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In December 23, 2010, the main pageNANCY GRACEBody was found in the suitcase of New York City --
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Guest host jean casarez: Let\'s start with the breaking news tonight.
Exclusive World customers-
When a neighbor ran inside and called 911, the famous Italian restaurant was shocked for a lifetime. Why?
On the busy sidewalk, holiday shoppers carry an abandoned suitcase. OK.
But a woman\'s leg came out of her suitcase.
The female victim was strangled, wrapped in a garbage bag, lying in a pool of blood, all zip-up --up suitcase.
A major development tonight, surveillance video. You see it.
Study it yourself.
It\'s the key to cracking the case.
Now, police. -
They are looking for the man who was caught in the surveillance video, who rambled around the street at random, wandering around what the police said contained the body.
Tonight, where are the suspects in the video?
Who is the lady in the suitcase? (
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Unidentified man: It happened at about 12: 15.
Woman: a woman.
Unidentified male: a woman.
Woman: a woman.
Unidentified male: declared dead at the scene.
Unidentified woman: a woman\'s body was found in the suitcase.
Woman: surveillance video.
Woman: here.
Unidentified woman: helping to identify the man.
Unidentified woman: wearing a dark knitted hat and a leather jacket.
Female: he (INAUDIBLE)dark-
The colorful case near a porch then stopped.
Three people walked.
Unidentified woman: then he pulled his suitcase out of the dark.
Color SUV, just outside the camera\'s sight.
Man: very strange.
The police did not arrest any unidentified men.
I think that may not have been noticed.
The forensic doctor said she was strangled.
Man: The neighborhood is quiet.
Unidentified men: many of the questions in the case are still not answered. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Good evening.
I\'m Jean Casarez from \"In Session\" on the truTV network, serving Nancy Grace.
Thank you very much for joining us tonight.
At this point, the police were on high alert and were looking for a suspect caught in the video who turned around a suitcase and later found out that he had hidden a person who had been strangled.
Let\'s go straight to Nancy Grace producer Rupa mickelini.
What\'s the latest news from Rupa tonight?
Nancy grace producer rupa mikkilineni: Well, Jean, I\'m standing right in front of the building of this tree --
Close to the famous Italian restaurant Rao\'s, there are many famous people nearby, and they dine there every night.
I found the body in a suitcase in this place where I stood.
Yes, on Wednesday morning, at midnight, after midnight, a report came from the Rao restaurant and called the police at 911.
Apparently, just a few minutes ago, a passer-by came up and saw the suitcase thinking there might be something valuable in the suitcase, opened it, opened the zipper, and a leg stretched out
He ran to the restaurant in panic and called 911.
Later, there were police officers at the scene.
They opened the suitcase with the body of Jean, a 28-year-old young woman.
Now, let\'s start here because we see this surveillance video. We saw this man.
Where did this video come from?
Surveillance video.
This is a city street.
Holiday Shoppers
Who has a surveillance video?
So the surveillance footage came from a residential building behind me. You`ll see it.
In fact, the person I found in this surveillance video is dragging his suitcase forward.
You saw a few minutes in the surveillance video.
Then you saw him pause behind me for about 60 seconds.
When three people, you know, holiday shoppers, people around him walked by, he paused.
He paused and you saw him lift the collar.
You saw him wipe his face and adjust himself a little and it looked very relaxed.
Then, as they passed by, he dragged the suitcase forward.
A little bit down after a few minutes, the camera (ph)--
Let, he turned off the camera.
At that time, the suitcase was abandoned and left behind.
A few minutes later, a nearby passer-by came over and found the suitcase and saw the legs in the suitcase jumping out of the suitcase.
Gonzalez: You know, Lupa, I saw this in the video as well.
He wiped his face.
It\'s cold.
Look at what clothes, jackets, scarves and hats that person is wearing.
Because there was a body in his suitcase, he was sweating.
Naomi Goldstein, a former producer of Nancy Grace.
Thank you very much for joining us.
The autopsy results were released later today.
What do we know at this point?
Former Nancy Grace Producer Naomi Goldstein: Well, let\'s, you know, I have to say that we \'ve covered a lot of stories with Nancy Grace and truTV, too.
This is one of the most tragic events I have ever seen. This 28-year-
The old woman was strangled during the golden age of her life.
She was strangled.
But Naomi, more importantly, what we hear is that there is blood in the suitcase, right?
Goldstein: Yes, there\'s blood in the suitcase, and obviously there\'s a little bit on the sidewalk around it.
It is believed that there was some kind of head trauma on the victim.
Gonzalez: It\'s strange, but there\'s head trauma, and the body of an adult woman.
Lupa, do we know how old this young woman is at least?
The police did know who the man was, but they did not publish her name.
But they call her a 28-year-old woman from Harlem, but her last known address may be the Bronx.
We knew there was a pool of blood in the suitcase.
Also interesting, Jean, when the police arrived at the scene, opened the suitcase and found the body, the upper body and head were covered by a black garbage bag, and then, A pool of blood in the suitcase then penetrated onto the sidewalk, right here, right behind me.
Now, all this has been cleaned up since I came here.
The police no longer consider it a crime scene.
They left late yesterday afternoon.
That\'s what we got.
We will be broadcasting your phone tonight.
Mikkilineni crime scene.
It\'s released now.
That\'s why she can stand there.
But the young woman was found in a suitcase a few days before Christmas.
I want to go to the doctor.
Mr. Marty Makary. D.
Professor and Doctor of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC join usC.
I have a very basic question for you.
What do you think of a 28-year-old adult woman? -
We saw the suitcase.
Not that big.
How do you put the body in your suitcase?
How do you put it in? DR.
John Hopkins Marty Makary: Well, when there is no sense of contraction or--
In other words, there will be more confusion when a patient is not alive (SIC)of the muscles.
So you \'d be surprised how you could--
Someone can do an action in a joint that they usually can\'t do, when they basically have this loss (ph)
Muscle relaxation.
You know, Dr. Gonzalez.
Makary, we don\'t know if the body was put in that suitcase while it was alive or when it died.
Can you say it at the autopsy? -
Especially the black plastic bag on the head, the upper body.
Can you tell me if she was put into that box alive?
MAKARY: Well, actually, the doctor will be able to judge a lot based on the moisture in the bag, which represents the breathing when a person is alive, the time to put the bag
You know, head injury, then suffocation, which is a common pattern in trauma.
Head injuries often occur first.
The man became unconscious and then hanged as the last damage occurred.
Gonzalez: To Mark Harold, former Atlanta police officer and lawyer-
One on One Tonight-
Outside Washington, D. C. C. , joining us.
Thank you very much.
You know, one of the many cases that I have now reported on court television \"in court\" involving suitcases is the accused, and now convicted ---
Actually, Melanie McGuire from New Jersey-
Shot and killed her husband, but she had to cut him into three pieces and put it in three different suitcases she threw in Chesapeake Bay. But guess what?
They were rushed ashore.
How do we know there\'s nothing more?
Where will you start investigating the crime scene?
Mark Harold, FMR.
Atlanta police officer: Well, it\'s hard.
You know, in this case, you have a victim who might be--
It seems to be from nearby.
From what people say, they don\'t seem to believe ---
They don\'t know, because they don\'t know who it is. -
The assailant came from nearby.
But what is really strange about this situation is that there are many other ways to discard this body.
In fact, this person, in a fairly calm situation, walks on a very busy street with a body in the box, which may be encountered at any time and may be questioned, could be caught by the body.
So this is an idea. ph)--
This guy here seems to have something else. -
I\'m not sure if this has anything to do with propaganda, whether they just want the shocking value of propaganda.
But if you just want to get rid of this crime, it doesn\'t seem like you\'re going ---with it.
So I think they will find out more.
I wouldn\'t be surprised if there were more victims in all of this.
Who knows what\'s going on with this guy.
But this man-
He never dreamed of a surveillance video!
He thought he was walking down the street with his suitcase!
No one will watch the hustle and bustle of Christmas and gifts twice.
You see, we know how many times we have surveillance footage of him.
There may be more surveillance videos.
So, for Mark Harold, will you try the door? to-
Door, look at the imitation of this suitcase (SIC)from?
Also, if there is blood in it, can\'t you have blood drops from where it starts rolling? HARROLD:Yes. It sounded --
We first heard about plastic bags, but now it seems that there is more blood in the suitcase.
So, absolutely, you will try to follow any--
It sounds like they have started cleaning up.
They don\'t think it\'s a crime scene.
But I assure you that when they first discovered it and set up this crime scene, they will prove it with any physical evidence.
As far as monitoring is concerned, many people know how much monitoring is outside and how many cameras are there.
He may not know.
But I think if you were in almost any area of downtown New York City, you would have believed you would have been photographed by a camera.
So the fact that he was just rolling down the street made me think he had some real problems and might even know that he was being watched.
We want everyone to watch this video and see this guy who is dragging his suitcase on the street.
He left the suitcase.
The others are gone. -
Because the box is where the garbage is.
They thought, wow, you know, maybe there\'s something in there.
Maybe this is what I want because people throw things away.
When they pull a part of the suitcase, they will find a leg popping out of nowhere.
We are answering your call on site.
Lakisha, IndianaHi, Lakisha.
Woman: Hi Jean.
How\'s it going tonight?
Thank you very much for calling.
Woman: Yes, I have a comment and two questions. CASAREZ:Yes.
Unidentified women: My comment is that they need to be tougher on the laws of these people ---
You know, people kill their kids, these guys kill women. -
Because I mean, this happens again and again.
You know, we need to stop this stuff in some way.
Then my question is, do they know if this woman is white or black, do you know what I mean?
Do they know her family?
Have they contacted her family?
Which city and state did this happen?
Gonzalez: Well, you know, Lakisha, they\'re looking for family to inform her right now.
And Lakisha, think about it.
They have to tell the mother that it may be the daughter, it may be the sister, we have found your relative, your dear relative.
We found her in the suitcase.
That\'s what they have to tell their family a few days before Christmas.
It looks unfair. (
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Unidentified male: Take a look here.
You saw a man standing by the steps.
The man standing by the steps carried a suitcase with him.
The police said there was a dead woman in that suitcase. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)(
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A dead woman was found.
Unidentified Woman: The body was found in a suitcase.
Unidentified male: at this low
Apartment building.
An unidentified woman: the death was judged to be a homicide.
Police hope surveillance footage will help them solve the horrific murder.
Unidentified woman: ask the public to help identify the man in this rough video.
The police did not arrest any unidentified men.
Unidentified woman: he\'s black-
In a colorful box near a porch, it stopped when three people walked.
The police did not arrest any unidentified men.
Unidentified woman: then he pulled his suitcase out of the dark.
Color SUV, camera invisible.
He wore a dark knitted hat.
He is wearing a leather jacket.
Unidentified male: The cause of death is neck compression.
Police say the 28-year-old victim is also believed to have suffered a head injury. (END VIDEO CLIP)
A woman was stuffed into a suitcase a few days before Christmas.
We don\'t know if she\'s dead or if she\'s still alive when this happens.
We know she was strangled.
The color I wanted to go to Mikkilineni, the station was found living in that box.
Rupa, this case broke when it aired tonight.
But how much do we know about the victim, the young woman who died in her suitcase?
We know she\'s a 28-year-old young woman. We believe --
Initially, the police chief mentioned that she was in her 20 s and in her 30 s.
We believe the police have identified the victim, but they are currently trying to reach out to their families to let them know what is going on.
So that\'s why they don\'t publish her name now.
We don\'t know where she is.
We know her body was found in a suitcase where I was standing here tonight.
We know that a passer-by sat on this sidewalk and stumbled upon it just a few minutes after it was abandoned.
We know this suitcase was abandoned by surveillance cameras.
Jean, we saw the guy who dragged this suitcase on the sidewalk left it behind me.
He was on the surveillance video.
So at the moment, the police are trying to find the man.
Gonzalez: We know that the body of this young woman has been dressed.
When the passer-by opened the small part of the suitcase, a leg came out and a sock was on his foot.
I\'m looking for a lawyer tonight. -
Eleanor Odom, prosecutor\'s death.
Atlanta\'s defense lawyer Peter Odom and New York\'s defense lawyer Joey Jackson are qualified.
Eleanor Odom, together we covered the case of Jessica Lenford in Florida.
Remember that case?
Prosecutor Eleanor Odom: Oh, yes.
Little Jessica Lenford was buried alive with a plastic bag on her head.
Prosecutors, they were able to prove that in this death penalty case she was buried alive because of breathing, air, what was found on plastic bags.
We don\'t know about this case, but it\'s easy to become a death penalty case.
Eleanor Odom: Oh, of course.
In addition, there is a risk that you will be tortured.
First, he profaned the body after the murder. -
I mean, there\'s nothing worse than that, and, as you said, stuff the suitcase in, and, as I said, go further and profane the body. And it`s just --
The seriousness of the crime
You know, Jean, prosecutors don\'t need to prove the motive for murder.
But you know, this is probably one of the oldest motivations in the book.
It may be jealousy or money.
I will see this, too.
Gonzalez: That\'s right.
Peter Odom, I know what you\'re going to say.
You \'d say the man was turning around the street with his suitcase.
He may not know anything.
He may not know anything.
Will you say that?
No, because he needs to know something.
He was carrying a suitcase that might be much heavier than just one. . .
Gonzalez: think about it! PETER ODOM:. . .
There are clothes and shampoo in it. But. . .
Gonzalez: think about it!
But his suitcase does not necessarily prove that he is the murderer.
Now, I admit you\'re guilty, Jean.
But it doesn\'t necessarily prove that he\'s the killer.
Until we know more about forensic medicine, it is difficult to show the situation of this death.
Although motivation does not have to be proved, it is difficult to obtain a death penalty prosecution without some motivation.
At this point, we know very little and it is difficult to guess.
CASAREZ: The case is still in its infancy.
But to Joey Jackson. -
Okay, I\'ll be a defense lawyer in a minute.
Maybe this guy is paid for driving his suitcase.
Maybe someone said, you know, man, can you help me get rid of this suitcase? 20 dollars. 50 dollars. It`s Christmas.
Defense lawyer Joey Jackson: It\'s certainly possible, Jean.
This is highly unlikely, though.
In the case of the death penalty, this will certainly happen in any other jurisdiction.
Unfortunately the is New York in June of 2004 get rid of the it.
There are some problems with its constitutional nature.
Jean, this is really a problem with Lakisha.
When she called, she talked about being strict and it really needed to be punished.
But the problem is that the legislature has to put in place a regulation that, you know, will be declared a constitution.
For the time being, according to the instructions of the jury, it is considered to be against the constitution and, according to your position, it may be considered unfortunate. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Unidentified male: Authorities have released surveillance footage showing the suspect being found carrying a suitcase containing the body of a young woman.
It is reported that the victim\'s upper body and head are covered with a black garbage bag, and the blood on the trunk and sidewalk is gathered together. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)(
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Man: There are many problems in this case.
Unidentified man: video that the police want you to pay close attention.
Unidentified man: No reply has been received.
They want to know who that guy is.
Unidentified man: a woman\'s body was found in a suitcase.
Man: That big suitcase.
Police are now looking for a suspect.
Do you know this man?
Unidentified male: In the surveillance video, it was seen that a suitcase was rolled along the sidewalk a moment before the body was found. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Gonzalez: I\'m Jean caresz from the ongoing meeting tonight for Nancy Grace. All I can say --
The man who walked past that suitcase was abandoned, he thought, wow, maybe there\'s something in it, I might want it ---
I think they are heroes tonight because if they don\'t open the suitcase, that leg doesn\'t pop up either, do you know what happens when the garbage truck comes?
We may have never resolved this case, and a family may never know what happened to the victim.
We will be broadcasting your phone tonight. Lori, AlabamaHi, Lori.
Woman: Hello, Jean.
I\'m glad to talk to you, dear.
CASAREZ: Thank you.
Woman: Merry Christmas to you.
So are you, Lori.
Unidentified woman: every few steps in my opinion that guy pulled the suitcase ---
It looks like he stops every few steps to check the suitcase.
Then he looked around.
Looks like someone will--
If I see someone looking suspiciousINAUDIBLE)
I will call the police.
You know what, Lori, you\'re doing what Nancy\'s been telling me. -
It\'s been with me all the time.
The devil is in the details, no matter what we look at, no matter what we look at, it is true.
Pat Brown, a criminal investigator and author of the investigators, thinks it\'s a sense of guilt, right?
Pat Brown, criminal investigator: What?
Gonzalez: the way he looked around, the way he turned that thing, and then he stopped. . . BROWN:No. CASAREZ:. . .
He looked around.
No, I think everything here is practical.
I think we have a violent madman fighting with a woman.
He killed her, and then he fell into this problem.
He said, oh my God, there\'s a dead woman in my apartment.
What am I going to do?
He had to get her out so he went to get some luggage for himself or he had some luggage and put her in.
He has to keep her far enough from his apartment so people don\'t say, hey, you know, it must be that guy because, you know, there\'s--
Here is the suitcase and the apartment.
He had to drag her down the street.
This is a big job.
I think he stopped to catch his breath because he pulled something heavy and looked around to make sure no one noticed him because he--
He\'s just doing something practical.
He has to dispose of a body.
Finally find a place, throw it away and walk away.
I just thought---
He\'s doing what he has to do. -
But he must do so.
Gonzalez: Well, what I\'m going to say as a lawyer is that it\'s a sense of guilt because he knows he\'s not doing anything good.
He knows what he\'s doing.
He knew right and wrong and wanted to make sure he wasn\'t caught. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified woman: Police are asking the public to help identify the man in this vague video.
Unidentified male: walking down the street with a body.
Unidentified male: she was 28 years old, strangled, injured in her head and still bleeding. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified man: a woman\'s body was found in a suitcase.
Her body is in a suitcase.
Police hope surveillance video will help them solve a terrible murder.
Unidentified male: Police are reportedly looking for a suspect seen in surveillance video who rolled his suitcase along the sidewalk a moment before his body was found.
Unidentified male: she is very strange in her suitcase.
I mean, maybe nobody noticed?
Unidentified male: someone called 911 and only reported an unconscious female.
Unidentified male: then they opened it and suddenly a leg came out.
Unidentified woman: the suspect passed the camera.
Unidentified woman: wearing a dark knitted hat.
He is wearing a leather jacket.
He put this darkness
Colorful boxes near a porch.
Unidentified male: even stopped to let three people walk.
Unidentified female: 28-year-
Old\'s death was identified as a homicide.
Unidentified male: The cause of death is neck compression.
Unidentified male: I eat at the famous Rao Italian restaurant, where celebrities eat every night.
Only a few feet away from the restaurant was a suitcase where a body was found.
Now, a passer-by found the suitcase, opened it, saw a leg falling out of it, found the body, and I panicked and ran to this restaurant behind me, call the police here. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Gonzalez: I\'m Jean CASAREZ, who is \"in a meeting\" on the truTV network, for Nancy Grace tonight.
We are in one of the busiest holiday seasons where people are flying and suitcases are everywhere, full of packages and gifts.
There was a suitcase pushed. -
The case is broken now. -
There\'s the body of a young woman.
I want to come out of the color body Mikkilineni right away, who was found standing in that box.
Color Method, start from scratch.
Jean kilineni: Jean, I\'m standing right here, right behind me, where I found a suitcase after midnight on Wednesday.
So basically we have a surveillance video with a man in a black leather jacket, brown trousers, hat and hat.
He dragged his suitcase onto the sidewalk, right where I was, and you see it\'s here.
Then he stopped for about 60 seconds and let a few people pass.
He strolled out carelessly, fixed his collar and wiped his forehead.
He\'s obviously sweating.
Obviously, the suitcase is very heavy.
After the three men passed, he continued.
He went on for a few minutes and then he was captured by the surveillance camera, he walked away from the side of the suitcase, the camera was closed and the suitcase was abandoned.
Let\'s take a break from the police and the case.
Just a few minutes after he put the suitcase there, a passer-by found the suitcase and thought there might be something of value in it.
He opened it and opened the zipper-way.
Just before he completely opened the entire suitcase, a leg popped out and startled him.
He ran to a restaurant in a panic, not far from the block, a famous restaurant called Rao restaurant, where he called the police.
When the police arrived at the scene, they opened their suitcase and found a body, Jean, a dead woman, in her 20 s and 30 s.
They now believe she\'s 28. year-old female. She`s dead.
She was stuffed into the box.
They think the cause of death is suffocation.
Now, in her pool of blood in this suitcase, the blood has penetrated into the sidewalk behind me.
Let\'s get it.
This is an update.
Gonzalez: Police are urgently looking for the man in this video tonight.
One more thing. -
As we continue to watch this video, I see more and more.
I also saw in this video that the suitcase didn\'t want to stand straight when he stopped for a minute.
It wants to fall.
He has to make sure it doesn\'t fall or shake it, so it stays for a minute before he goes on.
There are three different footage in the surveillance video. You noticed?
There is one next to the fire hydrant.
One is the parking sign and the other is the black vehicle.
So the surveillance video will last for a while.
Join us tonight in New York to drink to Naomi Goldstein, Nancy Grace\'s former producer.
What else can you tell us about this case?
Let\'s be very interesting, we have this surveillance video, there is a surveillance video in today\'s era, there will definitely be more
So I assure you the police are investigating.
Also keep in mind where the body was found, that\'s not a crime scene.
So the police and investigators are eager to learn more about the person to ask him and find out where he found the suitcase, and if he is, you know, probably involved in the crime, which is most likely, who else might be involved in it, where the exact crime scene is.
Gonzalez: That\'s right.
This surveillance video you see here is from the New York Post.
\"This is very critical to this investigation.
The man did not know at all that he was caught dragging his suitcase with tape.
I want to go to the doctor.
Mr. Marty Makary. D.
Doctor, Professor of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, Washington, D. C. C.
Join us tonight.
You know, we learned later today, a few hours before the show started, that strangulation is the cause of death.
But there was so much blood in the suitcase that came out on the sidewalk.
They think there\'s a trauma to the head.
Can you put all this together for us?
Will strangulation cause bleeding?
MAKARY: Usually, when there is suffocation, people bleed internally and actually cough up blood in the struggle.
For anyone who has experienced suffocation, suffocation is the worst feeling in the world.
This is the most serious symptom any patient will describe, unable to breathe, unable to breathe the air. People retch.
The stomach will be messed up.
We know there is head trauma, which can also lead to some kind of bleeding inside or outside.
So there are a lot of sources here.
Gonzalez: Does head trauma come from trying to get a 28-year-old adultyear-
Stuffed into a relatively medium old woman. sized suitcase?
This is a possibility. It may have --
An object may be involved.
There may be something that can be used to defeat this person.
Head trauma may occur first or later.
We don\'t know.
However, we do know that there are two wounds here that may have happened in a few minutes.
CASAREZ: trade vandals author, psychoanalyst Bethany Marshall joins us tonight from Los Angeles, what do you think of this horrible case?
Bethany Marshall, a psychological ANALYST: Well, I think it\'s important for him to leave his suitcase on the sidewalk.
Jean, this is his trophy.
It reminds me of the Samantha Runyan case.
He not only kidnapped, molested, raped and killed Samantha Runyon, but also put her on the side of the street, his trophy so that people can drive over to see her.
He wants to continue the excitement of the crime and convey to the public his message of power over the victim.
So for this perpetrator, he is communicating a message to the neighbor, he is responsible, he has the right to control the victim, is he entitled to intimidate the public?
Is he planning territory?
The fact that he put the bag on her head is almost like the fact that he wants to hold the blood for as long as possible, so that the suitcase can sit outside for as long as possible to suppress the excitement, that way it will sit there and someone will find it in the end.
When they found out that the body might be part of a crime ceremony, the fear on people\'s faces.
Is he looking out the window?
Does he know the surveillance camera is ringing?
I think it\'s a ceremonial crime, not just a private Act of Killing, it should be done in a private place and disposed of in a private place.
Gonzalez: Go to Sherpa, Illinois. Hi, Sheeba.
Woman: Hi, dear.
Merry Christmas to all the staff and yourself.
CASAREZ: Thank you, Sheeba.
Woman: I have two small questions.
Did he take the same route as he did with his suitcase?
Also, I heard they are looking for a place to sell this brand suitcase.
Is this suitcase fairly new or something like mine?
I have an American tourist, you know, but it\'s a bit shabby.
CASAREZ is right, Sheeba.
Former Atlanta police officer and lawyer Mark Harold
Two things are important, I think.
Let me know if you agree.
First, suitcase.
Not necessarily new.
Anything that can specify ownership of the suitcase-
You never knew you \'d find someone out who didn\'t take it out, right?
And plastic bags--
Legally, what can you collect from the perpetrators in the bag?
If you can really find--
It turns out that this suitcase is a new one.
You can easily tell when it is new, even if there is this type of cargo in it, I think it is a terrible way.
But you can certainly do some type of analysis to solve the problem.
Look back, you know. -
You know, any kind of identification you would think the perpetrator would have a head-on ---
He looks calm. -
Take anything else out of the suitcase. But who knows.
In terms of garbage bags, there may be some physical evidence on the garbage bags.
There may be fingerprints, but it is unlikely.
It may be the blood or sweat of the perpetrator.
Another thing about garbage bags-
We \'ve all seen cases where you can and can be torn
Remove the garbage bag from the trash bag reel, or wherever it comes from, if it is connected.
You can actually match the pattern.
So, for example, if they can go to the home of the perpetrator and find the reel or reel of the garbage bag, they can pull it down and sometimes you can match it to that set of garbage bags. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: Police are looking for a suspect seen in surveillance video who rolled his suitcase along the sidewalk.
Unidentified male: There is a dead woman in the suitcase.
Unidentified male: medical staff declared dead at the scene. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified Man: Look at this surveillance video now.
Police think what you see is a man dragging a suitcase with a body.
Unidentified male: When a District resident saw the suitcase on the sidewalk, opened it, and the woman\'s leg popped up, the police quickly received a call.
Unidentified woman: Police are asking the public to help identify the man in this grainy video with a dark hat and leather jacket.
Unidentified male: shows unidentified suspects walking in the street, dragging a black suitcase behind him.
Unidentified woman: stopped when three people passed.
Then he pulled the suitcase out of the dark.
Color SUV, just outside the camera\'s sight.
Unidentified male: someone found a dead woman in front of this low
Apartment building.
Unidentified male: a black garbage bag covers the woman\'s upper body and head, and blood is collected in suitcases and sidewalks.
The forensic doctor said she was strangled. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Gonzalez: I\'m Jean caresz from the ongoing meeting tonight for Nancy Grace.
Straight out of the color body Mikkilineni, what kind of person was found in the box at the scene.
Rupa, when the second person showed up, he thought there might be something valuable that someone else didn\'t want, and they thought they would take it, so they opened the suitcase and suddenly something came up
Jean, one leg.
One leg fell out with a sock on it.
So, as you can imagine, it\'s an incredible shock.
When he saw the leg pop up, he ran down the street behind me and ran to Rao\'s house to call 911 immediately.
Do we know what the victim is wearing?
Because we heard she was dressed.
The police are very nervous-
The details of the victim were kept tight.
We know she\'s dressed up.
That\'s all they say.
They didn\'t describe the costume at the time. -
The clothes she was wearing.
They did not describe whether any other personal items were found in the trunk.
All we know is a body covered with black garbage bags. -
That is to say, the upper half and head of the body were found in that suitcase, by a black garbage bag, a pool of blood and a 28-year-old woman who was dressed all over her body.
That\'s all they tell us now, Jean.
Gonzalez: Do you know what amazing they can do? -
Whoever made it, or associates, was able to put the clothes in the suitcase of 28year-old woman. To Dr.
Marty Makary, doctor, Professor of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University.
The collection of blood may be very important.
What does this tell you about the time of death?
MAKARY: Well, the blood tells you everything about time, because the blood clot in some pattern.
Therefore, in the first few minutes, the body releases certain factors and cells that can be identified in the blood.
Then, in the next few hours, the blood will condense with certain coagulation factors, and then in the next few days, it will condense in some incremental mode.
Therefore, this is a very useful schedule for doctors who perform an autopsy.
Do you think this young woman was murdered shortly before her body was found?
MAKARY: this needs to be done in a few hours, otherwise it will look quite different to the pooling of blood.
It will have different, very deep colors and no liquid consistency.
Gonzalez: Let\'s pick up the phone.
Penny, Alabama. Hi, Penny.
Woman: Hi.
Thank you for taking my call.
Gonzalez: You\'re welcome.
Thank you for calling.
I have a question.
I have been a doctor for 10 years and I know there are a lot of capillaries in the head, so it will bleed a lot. Was there not --
Every time he stops for a few minutes, is there no blood on the sidewalks in those areas?
If not, why not?
Gonzalez: this is a very good point.
Nancy Grace\'s former producer, Naomi Goldstein, broke the case.
We heard nothing.
But have we ever heard of blood?
Yes, I think it\'s the same as Penny.
I \'ve been watching that video carefully to see if there\'s any blood on it.
I can\'t see anything on the video.
However, as Rupa mentioned-
She\'s outside--
It looks like the police really cleaned it up.
So we don\'t know yet.
The public still knows nothing about the details of the case.
CASAREZ: Joining us from Washington, DC tonight is the author of the probe, criminal probe Pat Brown. C.
Are you surprised that they released this crime scene?
This is a crime scene.
Maybe the murder didn\'t happen here, but the body was found here.
Blood can be microscopic.
Are you surprised by its release?
Brown: No, it\'s not true.
I think they have done what they can do.
I want to talk about why there may be no blood outside. This man --
There may be a reason why he put that garbage bag on his head.
When he put her in the suitcase, he wanted to make sure her head was in the bag so he could drag it over and the blood in the case wouldn\'t come out.
What I want to say is that this is not a ceremonial crime.
I don\'t agree with Bethany. -
Not a ceremonial crime. He`s not a --
This is not a serial homicide.
This man does not want to show strength, he just wants to keep this body away from him as much as possible, hoping to take it away--
Someone will take it away in the trash can and then he won\'t get caught.
He just wanted to dispose of the body because it was not a planned crime. CASAREZ:Yes.
How easy it would be if no one came to open the suitcase, right. BROWN:Right.
Gonzalez: Go to Kendra, Iowa. Hi, Kendra.
Woman: Hi.
Nice to see you!
Thank you, Kendra, Iowa.
Nice to see you too.
Thank you for calling.
Woman: Yes, I just want to say Happy Holidays to you and all your employees. And it`s such --
You have done this in raising awareness. -
All the crimes and other things.
I would like to ask you, is there a way for the police to enhance the video digitally, or have they tried it, but the video doesn\'t work, or what? CASAREZ:Good. Good question.
Well, Kendra, I want to tell you that Nancy just heard everything you said, so you\'re talking to Nancy and all of us.
Thank you for your blessing.
Former Atlanta police officer and lawyer Mark Harold
They can enhance the video.
In fact, the FBI is the one who really has this expertise, right?
HARROLD: Yes, but it has a lot to do with the quality of the video.
This looks rough.
It involves ~-
How much they can zoom in.
Picture less and less when you zoom in-
Your quality is getting worse and worse.
It looks more like the point you see when you zoom in on anything, like the Pixel or anything else you see when you\'re really close to the TV or screen.
So this has a lot to do with the quality of the tape.
As far as I know, this is a residential building.
You know, basically, they\'re using video tapes of garden varieties outside the building.
My guess is that it\'s not too advanced, but you\'re right, the more advanced or skilled people look at it, whether it\'s a good New York police station, they can do something great.
However, many problems depend on the quality of the device used to record the image.
You know, I saw two things in that video.
First of all, I think this jacket looks really expensive.
I think this jacket looks good.
This is one thing I noticed.
The other thing is, think about the suitcase.
You know, you go to the airport, it\'s a 50-
Heavy limit--
If you\'re lucky, 70. And it`s heavy.
How much must that weigh?
Marc Harrold, soon, what are your observations on this video?
HARROLD: Well, the thing about the video is--
You know--
Who is looking at it, how valuable it is.
So if they show it to family and friends, they may not have seen it yet.
They may know who it is.
If it is a stranger, it will be much more difficult to use this video effectively. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified woman: a woman\'s body was found in the suitcase.
Unidentified woman: she has a black garbage bag on her head.
Unidentified male: blood is collected in suitcases and sidewalks.
Unidentified male: Who is the guy with the big suitcase? (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Woman: Is it murder?
A man dragged a suitcase with a body.
Unidentified male: blood gathered in suitcases and sidewalks.
Her body is in a suitcase.
Unidentified woman: murder of a woman.
Male: the cause of death is strangled.
Unidentified woman: Police are asking the public to help identify the man in this vague video. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Gonzalez: Death to felony prosecutor Eleanor Odomqualified.
Eleanor, Mark just had a very good review when we went to rest, Mark Harold.
He said the video could be shown to the families of the victims.
This is a good point because they might recognize the person.
We want all viewers to try to recognize who this might be and anyone who knows anything can make a report call.
But who else should watch this video now?
Eleanor Odom: it\'s clear that the families of the victims are a good choice because it could be someone who knows the victims very well.
Maybe a husband, a boyfriend or something.
But I think we just put it in the air. -
The media need to report this because someone somewhere will recognize him.
I mean, this is. -
He\'s somewhere. He`s in Harlem.
He was dressed well.
Someone will recognize him.
So, I will flood the media with this photo and all the law enforcement agencies as well.
Peter Odom, do they need a reward?
Is this for help?
Peter Odom: Let\'s say a case where the reward is different.
I mean, it brings hope to people.
It gives people something to put in the air.
But the funny thing is, I just don\'t think it works well.
I think it would be very effective to show a photo of a victim to the family, because, as you know, Jean, more than 90% of the killings were committed by the perpetrator who the victim knew or had a close relationship with the victim.
Joey Jackson, this guy. -
He knew he was reported on television all over the country tonight.
What does he need to do?
Oh, of course.
I don\'t believe he\'s going to turn himself in, Jean.
As a former prosecutor in Manhattan, I can tell you that they have a wealth of resources.
In fact, this woman here, the victim, himself has some previous legal issues, which may be of great help to get them information to find out exactly who this person is.
Gonzalez: Okay.
We need justice for the 28-year-old. year-
The old woman and her family are now investigating what happened to their dear lover.
Tonight, let\'s stop to commemorate Richard Rich Warner, a 22-year-old Marine corporal from wau summer, Wisconsin.
He was killed in Iraq.
He comes from a military family and is remembered for his blue eyes, always wearing his signature baseball cap.
He likes sports, piano, comic books and poker with his friends.
He had dreamed of crossing Italy after the war in Iraq.
He left behind his parents, Mary and Pat, and his sister Kim.
American hero Richard Warner
Thank you very much to all our guests.
We will meet in the East at 8: 00 tomorrow evening.
Good night before that.
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