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Dennis Oland\'s bloodstained jacket was dry cleaned hours after police questioning

by:Breitex      2020-06-17
Dennis Oran\'s bloody brown sports jacket was sent to dry cleaning the morning after being asked by St. John\'s police about his father\'s death.
His murder retrial took place on Tuesday.
But the dry cleaner did not notice any stains on the jacket.
Cui Jinxi, who cooperates
Having a VIP dry cleaner with her husband confirms that the yellow label still attached to the jacket collar shown in court is the type used by the company, the serial number on the label corresponds to the order placed at Rothesayshop on Friday, July 8, 2011, a. 9: 08m.
She told the court that the name of the order was olandderwif, Lisa, including another sports jacket and a pair of trousers, and 16 dress shirts to be washed, with the help of a Korean translator flying from BC.
The receipt seized from moor\'shome on July 14, 2011 matched a copy of the store. On mobile?
Paying attention to hereChoi\'s husband Yang Huannan\'s real-time blog, the court heard that \"Monday\" was crossed out on Monday\'s receipt and \"Sat\" was written on Saturday \", to get a turnaround service faster than VIP usually two working days.
Cui said she doesn\'t remember who dropped these things down but she remembers the next day she paid for them and she saw Olende in the passenger seat outside
Oland, 50, is trying for the second time.
The murder of his father, billionaire Richardson, after his death.
At about 5: 30 on July 6, 2011, when he visited his office, he was the last person to see his father alive. m. to 6:30 p. m.
69 bodies-year-
The next morning, the old man was found in his office with his face down in a pool of blood.
He suffered 45 times. and blunt-
Head, neck and hand injuries.
No weapons were found.
Olan told police he was wearing a navy jacket on the day his father was killed, but witnesses and security footage showed him wearing a brown sports jacket.
Prosecutor Jill knee said in an opening statement for the retrial that the jacket was later found to have four blood areas and DNA that matched the victim\'s file.
This is the key evidence of the official case against stolstand and.
In Knee\'s direct inspection, Knee confirmed that VIP uses \"eco-friendly\" hydro-carbon products, which are more gentle than those used by some other dry cleaners.
In 2011, they used a product called bpr to remove any blood or protein stains.
When asked when the effect was like, Cui\'s husband, Nam, said it depends on the condition of the clothes and the degree of staining.
Nam says the cleaning process alone is enough to remove stains, and some stains fall off without being prepared in advance
But no one else.
The defense played down the importance of dry cleaning of the jacket and accelerated the schedule, arguing that the family needed clean clothes during the upcoming visits and funerals.
The defense believes that these small blood stains are the result of innocent transfer.
Chief defense lawyer Alan Gold stressed on Tuesday that Choiand her husband always checked for stains on items that might need special treatment before cleaning, but told police they didn\'t notice anything on the jacket
\"That\'s the truth, right? \" he asked.
\"Yes,\" she replied.
Gold suggests that Choi will remember if someone brought something with a lot of blood on it. She agreed.
\"Never happened, did it? \" he asked.
\"No,\" she replied.
Nam testified that he could not recall exactly what he had told the police now, because it was a long time ago.
He said that on July 2011, when the police came to the store to inquire about them, he was busy working and he did not go to the police station to make a formal statement until February. 4, 2015—
Three years after the murder.
However, he confirmed that after dry cleaning, he would always re-check the item for stains.
Gold also suggests that if olandsis is in a hurry to clean up the jacket to cover up any evidence of the murder-related charges, they may ask for this --
Day service is complimentary.
He then pointed out
Day service is not an unusual requirement for Olands.
Lisa made a request on a previous order on June 24 and also Friday.
Pick-up time of standard 2-
Day service after 3 p. m.
Cui confirmed the next day.
So if a customer drops an item down on Friday morning and needs it before Sunday, they have to ask for the same thing --day or next-
The court heard the service of the day.
The retrial is scheduled to continue at 9: 30 on Wednesday. m.
Questioning of chief investigator Const
Stephen Davidson
The defense wants blood, DNA evidence that is excluded, and the defense team of the defense wants forensic evidence from his blood-stained brown sports jacket, he was recently released in court documents during his murder retrial.
Part of the work in February
At the trial hearing, the defense presented a written debate on its charter against any evidence obtained by St. John\'s police from the jacket forensic test, which was from Mo a week after his father\'s body was found
\"While the defense wishes to revisit the issue of whether the forensic test of the jacket is authorized by the House, it appears that this honorable court is subject [
Trial judge\'s
The New Brunswick Court of Appeal upheld the ruling on the issue, \"the defense note said.
Further submissions are therefore no longer submitted by the defense.
\"Dennis Oran\'s lawyer tried to throw away the blood-stained jacket as evidence of murder trial the day after the father\'s body was found, and the trial hearsA jury found him guilty of the second
Murder in December 2015, but the Court of Appeal overturned his conviction on October 2016 and ordered a new trial on the grounds that there was an error in the direction given by the trial judge to the jury.
Olands\'s lawyer tried to throw Hugo Boss\'s jacket away as evidence in his first trial, arguing that there was not enough information to approve the House search authorization, additional judicial authorization is required for any test jacket.
But Queen\'s Court judge John Walsh ruled that both the search warrant and the test were valid.
On 2017, the New Brunswick Court of Appeal upheld Walsh\'s decision.
On behalf of the three, Chief Justice ernestdrapeauau wrote: \"I agree with the trial judge\'s decision and the reasons for his support . \"justice panel.
\"There is no need to say more at this point.
Nevertheless, the Ministry of Defense reiterated its objections earlier this year
The trial brief, which was previously based on the publication ban.
\"The defense maintains that after the house search warrant is not authorized
\"The forensic test of the seizure of the jacket, and the written and oral material submitted in accordance with the 2015 charter application, objects to the acceptability of this evidence,\" the lawyer wrote . \".
They also submitted two cases decided after Walsh\'s decision 2015, which they believed supported their view that the forensic test of the jacket was a separate search from the search authorized by the house search warrant, \"There are different degrees of privacy interests involved, so separate judicial authorization orders are required.
\"Once Queen\'s Court Judge Terrence Morrison has declared the trial of the jury in ollan invalid, the publication ban has been lifted.
Morrison heard the case without a jury.
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