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Clothes already is not only a daily dress

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
Today, many contemporary artists have fame and power are already involved in this creation. Sportswear and jeans are perfect combination, form its own unique clothing culture. Sports clothes with inlaid LOGO, will the expensive gas and fashion the perfect fusion of the brand. Sport originated in the United States, there are professional sportswear designers and design companies, from time to time to the distribution, display clothes new genres and fresh air; Association of professional sport regularly issue sportswear and tissue sportswear exhibition design competition; Professional sportswear industry experts research development using the latest scientific and technological achievements of apparel printing machinery and equipment and printing dye & hellip; … Complete the sportswear industry system of American sportswear apparel industry prominent in the world. ( Soccer uniform group) In recent years popular sports clothes by earlier photograph evolved design clothes, is now more popular pure empty scenery, unique perspective, and to explore the details of the photography works printed on clothes chest, to the camp to make some kind of artistic conception. 2007 Uniqlo who produced a sportswear, arctic sea ice images rubbing on the whole piece of clothing, effect is extremely shake shake, but unfortunately the operating costs are high and hard to popularize. The expression of or a way of life, but also a quick visual language to convey ideas. Every kind of life attitude, current affairs and political, can be expressed directly by sportswear design. In China, people wear for animal welfare, but environmental protection, pay attention to the hope project, support 08 Olympic Games, such as the subject of sportswear to the side. Both sports and leisure, in daily life, we always can see set figure, today's sports clothes is no longer is the exclusive sports clothes, already entered the daily leisure dress up, in recent years, sport suit style innovation constantly, constantly explore new fabrics, styles, retained by the original motion gradually to the leisure sports development; Fabrics, in addition to the previous polyester and cotton fabrics, more add a cool refreshing new fabrics such as silk, bamboo charcoal fiber, more suitable for sports. 19 years and focused on sports clothes for team group exercise custom sportswear, suitable for play games ceremony, outdoor expansion, corporate training in group activities. Relevant recommendations: guangzhou sportswear unlined upper garment customization
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