your body, itGarshick says, does not cause hair to become thicker;
The diameter will always remain the same over time.
\"After shaving, the ends of the hair are simply weakened, not the natural soft tip, which can cause the hair to look rough,\" Garshick explains . \".
But the actual thickness remains unchanged.
\"After shaving, she recommends using a gentle cleanser and a gentle moisturizer to keep the skin soft and smooth even when the hair is growing.
Try CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash ($11; drugstore. com)
And yukarin original treatment rich lotion ($12; drugstore. com).
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They were wrong.
\"Twitter can lead to the trauma of follicles, which can only lead to more redness and inflammation,\" she explained . \".
\"Avoid picking or squeezing because it causes scars.
If you have razor bumps or hair that grows inward, let them stay, Garshick says.
\"Usually, simply getting the hair a little longer will save the hair from being trapped in the skin,\" she said . \" You can remove it carefully at this point.
You can also use hot compress to help point free.
If the Crown has not yet appeared after a week or two, call your skin and he can extract the crown for you.
Myth: You should shave there, says Garshick. Many women think that if they shave every day, the skin on the bikini line will get used to shaving, but all this will only bring more irritation and irritation.
Wait until a few millimeters of hair can be seen, or about two days.
To reduce your sensitive risk, shave in the direction of hair growth with a clean blade, and replace the blade after 5 to 10 shaving.
\"Sometimes treating razor bumps may require a prescription for topical steroids, but you should discuss this with experts,\" Garshick said . \".
\"If you want to find a longer
Long term choice, laser hair removal can help.
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A certified dermatologist leaves you hair.
Five to eight treatments free of charge
Key: five to eight courses, not one or two.
Garshick explained that the laser is dedicated to growing hair, which is only part of your total hair.
\"While you will notice significant improvements after laser hair removal, you will still notice that some hair will not disappear right away,\" she said . \".
\"Don\'t try to remove the hair with waxing because the laser is targeting the pigment in the hair.
If the hair has been removed, the laser will not be able to do its job.
Garshick said no hair.
Do not wax, tug-of-hair or bleach between laser hair treatments, although shaving is OK, it will still leave the hair scratched by laser during the next treatment.
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Dermatologists would advise people with darker skin not to use these treatment types because if the laser can\'t distinguish between skin and hair then it burns the skin, Garshick said.
That is to say, for those with darker skin tones, there is now a safe and effective laser.
\"But be sure to look for laser depilation specialists and ask for lasers for dark skin types to reduce the chance of any problems,\" Garshick explains . \".
Even though meteorologists can do laser hair removal, it\'s safest to go to a dermatologist --
Regardless of your skin color.
The article was originally about health. com.
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