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5 types of maillot swimsuits every lady should own

by:Breitex      2020-06-16
Swimsuit with any other name. . . A Maillot (
Or what I mistakenly call \"malliot\" over the years \". . . oy)
It\'s a fancy schmancy word.
Swimsuit or swimsuit.
I love them and I am so excited that they have returned to style in recent years.
In this article, I will introduce the history of the maillot swimsuit, but more importantly, I will include a selection of cute hand picked pieces --and coveted -by yours truly.
I have the best fault, too-
Swimwear brands and designers of various categories (
Vintage, pattern, black, slimming and fitness).
Let\'s go straight in, shall we?
No, what is mail?
I\'m not kidding: mailing is really just a fancy term for a swimsuit.
There are a lot of retailers who will use this term to describe the swimsuit, but it is no different from any other dress.
Can you blame them? \"One-
For a person who can only eat one slice of pizza, \"one piece\" is more appropriate.
Like Mary. Piece\" Larson. MAN.
The chicken can\'t handle the supreme, the Italian sausage, the Hawaiian, nothing.
But, on the other hand, Mail. May-lot.
It\'s just a roll of tongue, isn\'t it? ooo-la-la.
Sounds like French.
Mail lot is actually a French word.
This is the French word for a jersey or swimsuit (No way! )
It\'s also a commune in the South. east of Paris.
Door mail is a major subway station near the Arc de Triomphe.
For that retro look, without that retro smile, I like all the single-piece mail now, that\'s how much they look like vintage style swimwear for 1940 and 1950.
These are my favorite.
Vintage style suits are more suitable for various body types and are the perfect replacement for many lightweight suits.
Let\'s embrace this trend and do our best to stop the 1990 \"string bikini\" outbreak.
Favorite Brands: Emerald Williams, Sheridyn swimming, Seafolly, Mod Cloth (
It is an online store;
Their retro choice
Style suits are hard to beat)
Fine print!
I really like so many swimsuits now.
I think there was a time when the swimsuit maker said, \"Well, less is more, right ? \"?
We all suffer.
The email posted today seems to have such lovely details, cut and fabric.
They are like clothes you can wear in the water, at the water\'s edge, or at a place relatively close to the water.
Favorite Brands: worldex, J Crew, Nanette Lepore, is the black little dress for Mara HoffmanThe World Navy swimwear new black?
No, this is wrong.
What is the new Panther? No way.
Is the New Black orange?
Okay, sometimes, but really, no.
Of course, black is the New Black.
Nothing is more classic than black.
It is very flattering in all skin tones and body types and will never be out of date.
If you\'re new to the world
Put on a swimsuit or put it on again and know that black mail is Gateway mail. Every swim-
No wardrobe without it.
You can build more adventurous colors and patterns over time.
I bought my first black one last year and I hope to have it for many years to come.
Recommended Brand: J Crew, Seafolly, La Blanca, no worries about the miracle history of swimsuits.
I\'m not going to have a boring history lesson here.
What I \'ve learned is that people like lists and bullet points, so I\'ll tell you the history of the swimsuit with bullet points, an easy-to-follow chronology. Pre 1700s -
Usually, the \"swimsuit\" is either anything you wear, don\'t mind getting wet, or nothing.
Swim naked. 1737 -
The ladies were told to cover their bare ass if they were going to swim. 1700s-1800s -A swimsuit-
It\'s like clothes evolve from a long \"swimsuit\" with weight at the hem into a more shameful \"two pieces\", including a knee-length robe and a stretch to the ankle. 1860 -
The official ban on naked-ass swimming in the UK has frustrated many naked-ass swimmers. 1907 -
Australian synchronized swimmer Annette Kellerman messed up everyone\'s feathers when she debuted in her styling suit. Early 1900s -1930 -Women\'s gown-
It\'s like the suit is shorter and the arm is exposed (gasp! )
The man is wearing a dress like a tank vest and a motorcycle shorts.
The swimsuit transits from wool fabric to fabric similar to elastic fabric. 1946 -
Paris designer Louis Reard made his debut as the predecessor of the modern two-piece \"bikini. \"1956 -
After ten years of hard work, the \"bikini\" swimsuit was finally accepted by beach tourists. 1964 -
\"Monokini\" was invented \".
Monokini is a bikini but has no top. (
So, basically, a pair of waterproof underwear? ). 1974 -
Thong, or what I like to call the \"ass floss\" bikini was invented. 2010-present -
The ladies of the world have decided.
I want a swimsuit that looks good on me and don\'t hang all my stuff out there. The one-piece -aka maillot -
Make a comeback. Sources: About.
The great thing about Com, Wikipedia, retro fashion Association mail group powerful Mail group is that unless you buy a crazy crochet set or a set with all the cuts --outs (
Hello, strange tan line?
This is Margaret. ), or (WHY)
One of the pretzels (. . .
Google it, but don\'t say I didn\'t warn you. Oy)
In fact, any email you choose will be slimmer than a bikini.
Here are some notable features: If you are looking for an email that will make your stomach comfortable, look for a suit with friction, a shirt, or a built-in control panel.
If you are worried about your top half, select an email with a built-in underwear or bra and find one with a thicker one.
If the garbage in your suitcase makes you feel scared (
I\'m really sorry about that. . .
This is a serious betrayal of English).
Okay, if your lower half has twisted your panties (
That\'s fine, right? ). FINE.
If you want your ass to look good, choose a more conservative calf opening or skirting set.
They are super cute now!
Favorite Brands: Miraclesuit, Mod Cloth, JantzenTank mail lots from fitnes. If you \'ve been in the pool for a long time, do water aerobics, or tank mail that loves fitness is right in your Alley (
Or like now).
These suits are more resistant to chlorine than their \"fashion\" suits-
They will maintain a longer shape and elasticity and prevent fading into a bag of pale cloth.
They are also built with sports in mind, so all your parts are left in the right place for them.
The fitness swimsuit has a range of cuts, ranging from conservative to medium to regular cuts.
This \"cut\" usually refers to the height of the leg (
The conservative cut suit is almost the opening of the boy\'s cut leg).
I prefer more conservative styles because of their retro look.
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