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different ways to make a toga for women

by:Breitex      2020-06-16
The Toga party is not just for college students.
Adults and children also like to wear traditional Greek costumes during celebrations and other events.
There is no traditional Greek toga, so women can enjoy a lot of creativity when creating their own toga.
Fabric of about six yards, usually 44 to 45 inch wide or less, you can make a table
It looks authentic and suitable toga.
Pave the fabric to make it a little wider and pack it yourself once;
If you want more insurance, twice.
Now make the belt by collecting the fabric together and wrapping it around the waist.
When you bypass your waist, put your belt around your neck.
Wrap your belt around your neck, then go back to your chest and fix the rest under your belt.
Depending on how much material you have left, you can tie it to the front or back of your toga.
Pull your hair into the bun above and let it fall out of the back or put on some sort of headwear.
Stand in front of you with a double bed
Fold it wisely until it is as wide as your body.
Now, put it flat and do the same with the second single bed.
After that, fold each piece of paper to make it about 12 inch shorter than your height.
Put down the safety pin of this part of the paper.
This will be the bottom of Toga.
Now take the two corners on the top and fix them on each side.
Pull your head over and you have a traditional Stola.
Now you can fix it on the side, add a belt, brooch or any other decorations you like.
You may want to wear a swimsuit top or vest. top underneath.
Hold a double bed horizontally and wrap it around the waist once or twice with a safety pin.
Take another double piece, put it on your shoulder, take it over, nail it to the waist on the side, or tie it under your arm.
You can also tuck it into the first sheet at the waist.
You can choose to wear a swimsuit top, vest or T-shirt underneathshirt.
Don\'t forget the headwear and sandals, you can also go barefoot.
Wrap a double sheet on your back, collect the ends in your hands, and simply wrap the ends around both sides of your neck.
Tie it to the back of your neck and it\'s a strap shirt.
Also, you can wrap the sheet up and simply tie it to your chest.
Be sure to fix it in front or wear something underneath.
Use some gold ribbon or rope at the waist and add gladiator sandals.
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