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balloon of mayor khan in bikini flies over london

by:Breitex      2020-06-14
London (AFP)-
Critics of London Mayor Sadik Khan launched a balloon on Saturday to \"retaliate\" with a yellow bikini as he flew over Westminster\'s \"Baby Trump\" on July \".
The stunt was staged by Yanny Bruere, who described himself as an advocate for freedom of speech and passed nearly £ 60,000 in funding (
$78,000, € 67,000)
Donations on the crowdfunding website
Earlier, activists drove a huge balloon depicting US President Donald Trump as an orange diaper --
On July 13, in a demonstration against his visit to Britain, the baby was dressed.
What makes Trump supporters angry is that Khan authorized the flight of comics, believing that Londoners have the right to protest peacefully.
The 28-year-old, who is from Northampton, 65 miles north of London, confirmed Saturday\'s press conference would counter the mayor.
\"I think there should be some respect for the leaders of the free world and Britain\'s biggest allies ---
The president of the United States, \"he said.
Organizers chose a yellow bikini because Khan ruled London\'s transportation network in 2016 and did not allow ads to create a physical confidence problem after a dispute over protein shake posters, the poster shows one Dressed. Are you ready?
A small group of supporters and media gathered in Westminster on Saturday morning to watch the giant inflatable lift.
It will fly over Parliament Square for two hours.
The mayor said people are welcome to watch the show.
\"If people want to look at me in a yellow bikini on Saturday, they are welcome to do so ---
I really don\'t think yellow is my color though, \"he quipped on ITV News.
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