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Athleisure rules: The rise of leggings, yoga togs and anything but pants

by:Breitex      2020-06-12
One thing you don\'t have to worry about in the new year: change clothes.Athleisure, changing sportswear from 24-hour fitness to a fashion craze for 24-hour fitnessHours wear, women designed for the soul of the cubicle or cocktail wear sports.If traditional casual pants are a sign of failure, as Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel\'s chief designer and creative director, once criticized, the new sportswear is the opposite.Not for lazy people.It\'s for a woman like this-the-Go, it\'s easier for her to wear some kind of sportswear all day.Few clothing brands have not joined the trend of sports.They are decorating sportswear with finer materials (made of cashmere by Michael Kors and James Perse) and finer cuts.In addition to the sweat pants style, active wear separates also updated Alexander Wang\'s muscle items for H & M;prestige e-Business website-a-Porter\'s extension Networka-Activists have stocked up avant-garde sportswear from Falk, Lucas Hugh, physicalism and the course of life;Beyonce\'s sportswear brand for Topshop debuted this year.Even Chanel has launched a campaign.themed pieces.According to the NPD Group, sportswear sales increased by 9% in the 12 months ended October.Just go to the local mall and look for plenty of evidence.Jim Fallon, CEO of the women\'s clothing brand San Francisco City Light, said: \"Sports Fitness is integrated into a real big trend about American leisure .\".Tech staff wardrobe, hoodie, T-Shirts and scruffy jeans put pressure on the movement to look like it, but at least in part because of a similar premise: mobile phones and telecommuting break the line between private and professional people, americans are constantly working.Cross-GarmentsIt is no longer enough for a pair of women\'s pants to be used only for sports or leisure activities.They must be a cross, too.Clothing for the purpose of work and exercise.Traditional work pants for this flexibility-They\'re strict-to-5 schedule and their stable office partners, smart heel --Demoted.They are outdated fashion features flip phonesEverything in the worldThe exercise of capitalization of Betabrand,to-San Francisco online brand best clothing pants yoga pants workplace sportsSell last year\'s products.The yoga part of the product name comes from the pants \'elastic artificial silk mixed fabric and elastic belt, while the belt ring, virtual button, fake zipper and pocket make up the clothing part.\"The idea is that it\'s as popular as yoga pants and has never worked --That\'s the right pair of yoga pants, \"said Chris lindane, CEO of Betabrand.Athleisure promises to save precious time in jamThe crowded calendar won Laura Braden, senior communications director at Sacramento Kings and co-Founder of The Girl blog on the grid.She wears Betabrand\'s dress pants yoga pants at work, errands, lounges, and when attending pilates classes in a pinch.\"It\'s hard enough for me to go to the gym after work, so if I can save five minutes to change clothes, if I\'m comfortable all day, I go in, she said.\"We all have a very busy life and we support anything that makes this day more productive.The work, according to LinNow, there is no weight in the difference in work, he and many highEnd the fashion brand.Michael Kors, Rebecca Taylor, Rag & Bone, Alexander Wang and others have been breaking through the barrier, and the price of loose pants is more like a designer bag, and it is worth noting that, michael Kors launched a $995 casual pants in 2010.Terry, France, a fabric used in sportswear, should not be used in work clothes, or in the same way, for no particular reason, says lindane, the artificial silk standard in yoga pants should be excluded from the office.For work pants, \"wool is the option for a long time.You will see more and more brands applying technical fabrics to the actual situation.Although Braden does not believe this flipDrag and drop is always workFrom business leisure to simple leisure, business clothing has been developing.In this case, it seems inevitable that the movement culture spread from Bikram to the conference room.\"It is not only acceptable, but it is actually more comfortable,\" said Ferran .\".\"Comfort does not mean untidy.A lot of the goods in this part are very beautiful.They are not traditional fashionable sportswear.\"All about the separation between young women, Melloney Birkett, vice president of Women Design, Gap Inc.-The self-owned retailer Banana Republic, which is the destination for women\'s wear, has already felt a career shift from a classic suit to a traditional one, leaving a vacancy for casual pants --The esque bottom style of punching in the office.\"The new generation is definitely separate, and this is the perfect way to go to work without wearing cowboy clothes, but to have a more formal pair of pants, no more formal congestion of pants,\" she said, and added, \"I feel that this soft pants is an upcoming category that is replacing past suit pants.\"DWP is a soft pants brand jointly launched by Seven for All MankindThe founders, Michael Glazer and Gwen Stefani, were carried in the Bay Area last spring by Margaret O\'Reilly and Rand stale, initially thought to focus on Cowboys, but when Glasser met a retailer who refused to restock, he turned to the jogger pants --pocket jean.\"Jean\'s business is not what you call rapid growth.Nothing is really exciting.\"It won\'t make the store make money as it used to,\" he said .\".Research firm at the NPD Group reported a 8% drop in sales of cowboys.Like previous jeans and jeans, casual pants can be casual but don\'t have to be sloppy.Birkett insists that the Banana Republic\'s jogging pants do not read the potato coach.\"You can choose to wear a great sweater and a custom long jacket or a layered long boyfriend shirt.This is the way to get them out of real running pants and go out and play.The heel is a great way.\"It provides them with style, which allows them to go beyond real sports,\" she suggested .\".DWP has improved its sportswear style this year.\"The impact we are going to be getting bigger and bigger --The final market .\"\"We will print more rich tweeds and herringbones that look like they usually have in the sports market.Being able to wear it will give women more versatility.For us, the outline becomes more slim.He pointed out that DWP has started with 4-by-Four stretch-knit fabrics with stylish silhouette.The consumer\'s choice of buying traditional sportswear and sportswear may be related to her age.Ross Anne Morrison, fashion director at Doneger Group\'s trend prediction agency, said, \"It\'s a fashion silhouette because everyone wants to capture millennials.She is usually a fashion customer.But there must be a lot of choice in pants.A great store knows how to balance the variety of their items.They know how to offer advanced fashion and how to continue wearing tight and basic pants.\"Jeans and casual pants without death may be endangered species, but they are not extinct yet.According to NPD, Cowboys account for 8% of the apparel market as a whole, while sportswear accounts for 4%.After all, the flip phone has successfully attracted fans such as Anna Wintour, Rihanna and Scarlett Johnson to avoid its obsolescence.However, the flip phone eventually lost its charm.The future is about health, not health.(NPD estimates that 49% of sportswear is not purchased for active use.) \"When we started at the age of 7, we had a young girl at the age of 12., 13-, 14-and 15-year-old girl.She always buys jeans.\"This is ingrained in her DNA,\" says Glasser .\".\"Young girls today don\'t buy jeans.She is buying sports equipment.
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