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armed men rob california gurdwara

by:Breitex      2020-06-20
California: Armed men broke into gurdwara in a city in California and took the money from a donation box inside the building, police said.
According to local Livingston Police in California, three robbers entered gurdova early Sunday morning from the front door.
One of them was armed and the other was armed with a knife.
The third robber was not armed.
Local newspaper Merced Sunstar yesterday quoted police as saying the three men took thousands of dollars from a donation box and left through the side door to join the other two outside
Punjab Association of North America (NAPA)
President Sanan Singh Chahar also said the three men took money from the donation box and left the side door.
Police Chief Reuben Chavez said all men were hiding their identity in masked jackets or jerseys.
Police are searching for three unidentified men.
Chavez said that although the money in the previous donation box was stolen, it was the first robbery he knew in gurdova.
\"It\'s more shameless because they came in with weapons.
\"Obviously this is a person who knows the temple because they know where to go,\" he said . \".
\"We look at the problem from a different perspective, and we will do our best to find out the truth of the problem.
\"We really want to be sure who they are,\" Chavez said . \".
Sikhs account for a close share of Livingston\'s population.
On August, seven people were killed in a Wisconsin shooting in Sikh gurdwara.
Mayor Pro Tem Gurpal Samra, who worships the city\'s Sikh gurdwaras, thinks Sunday\'s robbery is \"very disturbing \".
\"I was in Fresno when I got the call,\" Samra said . \".
\"The first thing that flashed through my mind was Wisconsin, right away.
Narinder Dola, vice president of temples, said: \"The Wisconsin incident is one of the reasons why temple officials have installed surveillance cameras.
At the time of the incident, three people, including a woman, appeared inside gurdwara.
Dora was pleased that the people inside gurdwara did not face the robbers.
\"I think they did a wise move and they did nothing and they just kept silent.
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