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danny willett joins an esteemed list of defending masters champions to miss the cut-Breitex-img

danny willett joins an esteemed list of defending masters champions to miss the cut

by:Breitex      2020-06-21
What\'s the difference in a year.
At this time 12 months ago, Danny Willett was preparing for the weekend, and he will win the Masters championship.
However, the nightmare round 2 means that this year he will be forced to watch from the sidelines as the winner of the green jacket is decided.
The British are not the first defending champions to encounter this fate at Augusta National Stadium.
In fact, while this is a group they all don\'t want to join, Willett is in a fairly respectable company . . . . . . Towards Master 1967, Nicklaus is looking for his third green jacket and his fourth in five years.
It is still a possibility to finish the first round level in his draw leading the sixth and five.
However, in the disastrous second round of 79, he became the first defending champion to be absent because Guy Brewer claimed that he had the only major victory.
Of course, this is far from the end of Nicklaus, who won three more masters in the next 19 years.
Aaron won his only major title in 1973, and he shot four times after the third round to win with one shot.
The second year, however, was a completely different story. The then 37-year-
The Old Gun opened 77 rounds, and the second round could not be rectified. More than 73 rounds were sorted out and 6 were completed.
Ballesteros won a second major championship in 1980, and he missed the cut in the second year. The ever-
The popular Spaniard finished 10 times after 78 rounds and 76 rounds, missed the cutting of the distance, to be exact 6 times.
He came back strongly to claim the second green jacket in 83, but again tried to defend his crown, and his 3 saw him as the first one after two rounds, until today, the player\'s defending champion in Augusta missed the match twice.
Three years later, Lyall won his first major title at the Open, won the Masters, leading from the second round and shooting through Mark kakavachia
Although the Scots were unable to repeat the feat in 1989, the score was difficult, and nonetheless, the scores of the Lyall 77 and 76 rounds were not enough to get him through the weekend.
Crenshaw won his second green jacket 11 years after his first green jacket, and a week after the death of his mentor Harvey Pernick, he postponed the challenge of Davis Loff III,
His 1996 tournament ended early on Thursday and Friday, with a score of 77 and 74, respectively.
Crenshaw continued to compete with 2015 Masters in Augusta for the next 19 years, the last of his 44 appearances.
Fardo received his green jacket from Crenshaw in 1996, which proved to be his last major victory and suffered the same fate as the Americans of the previous year.
Tiger Woods is destroying the stadium on the way to record victory, and over the weekend, Faldo can only watch the game after the second round combed the disastrous 81.
After the first round, Olazabal was even equalised by 10.
So is Vijay Singh.
However, their fate is very different in the next game.
The Spaniard\'s defense against the Masters ended the day after he played five shots.
More than 77, while Singh won the second place with 67 and will continue to win his first green jacket and second main championship.
Will was the last defending title to fail to qualify for the weekend before Willet went out early.
The Canadian is not only his first compatriot to win the Masters, but also his first left-
2003, eager to win in Augusta.
Phil Mickelson became the second left-
The next year, will shot in the first round of 79 and quickly ended his defense. The 46-year-
Old returned to Augusta this year, but like Willett, he did not qualify.
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