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Adidas sportswear use drum washing machine

by:Breitex      2020-07-13
Adidas sportswear use drum washing machine? I think some of them are possible, such as leisure, sports leisure paragraph, but like ski-wear, this kind of waterproof coating is best not to, because this kind of material damage, resulting in decreased water proofing property, wearing uncomfortable. ( Sports clothes) Can use washing machine to wash clothes this kind of clothes is usually made of leisure sports materials, the functional requirements is not high, mainly used for everyday casual wear, not a lot of functional fabrics, such as waterproof coating, etc. , can be used drum washing machine; Another kind is uniforms class, these clothes also can use the washing machine, because the texture is soft, clean with washing machine also won't have any damage. This kind of clothes they can't use the washing machine to wash the clothes is primarily a functional fabrics sportswear, such as charge clothing, outdoor prevent bask in clothes, etc. , these are usually hand wash, use the platen washing machine wash afraid of damage to the fabric, resulting in decreased water proofing property or wear very uncomfortable, and the peeling coating will make the clothes are not beautiful. Relevant recommendations: sportswear shirts custom manufacturers
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