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5 shocking things nobody tells you about getting tattoos

by:Breitex      2020-06-20
When you think of all the issues related to tattoos, such as absolute raddest and all the sex, you have to think: why don\'t you have a tattoo now?
But you shouldn\'t have your mom\'s name tattooed above the genitals, except for obvious reasons, and you probably never thought a lot about it. For example . . .
No one knows what\'s in the tattoo you would think that because it\'s something you shoot into the body with a needle, and people are really excited when it comes to tattoo ink that is as safe as possible.
But since ink is not classified as food, medicine, or management, the FDA pays for it when it regulates ink.
They are classified as \"cosmetic\" products. . .
Even if it\'s something you can inject.
So what exactly is tattoo ink? You know, ?
In addition to long term tattoo ink, it is almost impossible for the people who make the ink to find out what is in their mixture.
However, when placed under the microscope, it is found that some ink contains--
All the poses.
Forget about cancer (
I never thought we \'d say that. ;
If your tattoo contains iron oxide, a fairly common ingredient in red ink, then doing an MRI may allow your body to enter.
This is because the magnetic field generated by the machine causes these elements to generate current, basically.
If all the discussion about microbes and cancer makes your tattoo skin crawl, then the problem is here: because the ink maker won\'t tell us what\'s in their product, it will make your
It hurts on the ass or anywhere else.
If the doctor knows the composition and chemical composition of each ink, they can identify and calibrate a treatment that is very likely to work without the pain of the patientinduced coma.
However, without this information, they just signal with a laser, which is much more interesting than it sounds.
So, what does it take to get this person involved?
They are waiting for enough people.
Since the FDA has not asked for a test of tattoo ink, only an outbreak can force them to take action.
When a non-M. tuberculosis outbreak (
A cousin of actual tuberculosis)
The Tattoo owner began to be troubled in 2012, and the infection eventually dates back to a non-
The manufacturer of sterile ink and the FDA finally intervened.
It took only a few months for dozens of people to bleed from their skin.
Whether it\'s hovercraft, teacup pig or white supremacy, your tattoos can get you sued for copyright infringement, and people like to copy the trends they see on TV.
So when we see cool tattoos on our favorite fictional characters or real celebrities, some people will certainly want to be involved in this action.
But even if your skin is not immune to the laws of intellectual property rights, tattoos can give you a really tricky stop --and-desist order.
We will explain this in popular culture: the Temple of flames by Mike Tyson.
When covering up his appearance by having a major character get a similar facial tattoo drunk, he gets the Warner Brothers.
Sued by the artist in charge of the original.
He claimed that Warner Bros. copied the tat without his permission and included it in posters and other marketing materials.
Copyright infringement.
The studio tried to claim that the second tattoo was a parody, showing how stupid the original was (
Make it a symbol of the entire franchise)
Warner was forced to settle out of court.
This is also a growing problem in video games.
When the popular basketball game created its virtual body, it also added many of their tattoos, resulting in a group (or inkling)
Tattoo artists sue game makers for copying their artwork.
Their lawsuit failed because they applied for copyright after the game was released, not because it was stupid, but because they still managed to claim compensation for lost revenue.
In another case, when a tattoo on the MMA fighter Carlos Condit appears, it appears on the same grounds as copyright infringement.
So keep in mind that if you have the courage to get a tattoo on your back, be sure to leave some space for copyright symbols above the crack in your ass.
It can take a long time to recover from tattoos, you know why tattoos are usually related to hard tattoossmoking, hard-
Drink a motorcycle, not a vape-
Smoking, beer
Drink skilled workers?
Because they will suffer.
It\'s like putting your arm into the sewing machine and letting the meth head turn your torment into a heart --shaped scar.
But at least when it\'s over, it\'s over, right?
Unfortunately for some tattoos
Havers, the real pain is just beginning.
One of ten people will be injured because of the medical side effects of tattoos.
In a survey of 300 ink bottles and ink bottles, 10% admitted that they suffered adverse reactions long after their new body art should be healed.
This may be from long term
The blisters of pain will be red and will make people feel that they have made a terrible mistake, which will last forever.
Oh, there\'s a small one.
You may have minor medical side effects.
On 2013, a German man had tattoo removal on a suspicious person.
Hidden in his artwork, a man who looked like a mole was found.
The doctor gave him an examination. . .
He was diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma.
More than a dozen untreated cancer cases have been recorded in the last few years alone, meaning that more dead lumps are still hidden in the infinite symbols and the ironic Bart Simpson tattoo.
Now, with the current trend of underarm tattoos, doctors are not only worried about the lack of diagnosis, but also about the increased risk of misdiagnosis.
For the naked eye, there is no difference between the Metastatic lymph nodes and the lymph nodes that are only stained with tattoos, which may lead to unnecessary increases in biopsy and tell a group of people that they may have cancer, and that brings trauma to them.
All in all, you give half of your body\'s cancer disguise, which doesn\'t make it easier for a doctor to save your life.
Although your boring parents and teachers have said that tattoos are not permanent at all, your skin will rub the tattoo.
Unlike a lawn or baby, you can\'t expect a tattoo to take care of yourself.
But the truth is that no matter what you do, those knuckles that say \"hate\" and \"kids\" will disappear faster than the chance you find a job to teach kindergarten.
You may be the kindest and gentlest person for your tattoo, but before you know it, you will spend a lot of money to polish it as it will start to look like crap.
This is especially true if your tattoo is printed on body parts that are constantly moving, such as your hand, wrist, neck, or you are the same as us, python sacks-esque biceps.
This is because wrinkles will erode tattoos more quickly.
Imagine it as a piece of paper that is constantly crumpled and not crumpled.
In fact, it\'s better not to think about your body like this.
If you don\'t want to speed up the process, you have to do another thing :. Forever.
Sunburns can make your skin fall off like crazy, causing the ink to fade, fall off or fall off much faster than usual.
What\'s worse, when you \'ve just painted your skin into unnatural darkness, the tattoo\'s skin is particularly sensitive to sunburn, making it easier to absorb the sun, causing swelling, itching and even blisters.
But don\'t worry, this will only happen if you have blurry colors like yellow, red, blue and black.
There are a lot of things that make it harder to get tattoo removed, and all of them have terrible problems.
Your relationship is broken, the band is disbanded, and Kylie Jenner is hired by your favorite brand.
For whatever reason, you need to remove this tattoo now. That\'s fine.
Just pop up the nearest laser surgery clinic while reading the date to eliminate errors.
Other than that, if you live your life in any way, it doesn\'t work a bit. Do you smoke? Yes?
Wearing a leather jacket, you must be the coolest man in town.
There\'s more good news: you can keep this cool feeling.
Your chance to get a tattoo (
Fairly standard length of treatment)
Smokers decreased by 70%.
This is because smoking can inhibit the immune system, which is the main way tattoo ink is allowed to break down and rinse from the body.
Are your tattoos brightly colored?
Congratulate you on completing the art school/rehabilitation center.
Unfortunately, choosing any other color other than black or red means the more painful laser surgery we mentioned.
When it comes to ink like yellow, blue, and Green, the chance that they are removed in ten scans is reduced to a paltry 20%, because, when the laser scans, they don\'t break up, these bad boys change the color of the skin and refuse to accept the hint that you want them to leave your body.
You don\'t smoke, and the tattoo is black?
You are either straight or a sailor in his 60 s.
However, it is better to hope that the former, because the older the tattoo, the more difficult it is to remove the tattoo.
Over time, the ink goes deep into the body.
In just three years, the success rate of laser treatment is only 47%, while tattoos over the age of six are difficult to get rid of, and you will think they have the rights of squat people.
Ironically: If you listen to the society, there is a discreet tattoo on the ankle or on the foot that has no one (
Including future employers)
If you can cast a suitable position, the chances of you removing it in ten games are even worse.
It turns out that those cautious places are far from the main bad ones --stuff-
The removal route of your body, which means it will take longer for them to break down.
So to sum up: if you want a tattoo and want to get it removed quickly, you just have to stick it on your face or neck without smoking and make it black and red, and pay special attention to your skin.
That way, you will never regret getting tatt--oh, f**k.
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