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Enterprises how to choose the staff sports clothes

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
Sports apparel design according to the nature of the enterprise, group, spirit concept set is the integral part of the social image and team spirit. And general work clothes are based on consumer trends and popular elements for the design of led. In accordance with the requirements of professional characteristics and its positioning and key design sportswear design modelling design in the overall grasp the clothes style, style, on the basis of the key design, such as collar, placket, sleeves, pockets, hem, etc. Sportswear is set standard configuration, and can rise to decorate the effect of leg ministry line, effect is more ideal than trousers, sometimes through the belt and the collocation of brief paragraph coat resetting figure scale, make you look more forceful. Do not think as much as possible the exposed skin is sexy, is the standard version of small formal attire. ( Sportswear manufacturer) Sports clothes in the heat of the waistcoat will continue to fall and winter, but the hottest ma3 jia3 is short, the purpose of the emphasis here is on the, should choose to normal size smaller one size than you, so will cooperate with leggings virtually stretch the leg, it is important to note that not enough slender legs to avoid choose low-rise trousers, the waist has better visual effect. Sportswear clothing can solve almost any occasion demands, the waist of the fold structure also have very good decoration effect, long sleeve cover up shy & other; Bye bye meat & throughout; , if really like, work differ with the boundaries of banquet with only a small distance that wipe a bosom. Hip and thigh imperfect line available solutions, on the choice of clothes have to spend some of idea, such as the shoulder cuff place such as more details as far as possible, otherwise the item of large area is easy to give & other; Big & throughout; Impression, such collocation can also be one instance, choose a different style of shirt, you can achieve the modelling of different styles, just try to highlight the beautiful leg line. High quality sports clothes do not necessarily reflect in terms of price, now network so developed, information communication become very convenient, have to earn money by poor information is very difficult. Everyone in the pursuit of cost-effective, so set also gradually to a low price high quality route of development. Ended the previous low low price, high price of a single situation. As a professional sports wear suit custom manufacturer, has for years been engaged in sportswear, custom industry groups for countless custom made a lot of team sports clothes, constantly optimize the production process, learning advanced production technology, the introduction of advanced production equipment, staff training, talent introduction, select high-quality raw materials, in the large and small, have set figure, this is the pride of the people, also is the trust of the consumers of sportswear brand. Relevant recommendations: how to clean wool fabrics made from coat
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