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Blac Chyna Criticized for Letting Dream Kardashian Wear Pink Hair Extensions-Breitex-img

Blac Chyna Criticized for Letting Dream Kardashian Wear Pink Hair Extensions

by:Breitex      2020-06-21
Bilingual Chyna faces intense photos later (her daughter, Dream card, with Rob Kardashian.
Chyna shared her 1-on Instagram on Wednesday-year-
Old girl with pink clip
Extend in the hair.
The title of her post is \"my beautiful baby girl \".
Shortly after sharing the photo, many Instagram users began to criticize Dream na\'s expansion, asking Chyna to do so with her children.
Although some Instagram users have added Chyna\'s defense to the comments, it seems that she has decided to delete the photo because she can no longer find the photo on her account.
The Instagram controversy came weeks after Chyna was involved in the six-flag war.
On Easter, Calif na was photographed at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, with an unidentified woman.
She was at the amusement park with her dream and son King Cairo.
The video of the battle shows Chyna taking off her pink jacket and then trying to swing to someone with her child\'s pink toy car.
Several people showed Chyna at different times.
After the incident, Chyna sent a message to fans on Instagram Story.
\"Being famous is hard to cope with censorship, but it\'s a completely different story when someone feels comfortable coming to touch your child,\" she said . \".
\"I do not condone violence, nor is it a violent person, but shouting at all the amazing mothers who have protected their children at all costs.
\"Rob is angry with Chyna putting dreams in danger,\" a source told E ! \"!
News after the incident
\"He plans to file to try to get more custody of his dreams and reduce child support for Chyna.
He hopes the judge will see what he wants is the best thing for the dream, and he puts her safety and best interests first.
The insider continued, \"Rob felt that she needed to have a guardian when the dream was in custody to ensure her safety.
\"No one was surprised by what happened,\" another source told E ! \"!
News about the Kardashian family\'s reaction to the battle.
\"They are just happy that they dream that they are not in the stroller and that they are safe.
This is the case with Chyna\'s behavior in a dream, but this is typical Chyna behavior.
\"It\'s a shame that she can easily lose control and anger at herself,\" the person said . \".
\"The family wants her to be better for her dreams and learn from them.
\"What do you think the pink hair extension of the dream sounds like in the comments!
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