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Famous sports apparel brand

by:Breitex      2020-07-12
【 Famous sports apparel brand 】 Now people shopping is not only already emphasis on quality and price, more focused on brand and customer experience, this is a sign of improving people's living standard, took us to buy clothes, more like some international big shop sign, you should buy that brand? Recommend some famous sports apparel brands, Mountaineering sports clothes) Nike: world brand, top ten sportswear brand, the world famous sporting goods manufacturers, the world top 500. The company started in the headquarters is located in the United States Oregon Beaverton. The company produces the sports goods all-encompassing: apparel, footwear, sports equipment and so on. NIKE entering China in 1980, set up the first NIKE production liaison office in Beijing. Adidas: adidas is partner of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the world famous brand. Adidas ( adidas) Is a German sports with manufacturers, adidas AG members of the company. With its founder adolf? Das ( Adolf Adi Dassler) Named in 1920 in near nuremberg black cuo root ullah start production of footwear products. Reebok: top 10 sports brand. Reebok company hopes consumers after wear Reebok sneakers, can like Reebok antelope, in the vast heaven and earth, gucci rush, fully enjoy the pleasure of sports. Li ning: li ning company was founded in 1990, after 20 years of exploration, has gradually become a representative, the international leading sports brand companies in China. Li ning company take multi-brand business development strategy, in addition to its own core li-ning brand ( LI- NING) , also have joy way brand ( 洛托) , high ai brand ( AIGLE) And cardiac brand ( Z - 做) 。 : 19 years buying industry experience, focus on team uniforms, appearances for groups to provide sports suits, employees work clothes and so on, is well-known sports brand group field. Relevant recommendations: sportswear shirts custom manufacturers
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