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child sex dolls are definitely \icky\ but should the law criminalize these coping behaviours-Breitex

child sex dolls are definitely \'icky\' but should the law criminalize these coping behaviours?

by:Breitex      2020-06-20
Kenneth Harris spent about $1,000 on the doll.
He chose the deluxe package and made-
Little, kid-size lingerie.
The doll has no chest and no hips.
When it\'s assembled, it\'s only going to stand four-feet tall.
On Tuesday, a prosecutor told the court in Newfoundland that it was clearly a child and that there was a clear reason for Harris Sen to buy it: sex.
The prosecutor believes that he should be convicted and locked up for this purpose.
Harrisson\'s case has been going on for six years and has sparked a heated debate about the definition of Canadian pornography in St. John’s Tuesday.
Harris was arrested in 2013 when customs officials intercepted a package in Toronto with unassembled dolls.
Under the federal Customs Act, he was charged with possession of child pornography, mailing of obscene articles and two charges of smuggling and possession of prohibited items.
Judge Mark Pike of the Newfoundland Provincial Court listened Tuesday to attorney Bob Buckingham of Harrisson and a team of prosecutors closing statements.
Pike told the court that Harris\'s innocence or guilt would depend on whether he knew the Japanese doll was designed to be like a child.
But regardless of the outcome, the Harrisson case will continue.
As a test case in the emerging field of artificial intelligence obscenity law, and an example of what some in Canada think is an overly broad regulation on child pornography.
\"I think it\'s bad because there\'s no better word,\" said Kara Zwibel, director of the basic freedom program at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.
\"Yes, I feel disgusting.
Does this mean that it should be the subject of the criminal law \", which is a more difficult question to answer.
\"As a public policy, I\'m not sure if we want to make it a criminal offence to try to deal with the behaviour of people who are not impulsive,\" zwibel said: \"But there is no harm or involvement in the harm of any actual human victim.
The question of how to treat children\'s sex dolls in law has emerged around the world. In the U. K.
More than 120 children
From March 2016 to July 2017, police seized sex dolls in a sting called Operation Shiraz.
In the United States, \"reptiles \"(
Exploiting E-pedophile robots to curb reality)
The bill was passed by the House on 2018.
The bill will prohibit the import or transportation of any \"anatomical --
The correct doll, mannequin, or robot, with the features of a minor or similar to that of a minor, for sexual behavior.
More than 40 children in Canada
According to information obtained by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation from the Canada Border Services Agency, sex dolls were detained at the border between January 2016 and August 2018.
However, there is still very little evidence for all these actions as to the actual harm caused by children\'s sex dolls.
Almost no empirical research has affected its use.
An analytical report prepared by the Australian Institute of Crime in March 2018.
However, according to the relevant research, the researchers are concerned that these dolls may lead to an upgrade --
Users who are attracted to children may start with dolls and then turn to pictures or videos of real children and even attack the children themselves.
The author of Meta-said: \"Considering that these dolls do not give emotional feedback, it may also make users less sensitive to the potential harm caused by child sexual assaultanalysis wrote.
Others, however, believe that dolls and other related technologies may even have some social utility in due course.
\"Virtual child pornography and other simulations, such as child pornography dolls or robots, may be a safer way out for at least some people who are sexually attractive to children,\" Michael Seto said . \" The director of the forensic research department at the Royal Institute of Mental Health in Ottawa told the New Scientist in 2016.
Megan Ross, PhD candidate in law at the University of Toronto, who studies obscene law, believes that the whole debate has not seized on this.
She believes that Harris\'s prosecution will have a serious counter effect.
Ross said: \"The allegations have triggered reports that are completely contrary to what the law should do, in order to discourage pedophile and deface it.
Ross believes that the prosecutor\'s allegations against Harris may have only increased interest in children\'s sex dolls.
\"Some articles (about the case)
She is actually directing readers to companies that make these dolls . \"
As for Harris himself, he has always denied any sexual interest in the doll he bought.
He claimed in the stands that he bought it for his company.
He said he lost his youngest son in his 1980 s due to sudden infant death syndrome and he wanted the doll as a stand or reminder.
He said in court that he chose to buy a sexy doll because of its realistic quality and said he always intended to wear men\'s clothing. Under cross-
Last week\'s check-up, he collapsed and had to be taken away from court by paramedics.
VOCM News\'s reporter, Renell LeGrow, said in court on Tuesday that prosecutors in the final debate urged Judge Pike to dismiss Harrisson\'s defense as \"empty\" and absurd. “(I)
The evidence we have heard is unusual, \"said prosecutor Dana Sullivan.
\"I just don\'t think his evidence is credible.
Pike is expected to deliver a judgement on May 21. —
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