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Custom horn sleeve have what kind of clothes they play plate method

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
1. What kind of horn sleeve are there playing board method? A: the horn sleeve can be divided into three methods of playing board: (1) horn sleeve with short sleeves, the original bicep wide uniform cutting. Put the cuffs on a large, down 2 - the midline of the sleeve 3 cm to draw curves; (2) long horn cuffs, sleeves can be minus 10 - the cuffs 12 cm, then use circular or Angle method to make cuff waves; (3) of the sleeve or long sleeve horn sleeve, sleeve with oblique cutting method will unfold. ( Guangzhou sportswear unlined upper garment customization) 2. What kind of hubble-bubble sleeve are there playing board method? A: hubble-bubble sleeve can be divided into three dozen plate methods: (1) bicep wide constant, only add sleeve height; (2) increase the bicep wide. Also increase the sleeve height; (3) combination of the former two methods is applied, namely the cuff enlargement, increased. - From Zhang Xiaochong the 'sportswear to play board troubleshooting 150' high quality sports wear suit in the sport's official website, there are 2015 summer, autumn set of the latest model, design is original design by the designer, elegant style, excellent quality, suitable for bulk purchasing team is play games ceremony sportswear brand of choice for group activities. This year summer is the lotus pond moonlight, design elements, design principle of choose lotus taking Chinese wind fashion line, fabrics choose ice silk, more cool air permeability, not close, no static, suitable for sports wear in summer. Founded in 97, and continuously improve quality, to win credibility. Relevant recommendations: sportswear shirts right washing method
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