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alice payne: why puffer jackets give me a chill

by:Breitex      2020-06-18
A beautiful winter coat is an investment. A Michelin winter coat is very likely. man-
It looks like the dolphin jacket has caught your eye for its warmth, lightness and association with a wild hike.
However, the impact of your dolphin jacket on the environment, morality and society may not make you feel so warm and fuzzy.
Here is a guide on the notes you should keep in mind when looking for a winter jacket.
Material quality the most common fiber in winter coat is wool or its synthetic imitation acrylic fiber.
The shell is usually polyester for a dolphin jacket.
Polyester is a synthetic fiber made of non-polyester fiber.
Renewable petrochemical sources, which use greenhouse gas emissions.
According to the material sustainability index, recycled polyester is a better environmental choice than the original polyester, and its use is becoming more and more common.
Emerging recycled fabrics made from used coffee grounds are also used in outdoor wear --
See mountain design.
The fluffy interior of the dolphin jacket also needs to be considered.
The most important ethical question is how to treat birds that use feathers and feathers in jackets.
There are reports that goose and duck are alive.
Pulled down the feathers.
Certifications such as responsible Down standards and global traceable Down standards are a means for companies to assure consumers that down in their dolphin jackets is a source of ethics, using best practices for animal care.
Every standard ensures there is no live broadcast
Pull or force-
Feeding methods, and humane treatment of animals providing feathers and feathers according to the five freedoms of animal welfare.
However, buying an expensive coat doesn\'t mean that a company has its own house, like buying a cheaper \"fast fashion\" dolphin jacket doesn\'t necessarily mean that down jackets are immoral.
Regardless of the price of the jacket, first check whether the company has reached the responsible drop standard.
The main alternative to the down is polyester filling, such as recycled polyester ECOdown.
Unlike duck or goose down, ECOdown does not lose insulation when wet.
The other side is polyester slightly heavier than duck down or goose down.
Brand, including Trenery and HoodLamb using ECOdown.
There are also other natural alternatives, such as a batting made of Murray wool used by icebreakers, or recycled goose down used by Batagonia.
The manufacturing process our garments arrive through a long supply chain, which may mean that labor abuse continues to occur.
The 2018 ethical fashion guide was released last month, so take a look at the performance of local brands in terms of supply
Chain transparent.
In April, The Fashion Revolution Day was designed to connect and inform the public about the problems faced by some 60 million garment workers around the world.
Well-made clothes are a website that allows you to choose clothes that are consistent with your values, whether it\'s the environment, the society, the moral treatment of the animals, or the three.
As a wearer, you can make the final choice.
For the bundle-
Commuter, choose a high
Hard quality clothing
It can last many seasons in classic fabrics (
Real season and stylish artificial season).
Fiber is also the key to longevity.
The wool coat has natural insulation quality.
Acrylic is a synthetic substitute for wool, which can be Pilling and does not have the natural advantage of wool.
Choosing a brand to fix your damaged coat will ensure that you keep an eye on the outfit.
Finally, in terms of disposal, brands such as Kathmandu and H & M offer
Back-end service at the end of clothing Life (
Although it is still an evil problem for retailers to recycle these garments effectively). High-
The Op store always needs a high quality coat.
Why not wear the clothes you wore last winter?
Retailers may not like this, but ask yourself if you need a new coat and if you need a new one if you need it.
We already have the most eco-friendly products.
Increase second sales
Handmade clothing can save carbon emissions, waste and water use per ton of clothing.
Although fashion is considered unpredictable, winter clothes are a good example of clothing that can last for many seasons if well taken care.
However, if you are looking for a winter wardrobe update, by purchasing a second piece of clothing, you can experience the fun of wearing a new coat financially and in the environment at a lower cost
Whether it\'s through eBay or the op store, or through an informal exchange or purchase of friends on social networks.
Participating in the sharing economy through clothing rental platforms such as Lana allows you to rent a show --
Stop the coat for a special night.
Considering the many considerations involved in choosing a coat --
Whether it\'s the rights of workers, the cruelty to animals, or the impact on the environment
All we can do is make smart choices based on personal values.
For this reason, my first stop at \"sustainable shopping\" will always be my existing wardrobe.
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