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a winter jacket that charges your gadgets

by:Breitex      2020-06-18
Mountain hard has developed a winter jacket with heating elements that will keep you warm when it charges your gadget.
Yes, that\'s right.
Reach into your left front pocket and you\'ll find a power adapter that can charge your iPod, digital camera, whether you\'re riding a mountain bike or roaming the snowy city streets, GPS devices or mobile phones are OK.
Heating and power supply capabilities are realized by adding rechargeable Lithium
Ion batteries and heating systems developed by Ardica Technology.
The $240 jacket is sold separately for men and women.
You can add the Moshi heating system of Ardica for $145;
The tech connector kit will cost you another $50.
The Moshi system consists of three heating elements, one in the middle and two in the front of the Jacuzzi, which together weigh less than a pound.
The user can adjust the temperature setting through the switch on the left breast of the jacket to provide up to 100-degree heat.
According to Mountain Hardware spokesman Paige Boucher, the heating element can be fully charged in less than three hours and should last for eight hours at the lowest temperature.
I recently tried on a men\'s jacket with heating elements.
I can feel the heating elements, but they are built in a flexible modular block, covered with neoprene, so they are very soft. (As a not-so-
Elegant skiers, I do want to know how soft the heating elements will be if I fall over them. )
They produce very obvious heat, concentrated in the area where the heating element is located.
I mentioned this to her.
Boucher, she says, when you go out and walk around in cold weather, your body will distribute heat evenly.
Hot Micro
The warm jacket is designed as a mid-layer jacket that can be worn under a ski jacket or individually in a warm climate.
Although it\'s a good jacket for outdoor sports enthusiasts
Looking for urban clothing, thanks to the slim figure that lacks a down jacket that is swollen.
Jacket and Moshi heating/power system will be available in October. 15.
Comments are no longer accepted. cool.
Hard Rock!
I want one like this.
Can\'t wait to give it a try!
Less than a pound?
For a dress designed to be worn as a middle layer in a cold climate, this is still a big weight.
Also, isn\'t the battery solar? Why not?
This will be perfect for skiing (
Especially in California, the ski resort is often sunny. .
The charging downtime will be reduced and power is not required.
Is this jacket related to \"warm socks\" from a few years ago?
You know, those with a D battery attached to the foot chain part of the sock?
They are advertised as the perfect gift for grandma-if grandma likes to bring a D Battery on every foot, don\'t mind the danger of falling because the weight of the battery causes the socks to slide off their ankles!
I tried a Ardica jacket like this on the hardware in the mountains & no visible or D battery-
I can assure you.
I didn\'t feel anything but an ordinary jacket.
I can charge my phone and camera from my pocket while keeping it warm how cool it isI LOVE it! Heat-Power-
Charge, nothing.
This is a great innovation for those who are hard to keep warm.
I would be cool if the jacket could at least extend the charging time as a photovoltaic panel . . . . . . Then the price of the jacket will be as high as the solar panel. :(
Another note to edit is the mp3 player or mobile media device, not everyone uses the Ipod, unless you specifically point out that the device is not compatible with other players . . . . . . Will definitely lead to cancer!
Motorcyclists have been using heated gears for years, but need gears that are connected to the bike.
If it is delivered as promised, there will be a huge market.
I want heating for socks and gloves.
If I live in a cold place, I will definitely pay for one of the systems.
Do you take solar energy seriously?
Power heating element?
Do you really think it makes sense to absorb the sun, switch to power in inefficient solar cells, store it in the battery, and then pump it back to the heating element?
Here\'s an idea: sit in the sun if you want to warm up.
You can\'t create more energy than you did at the beginning.
Can\'t they use a thermocouple?
You know, those devices that use temperature difference to generate electricity.
The heated jacket will be great for installers who work outside, and they don\'t want to be limited by the layers of clothing when typing. Cool!
Which skiers don\'t know about this: Sweat the hell back in a sunny downhill ride, just to make your back stop and get the lift back on.
I believe those days have passed.
When you need it, there is no extra sweater etc.
I was curious if the charge really lasted 8 hours.
If so, I can take it directly to apres-ski…. .
Where can you get these jackets? ?
Please email me: nwhoustontx3277086 @ yahoo.
In order to confirm which stores will sell these products, thank you very much for providing insurance to prevent lithium explosionion batteries?
Can you get this through airport security? Or will they shoot you for wearing something that makes you look like a suicide bomber?
That jacket doesn\'t look waterproof . . . . . . I will check it out before I buy it.
More technical waste from landfill sites.
That old wool coat still keeps me warm if I like outdoor activities and I don\'t want to be disturbed.
The $435 for the whole system seems a bit expensive.
I can buy an ActiVHeat heated jacket for less than half the money!
I\'m not sure if the brand is worth another $200.
Put on a damn sweater.
Can\'t wait to try this jacket and just ordered one from the mounted police.
Com, it should be on my back in a week.
I will try to write a review once I get refujacjackyeah. Yes, I guess you might not be able to get through airport security because of this thing, and the price is expensive, it\'s not hard to just layering, is it?
Looks like technology. to-
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