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choosing fashions that flatter your body type

by:Breitex      2020-06-16
Want to look thinner in your clothes?
Understand your size.
Sharon stajdachooing\'s article choosing the right clothes for your body shape not only makes you look thinner, but also makes you feel more comfortable putting on your clothes.
Do you know your size?
If not, I \'ve put together some tips to help you find your specific body shape, plus some good tips on how to choose clothes that will make you look slimmer.
It\'s time to make your size obsolete.
Once you know your body type, you will have the necessary knowledge to start choosing the right style.
Will make your frame more flat in style and try to make you look slimmer.
You may be happy to realize that you can also wear fashion trends, as well as a lot of fashion that you didn\'t wear before.
So, let\'s take a look at your body type.
Learn the hourglass diagram of your body type-
First of all, determine your size.
When standing in front of the mirror, pay attention to the following points: Are your hips wide and your chest big?
Are you small?
If so, you have an hourglass. Boyish Figure -
Are your hips as straight as your hips?
Your body shape is called a boy\'s figure. Pear Shape -
If you are narrow on the top and wide on the hips, you have a pear-shaped figure. Apple Figure -
Is your hips narrow and wide above your head?
This shows you have an inverted triangle or an apple figure.
Learn to choose clothing by size rather than weight. In fact, fashion is usually designed for slim, thin women.
Research shows, however, that a society has never had a higher position as easily as it is now.
A person with a larger body may feel unpleasant about his physical image.
Many women wearing the 14 th and above find it hard to believe they can look fashionable in today\'s fashion.
Some women are born with the belief that if they need to wear a large size, they are just not as attractive as a smaller woman.
This is not true at all!
In fact, it is sad that a woman feels unattractive before she puts on her clothes.
That\'s why I collected some great tips for the Queen size woman.
Tips, this will help make it easier to choose the right fashion.
Fashion that will work with personal body shape and strive to make the appearance slimmer.
These tips will help a woman with large arms find some simple rules that will help them find clothes that will not only make them look slimmer, but also confident and beautiful. . .
Let\'s go ahead. you know your size now.
Remember, your body size will help you choose clothes that make you look thinner.
The best rule when choosing a costume is always to highlight your best asset while downplaying the features that your body is not very positive.
For example, if you have an hourglass figure, you will want to highlight those wonderful sexy curves.
Usually, an hourglass shape looks great in a very classic style.
Such as custom tops, with straight leg trousers.
Such a match can show off the waist.
You get it and highlight your best assets.
No matter what type of body you are, show your best physical features.
The right color and fabric will try to make you look thinner, and fabrics suitable for large size women need to know how to choose the right fabric and color to level their body type.
In general, women should choose fabrics that are light or medium in weight.
Heavier fabrics tend to increase the volume of the frame to make it look bigger in shape.
It is also wise to avoid the fabric sticking to the body, as they may stick to all the wrong places.
Try to pick a medium weight knitted mixture (
Skirt in photo).
Due to the weight, the medium woven mixture will hang better and will not stick together.
Choose colorful clothing with rich colors and darker colors, which has the most slimming effect.
When matching clothing, choose the color that complements the skin color.
Try to avoid a lot of contrast, because the contrast effect will break the lines of your body from top to bottom.
You need to project a slimmer look on your frame.
The longer the lines you appear, the higher you appear, the thinner you appear.
Curve women need to show an hourglass of these curves.
Is your body commensurate with the ratio of hip width, chest width, waist size?
If so, you have an hourglass.
Learn to show these curves and the rule of thumb tells you to try to lengthen your silhouette.
You can do this with the right color selection and the right clothing collection.
The most flattering neck line for the hourglass figure is the scoop neck or the V neck.
These neckline will highlight your chest and show your chest.
Wrapping the top and top with a belt is also very flattering in the hourglass shape, which makes people pay attention to the smaller waist circumference.
Always look for pure fabric when picking fabric.
Tilt to a soft, slightly sticky fabric.
The woman of the hourglass can tear down the cloth that is glued together.
Avoid any fabric that adds weight, such as stiff or bulky.
Stripes like vertical stripe tops can be a great way to lengthen the frame of the body.
It is wise to avoid high-neck tops and shirts, such as high-collar shirts.
This high-collar shirt will shift its attention from the waist.
For women with an hourglass figure, dresses and single piece clothing are a great choice.
The fitted skirt is the best friend of the hourglass figure. A well-
Fitting clothes will make your curves stand out.
The key words, however, fit and make sure the dress fits your body, but don\'t pull or look too comfortable.
Boots with high knees will give you the illusion of a long height.
Please note how this knee-length boot keeps this stylish outfit in a sleek, slender look.
Remember to make you look slimmer.
That childish image, are you straight up and down, with little waist or no?
Your body shape is called \"the figure of the boy \".
Even if you are a woman with extra figure, you can wear clothes that fit or straight, such as straight jeans.
Remember, health is the key.
The fit must fit, but do not pull too tight or appear too tight.
Buy jeans with back pockets.
This gives you a back.
Pocket can add a table in your back area.
In the case of a skirt, don\'t wear a slim skirt.
Choose a talented dress with a little low waist.
This will help you look more clear than the waist you actually have.
For a woman with a straight figure, the Imperial waist is a wonderful line that gives the illusion of bending the waist.
It\'s also a good idea to wear high heels and skirts to make your body look longer.
The jackets are great for a boy and they show the curve.
The choice of bold printed fabric will also increase the appearance of the curve.
Choose wide leg pants when choosing pants.
This style will make you look very curvy.
About choosing a top, choose a top with a hanging waist or imperial line.
Keep in mind that bold prints will make you look more antique.
If you are narrow on the top and wide on the hips, you have a pear-shaped figure. The pear-
The well-proportioned woman has a relatively thin upper body and a large hip, waist and thigh. A pear-
Women in shape can also have narrower shoulders and smaller bust lines compared to waist circumference. Pear-
Well-proportioned women should wear clothes that minimize hips and thighs.
You want to wear a design that can attract attention.
Clothing: Pear
Women in shape should choose clothes that attract all attention.
You need to remember that you want to show your great chest, arms and beautiful neckline.
A matted dress is often the best friend of a pear-shaped lady.
Think about the V collar or a better choice, try the neck.
The sling dress is mounted on the top and will show off everything you want to show off.
A dress with a thin shoulder strap can make your shoulders look wider and help balance your pearshaped figure.
Another good way to balance pear lines is to choose clothes that skip the lower body. A full or A-
Line skirt can browse well on lower curves without adding volume where you least want it.
Choose the color that suits your shape. A pear-
The shaped woman may want to stick to the dark color in the lower half and the light color on the top.
This often gives a sense of balance.
Another trick to balance the pear-shaped figure is to choose a sweater or shawl in a lighter color, which is a supplement to the skirt.
This will again attract the eye to leave the larger hip area.
Tops and shirts: you want to remember this rule when choosing tops.
Try to create the appearance of body balance.
You need to choose the fashion to remove your eyes from your hips and draw it to the top half of your body.
By choosing the top with the correct style and shape, this is actually easy to do.
For example, a coat with something at the neckline.
Just like a small fold or a V-collar will work.
Choose bold and colorful fabrics.
There\'s nothing brighter than keeping your eyes in the place you want.
The top should be installed well.
Never let go, however, it\'s wise to keep the length of the top of your hips to emphasize your health
Define waist circumference.
Avoid tops and jackets that end at the back end, and this length will attract the attention of the larger middle part.
Pear\'s most flattering top
The shape of the body is about three quarters in length and this length will effectively cover the area of your less flattering butt.
Choose a wide neck line like bateau, squared or cowl neck to show the neckline and shoulders.
Apple figure and heavy head diva are you wide on the top of the narrow hips?
This shows you have an inverted triangle or an apple figure.
Bulky clothes, such as bulky sweaters, the tops provided for many fabrics around your body are always notno.
Also don\'t wear bulky jackets, they add weight to the shape of the Apple.
On the contrary, it is attracted to v-
Neck when it comes to neckline. V-
The neck is suitable for almost any type of person as they lengthen the body and have a natural weight loss effect. Choose a V-
The top of the neck is a material that slides on the body.
Choose the right fabric and fit to make your profile long and thin. A-
Line skirt tops that flow on your waist, classic straight pants or a slight glitter trouser leg work well on the Apple body shape.
Choose the clothes on your frame and stay away from any fashion.
The simple design, smooth cut silk and soft cotton will give you a softer outline instead of highlighting the extra curves you want to hide.
Choose clothes in monochrome or a single basic color.
Maybe it\'s a different color. colors.
The top and bottom of different colors will cut your body in half.
However, monochrome will make your body look longer.
Dark solid tops with small patterns can make your body look slimmer.
If you really want a top with some pattern, please select a top with a darker color in the middle section and keep the pattern mainly on the top of the shirt.
This will have the eyes facing your chest and face.
Moving the eyes from the stomach area will work.
Unless you want to look bigger, be sure to avoid bold patterns such as very large checks and light colors above the waist.
Wear a long shirt and a round hems top, which can disguise the stomach. Tops with V-
The neck is a great choice as they will remove the eyes from the shoulders while highlighting your best features.
Remember, you should never show too much cleavage.
You don\'t want to end up with a less flattering expression.
Instead, choose a shirt, top with a high neck line or a thick strap.
Another suggestion is to wear a camper or vest with a jacket.
Stay away from those loose tops with a bulging bag or full sleeves that will make your shoulders and arms look bigger, so avoid them.
Show off those legs.
Choose dresses and skirts with shorter length.
By doing so, you will attract your eyes to your hips and thighs.
About 1 to 5 inch shorter meaning from above the knee, no shorter. An A-
The line skirt can give you an hourglass shape.
Find skirts and pants with flat style front, pants with back or side closure and skirt works best.
Avoid the accumulation near the pockets, folds and waist as this will increase the volume and inches of the stomach area.
Buy fabric like chiffon or silk, light and smooth fabric.
A fabric like this makes a beautiful dress for a woman with an apple figure.
Away from the too tight bottom and from the perfectly straight skirt.
A straight line will make you look bigger on it. Try a boot-
Cut or Horn leg, about skirt, try-line style. The A-
A line-style skirt will make you look thinner.
Try to wear boots when buying jeans.
Tight jeans tend to lose weight in Apple\'s figure.
The wider legs can pull the eyes down from the waist, creating a more balanced look.
Dark denim will make your hips look smaller.
Apple-shaped women\'s clothing: Select a drop of water when choosing an evening dress
Waist Dress, somewhere around the hip bone, or empire waist dress with a larger waist.
Try to find clothes suitable for the body.
However, the fabric of the dress just slides on the waist.
This will help create a smaller middle part.
Straps and fluffy long-sleeved dresses should be avoided as they only highlight your upper body and make it look bigger.
Instead, for a full chest, choose a more flattering neckline. Try a V-
These types of neckline make the body look less rounded and look slimmer.
A fuller skirt balances your topheavy figure. A-
The line skirt and imperial waist can work well by drawing attention to your mid section and away from your heavier top.
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