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Any Breitex offices in other countries?
Xiamen Breitex Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd. intends to establish some offices abroad, depending on business development and market demand. We believe that setting up an office abroad can have many positive effects, such as expanding brand awareness and having access to technical skills or regional knowledge. The local office will give us the opportunity to identify and exploit opportunities in our target market. It will also give us the flexibility to control operations and expand if necessary. We also believe customers will take us more seriously for customer service reasons if we have a local base.

Equipped with highly advanced technology, Breitex is great at manufacturing outdoor jacket with competitive cost. The woman yoga wear series is one of the main products of Breitex. The design of outdoor jacket has been viewed to be highly original. It has passed the deodorizing treatment before leaving out of the factory. Stability is one of its advantages. It does not tend to break down or be damaged by emergencies, such as instantaneous change of current or sudden power failure. It has passed the deodorizing treatment before leaving out of the factory.

We'll work hard to achieve progress in environmental protection. We will carry out environmental risk assessments to make sure no negative effects will be made on the environment.
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