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buy the perfect running shorts - the 8 point plan

by:Breitex      2020-06-11
Make your run as comfortable as possible and use these 8 tips to get the perfect running shorts. When are you running?
If at night, use a reflective panel to get a brighter color.
It is not good to run past only in the latest style.
You live in a highsweat region?
I mean where the humidity is high, choose the breathable fabric instead of the water absorbing.
The purpose is to keep it dry and not to collect moisture that will stimulate you as you run and will eventually make you angry.
If you are a hippie and everything in the shape of the body is for comfort, go and buy a longer length shorts that will bypass your figure instead of highlighting your figure.
Slim runners can escape anything.
The vest puts your whole hand on the side of the shorts.
You will feel comfortable if they slip in easily.
Would rather buy waist loose shorts than tight shorts as they will start digging after a while on the road.
The darker color has better effect on the light skin, and the lighter skin has better effect, just so simple.
The bigger the weight, you should wear dark shorts whether you are light or not.
Black makes you look slimmer.
The two legs of the shorts do not sag under your thighs, otherwise they will ride up between your legs and cause annoying friction.
Make sure the pants cover the area most likely to experience scratches.
Try to look at yourself in the mirror.
Rotate, twist, bend and run in it.
Remember that comfort is king and everything else is secondary.
Never go out and buy a running shorts and put them on right away.
Wear it a few times first when training for a run to make sure they don\'t feel uncomfortable or start to annoy you.
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