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Dress your own benchmark is tonal

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
Like the color, is not suitable for their own color. Many people love the pink, but in fact, not many people to wear pink clothes. You might as well put the favorite color and suitable color to think about it. If you like the color is the color that suits his, that you must be very know how to dress. So, how to decide its own benchmark tone? Each person's personality is different, cannot treat as the same, of course. Sports clothes color, in addition to consider sport itself, also includes the collocation of garment accessories, as well as his own personality, environment, such as size, color, the harmonic of the whole. ( Gym suit) Nature a kaleidoscope of colors, the color of the clothes is numerous, but they basically can be divided into five kinds of color, lively and tonal, tonal downy and tonal, deep dark tonal, nature and monochrome black, white, ash. Deep dark tonal include: bordeaux red, navy, dark green, deep yellow, dark brown, red wine. Is characterized by: the deep depression, calm and strong contains showily and elegant, is the high grade of elegant is tonal. Downy and tonal include: sky blue, powder blue, mint, part, pale pink, pink, blue. Its characteristic is: bright, light, appear charming soft and relaxed, is indispensable to the spring and summer colors. Natural tonal include: olive green, yellow, tan, brown, gray, brown, beige. Its characteristic is: the dark brown as the center, is peaceful and quiet. Can be combined from the basic to the unexpected color, everything changes, magic. Lively and tonal include: rose red, purple, dark blue, navy blue, turquoise, green, yellow green, yellow, orange and red. Its characteristic is: bright colors. Give a person the sense with gorgeous, stylish, with a mysterious and exotic emotional appeal. ( From Lu Le the clothes wear and tie-in skill) As a professional sports wear suit custom manufacturer, has for years been engaged in sportswear, custom industry for countless groups customized a lot of team sports clothes, relying on excellent quality and excellent service to win the favor of consumers, and obtained the consistent high praise. Apparel design is the design of have to last long, occupy the important position in the sport history, sport suit is made of high quality raw materials, apparel customization technology is advanced, if you need to customize the clothes, just contact us: - 020 38024509 relevant recommendations: guangzhou sportswear unlined upper garment customization
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