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designer narendra kumar decodes workout wear - times of india

by:Breitex      2020-06-13
Narendra Kumar, India\'s Amazon Fashion creative director, has curated fitness/workout outfits for a variety of workouts-yoga classes, early morning jogging in winter, cardio and gym.
Yoga classes for yoga classes where you have flexibility and sweat, it\'s better for the body to move around freely.
Comfort and wellness are key factors to keep in mind when buying yoga lessons, as you want to focus on making poses instead of fiddling with your outfits.
Suitable for cutting or finishing-
Long leggings or tight trousers in black or dark blue, made of durable materials.
Not only are you properly covered, the material that embraces your legs also absorbs sweat and gives you traction in the arm balance posture.
Pair your yoga pants/capris together with a fitted tank, as they will remain untouched, whether you twist, bend back or reverse, to keep you covered.
Jogging in the early morning of winter begins with a sweaty sports bra layered with a soft long brasleeved base-
A layer shirt and a vest with fewer quilting sleeves, will not limit your movement while jogging, or a zip hoodie that will cover your ears and forehead while running in the cold.
When you focus on your hips, put on warm running tights, which is enough to block the cold air while also allowing the sweat to escape.
Knitted socks and running shoes keep your ankles warm.
Tip: since it\'s morning, we know how hard it is to wake up and prepare for a run, so make your workout fun enough to get up in the cold winter morning.
Look for bright colors in the contrasting elements to get you on track with enough energy.
Also invested in a good pair of running shoes.
The perfect cardio clothing should be comfortable and durable.
The best clothes look great too.
Take the sweat away from your body and provide the necessary support to help you lift your aerobic exercise to the level you want to achieve.
Cardio is a fun way to do it, so you can add a color to your dress code.
Wear a blue or pink brighter support workout bra and apply a vest in a brighter color.
For lowers, wear a black sports bodysuit that is flexible enough to allow you to do sports and keep your ankles warm with wool socks and shoes.
You can also try lots of graphics printed with tights and leotards that go well with a solid color top.
Tip: If your upper side is heavy, V-
The neckline or soft sports bra may not be your best match, go to the sports double sports bra, or wear a vest with a shelf --
Wear a sports bra underneath.
To be quirky and safe in bright colors;
Make sure they don\'t see-through.
The gym offers a fitted vest with a zip hoodie or track jacket.
For lowers, you can choose-
Sweat from a gym or runway with handcuffs on the ankle.
If you want more support around your hips, you can also choose tights, which helps to hold your body firmly, especially your legs.
Complete your look with warm socks and sneakers so that you have enough support and warm ankles when running or lifting weights on the treadmill.
Tip: Play the bright colors in the tank top and hoodie while keeping your lower body as basic black or gray.
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