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Assam Security Personnel Made 3-Year-Old Take Off Jacket; Inquiry Ordered

by:Breitex      2020-06-21
A video of a mother taking off a crying black jacketyear-
On Tuesday morning, before entering the functions of Sarbananda Sonowal, chief minister of the Biswanath district, the old child followed the instructions of the security personnel and was strongly criticized by the public, prompted CM to order the police to investigate the incident.
The video went viral on social media, as did local TV news channels in Assam.
The Citizenship Amendment Act has sparked widespread protests in Assam.
Mr. Sonowal witnessed a hostile reaction by citizens to the controversial legislation of the BJP pilot in the center. \"My three-year-
The child wore a black jacket.
The security guard did not let him enter the venue inside.
The security guard asked me to take off the black jacket. \"The video heard the child\'s mother tell the reporter that the reporter asked her why she took off the child\'s jacket and left him a cotton shirt on a cold morning.
\"Police officers have a phobia of black.
\"They even forced a child to take off his black jacket exposed to the cold, fearing that black clothes might be a sign of protest,\" the locals said . \" Referring to the ongoing protests over the controversial citizenship bill over the past few weeks, the chief ministers, ministers and senior leaders of the BJP have shown black flags.
The video also saw many adult male tourists taking off their black jackets and wool jumpers in the project where the chief minister laid the cornerstone for Eri spinning mill.
They were heard saying, \"If we don\'t take off our black clothes, the security guards will ban us from entering the venue \".
According to a government press release, Mr. Sonowal has instructed the head of the Assam police department to investigate the incident in which the child was forced by security personnel to take off his black jacket and submit a report as early as possible.
During the Republic Day celebration on Saturday, security personnel vigorously searched the public to prevent any of them from carrying any black clothes to the official event attended by the Minister of Assam.
During the Central Republic Day event in guwahatti, security personnel of the Assam police politely asked everyone if they were carrying a black handkerchief.
\"We were asked to check if anyone was carrying any black clothes.
A police officer in Assam told PTI, \"they are not allowed to carry any black items underground, he was surrounded by a pile of black clothes, handkerchiefs, silencers, shawls and heads confiscated from the public.
On January 4, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in Silchar that the controversial bill would be passed in Parliament as soon as possible, protests broke out in the state and other parts of the Northeast.
Citizenship (Amendment)
The bill passed by Lok Sabha on January 8 aims to provide Indian citizenship to Hindus, Jains, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Parsis from Bangladesh, who have lived in Pakistan and Afghanistan for six years, even if they don\'t have any ID.
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