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Final goodbye: Roll call of some who died in 2018

by:Breitex      2020-06-21
In a year full of political cliffhanger, the death of the two brought the country together to commemorate those who represent a seemingly past era in the United States. S. politics. George H. W.
Bush is president, vice president.
The president, members of Congress, the CIA director and the Navy pilot during World War II, where he carried out 58 missions and was shot down over the Pacific Ocean.
As a politician, he received considerable criticism and was rejected after serving as a general unification.
But the Republicans reshaped themselves in the years after he entered the White House, became a fundraiser for disaster relief, and built an unlikely friendship with the people who drove him down, former President Clinton.
John McCain is a political giant in itself.
He served as a senator for more than 30 years, twice running for president, and spent five years as a prisoner of war after being shot down in the Vietnam War.
During his captivity, McCain endured torture and even refused the opportunity to be released early, denying the North Vietnamese military\'s victory in propaganda.
On November, Bush died at the age of 94, a few months after his wife, former first lady Barbara Bush, died on April.
McCain died in the fight against brain cancer on August at the age of 81.
Their deaths have triggered public mourning from all political fields, which is inconsistent with the recent political climate defined by intense partisan co-operation, gross insults and divisive rhetoric
One of the best in the world has died this year.
The famous singer Aretha Franklin
On August, the death of the Queen of souls triggered a grand ceremony.
A week of mourning was held in her hometown of Detroit, including a funeral at which a list of artists, former presidents and famous missionaries was listed.
Other people in the entertainment world who died in 2018 included two men who created one of Modern\'s most popular and enduring superheroes.
Marvel Comics idol Stan Lee, who died in November, and artist Steve diteco, who died in June, gave the World NetworkSwaying Spider
Men with other superstarspowered heroes.
Writer Tom Wolfe, playwright Neil Simon, actor Bert Reynolds, and screenwriter William Goldman also died.
One of the world\'s most influential scientists passed away in 2018.
Although his body is paralyzed by illness, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking explains the mysteries of space, time and black holes to a generation of enthusiasts.
Here are some names of those who died in 2018. (
If any, the cause of death for young people. )
January: Thomas. Monson, 90.
He was considered a prophet by nearly 16 million Mormons around the world, and served as president of the church for nearly a decade. Jan. 2. John Young, 87.
The legendary astronaut walked on the moon and later directed the first shuttle flight. Jan. 5. France, 70.
A French pop singer, who won the European visual song contest in his 1960 s, then got hits on four albums and sold millions of albumsdecade career. Jan. 7.
Dolin Tracy, 74
A former child star who played a lovely roleas-a-
Button Mouse on \"Mickey Mouse Club\" in the 1950 s. Jan. 10.
Edgar Ray Kelen, 92
A former three k party leader has been convicted of killing three civil rights workers in 1964 Mississippi massacre. Jan. 11. Died in prison. John V. Tunney, 83.
His successful campaign in California, USAS.
The Senate became the basis for 1972 Robert Redford films, the candidate. ” Jan. 12.
Keith Jackson, 89
His iconic phrase, \"Wow, Nelly!
Let him down.
In the past fifty years, as a sports athlete, the voice of the hometown of college football. Jan. 12.
Dolores oridan, 46
Her pressing and powerful voice helped Irish rock band \"Cranberries\" achieve global success in the 1990 s. Jan. 15.
Edwin Hawkins, 74
The gospel star, known for his cross-border song \"Oh, Happy Day\", is also the main force of contemporary inspirational music. Jan. 15. Stansfield A. Turner, 94.
Under President Carter, he served as director of the CIA and supervised the reform of the agency after the Senate found CIA surveillance against American citizens. Jan. 18. Ed Moses, 91.
The prolific abstract expressionist, one of the founding members of a collective called \"Cool School,\" helped Los Angeles transform from a cultural stagnant water to a major force in the modern art world. Jan. 17.
Dorothy Malone, 93
The actress won the heart of the 1960 television audience.
The mother who suffered in the night soap \"Peyton square. ” Jan. 19. Olivia Cole, 75
She won an Emmy for her role as Matilda in the landmark mini-drama \"root\" and her wife, Chicken George. ” Jan. 19. Paul Bocuse, 91
For more than half a century, the chef of French cuisine has been defined and placed on tables around the world. Jan. 20.
John Coleman, 83He co-
Created the Weather Channel and became the original meteorologist on ABC \"Good Morning America\" in six months
Ten years of broadcasting, but he later sparked outrage over the public suspicion that climate change was human. made. Jan. 20. Ursula K. Le Guin, 88. The award-
Award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer, exploring feminist themes, is known for her land-sea Books. Jan. 22.
Anwar Kamprad, 91
As the founder of Ikea, he
The scale mail order business started at his farm and became a furniture empire by allowing customers to piece together his simple and cheap furniture themselves. Jan. 27. Mott Walker, 94
Comic artists and World War II veterans satirized the army and amused millions of newspaper readers with the antics of the lazy private \"Beetle Bailey. ” Jan. 27.
February: Dennis Edwards, 74A Grammy-
Win the temptation of former members of the famous mocheng group. Feb. 1.
John Mahoney, 77
Play the odd blue actor-
Lead dad in the TV show Fraser. ” Feb. 4. John Gavin, 86.
The tall and handsome actor, who starred in Spartacus, mental illness and other popular films of the 1960 s, later abandoned his acting career and became President Reagan\'s Mexican ambassador. Feb. 9.
Patricia Frustaci, 63.
When she gave birth to seven children in 1985, she made headlines across the country, but she struggled with the economic and promotional effects and the heartache of seeing four children die. Feb. 10.
Asma Jahangir, 66
One of Pakistan\'s most famous right-wing activists and lawyers. Feb. 11. Heart attack. Marty Allen, 95The baby-faced, bug-
The eye comedian with wild black hair has been the protagonist of TV variety shows, game shows and talk shows for decades. Feb. 12.
Prince Henrik, 83The French-
The husband of the Danish monarch Margaret, who was born, publicly expressed his frustration that his wife or son was not equal in society to become the King of Denmark. Feb. 13.
Lude Lubbers, 78
The longest in the Netherlands --
He led his country through economic turmoil and prosperity and helped build the foundation of the EU. Feb. 14.
Morgan Tsvangirai, 65
For years, it has been the leader of the senior opposition party, Zimbabwe\'s longtime ruler Robert Mugabe\'s most powerful challenger. Feb. 14.
Jim Bridgewell, 73A hard-
Hippie and legendary climbers live vertically on some of the toughest peaks in Yosemite National Park. Feb. 16. The Rev.
Billy Graham, 99
He changed the religious life of the United States through preaching and active activities, becoming a presidential adviser and the most popular Christian evangelist in history. Feb. 21.
Nanette Fabray, 97
The lively actress, singer, and dancer became a star in Broadway musicals, on TV as Sid Caesar\'s comedy foil, and in popular movies such as the \"bandwagon. ” Feb. 22. Sridevi, 54.
Bollywood\'s 1980 and post-90 s female lead has redefined the star image for Indian actresses. Feb. 24. Cardiac arrest.
Accidental drowning in the bathtub
Harvey Schmidt, 88
The composer of Fantasia, in Dwight D.
He is also the president, becoming the longest-lasting musical in history. Feb. 28.
William Henry Trotter Bush, 79
A wealthy investor and brother and uncle of the president. Feb. 28.
Roger Bannister, 88.
He was the first to break 4-
Obstacles in a mile of minutes. March 3.
Russell Solomon, 92
Become the founder of the Tower Records chain, which is a global phenomenon and changes the way people consume music. March 4.
George Sinner, 89The farmer-
The philosopher of North Dakota in the state\'s toughest economic period. March 9. T.
Bai, 99.
He is one of the happiest people in the world.
The work of the famous pediatrician and child development experts helped explain what excited the children. March 13.
Stephen Hawking, 76
A theoretical physicist who, despite being paralyzed by illness, has a clever mind that spans time and space. March 14. David S. Wyman, 89.
Famous American scholar. S.
The response to the Holocaust \"abandoning Jews\" is a provocative, best-selling criticism of everyone from religious leaders to President Franklin Roosevelt. March 14. Peter G. Peterson, 91.
A billionaire and corporate executive has become one of the most prominent voices in advocating welfare reform and cutting U. S. debt. S. national debt. March 20.
Frank Avruch, 89
A longtime celebrity and entertainer on Boston television, is the star of the popular children\'s TV show, clown Bozo. ” March 20. Heart disease.
Dick wilmars, 75
The miner who won the first place
Once Iditarod trail snowdogs race and then left the sport. March 21. Charles P. Lazarus, 94.
Sixty years ago, the World War II veteran founded the toy fight city and turned it into a landmark in the United States. March 22. H.
Wayne Huizenga, 80
A person who dropped out of college, he established a business empire that includes a large entertainment, automatic regulation and three professional sports franchises. March 22.
Taylor, 85. She co-
Starring in his \"Billy Jack\" series with husband Tom Laughlin. March 23. Linda Brown, 75
As a girl from Kansas, she is the center of the American landmark. S.
The Supreme Court dismissed the school\'s decision on apartheid. March 25. Peter Munk, 90.
Founder of Barrick Gold, the world\'s largest Gold mining company. March 28. Rusty Staub, 73The orange-
The wild hands of the hair are all at once-
Star career spanning 23 major league seasons. March 29.
Anita Shif, 71
The best-selling novelist explores how women respond to crises of the past and present in her hometown of New England, and her favorite is the wife of the pilot, the testimony, and the weight of the water. ” March 29.
April: Efrain Rios Montt, 91.
A former dictator seized power in the 1982 coup and presided over one of the bloodiest periods of the civil war in Guatemala
The earth movement to eradicate Marxist guerrillas. April 1.
Bear Madikizela-Mandela, 81.
She was Mandela\'s predecessor.
Wife and
Apartheid activist, her own reputation has been tarnished by the scandal. April 2.
High ata Island, 82 years old. He was the co-
Founder of the famous Japanese Animation Studio Ghibli
In the face of digital film production, draw \"comics \". April 5.
Daniel kashikina aka, 93.
He was the first Hawaiian to serve in the United States. S.
Hawaii\'s Senate after becoming a stateApril 6.
Yvonne Staples, 80
Her voice and business mind drive the success of the main singers.
Make the gospel group, the song \"I\'ll Take You There\" gets on the charts in early 1970. ” April 10. Mitzi Shore, 87
She is the owner of the Los Angeles club Comedy Store and one of the most influential figures in the stands
For more than 40 years. April 11.
Sergio Pitto, 85
A well-known Mexican writer, essayist, translator, and the most prestigious literary prize winner in Spainspeaking world. April 12.
Milos Forman, 86
A Czech filmmaker, his American films, \"a flying Cuckoo\'s Nest,\" and \"Amadis,\" won numerous Academy Awards, including the Oscar for best director. April 14. R. Lee Ermey, 74.
A Marine who fought in Hollywood.
Soldiers like Gunners Sgt.
Hartman in Stanley Kubrick\'s all-metal jacket. ” April 15. Pneumonia-
Related Complications
Harry Anderson, 65
The most famous actor is to play a role. the-
The Wall Street judge served as a night judge in the Manhattan court in the TV comedy night show. ” April 16.
Barbara Bush, 92The snowy-
The white-haired first lady\'s outspoken demeanor and complete lack of disguise is sometimes more popular than her husband, President George H. W. Bush. April 17.
Nerses Krik Krikorian, 97.
A scientist born in a refugee later became a legend.
The secret of atomic bomb research and development in New Mexico City. April 18.
Bruno samantino, 82
He is the \"legend\" of professional wrestling and one of the longest legends of professional wrestling.
Defending championApril 18. Avicii, 28. The Grammy-
Nominated electronic dance DJ for the show-
Held concerts for fans around the world, and achieved great success in the United StatesS. pop radio. April 20.
Verne Troyer, 49He played Dr.
Evil Little, silent partner \"mini
\"I\" in the Austin Power film series \". April 21. Rev.
Christian Mondo, 92
The surf priest, dressed in diving suits under his priest\'s robes, hosted the annual wave blessing ceremony in the Southern California coastal town of Surf City. April 25.
Charles Neville, 79A New Orleans-
A natural saxophone player who once supported B. B.
The King and later gained a reputation in the mix of the Neville Brothers Band and their funk, jazz, rhythm and blues. April 26. Philip Hove, 93
A former Democratic governor who is considered Vermont\'s transition from one of the most Republican
This country is one of the most free. April 26.
Larry Harvey, 70
His whimsical decision was to erect a huge wooden statue and burn it on the ground, which led to the popular length.
Hold anti-cultural celebrations known as \"burning people. ” April 28.
May: George de kumjane, 89. A two-
Governor of California
The consumption Creed earned him the nickname \"Duke of Iron. ” May 8. Anne V. Coates, 92. An Oscar-
The award-winning film editor is widely regarded as one of the greatest works in her field, and many of her works include \"Lawrence of Arabia\", \"Elephant Man\" and \"Fifty Shades of Gray\" and so on” May 8.
Ernest Medina, 81.
A former Army captain, he was a key figure in the massacre during the Vietnam War. May 8. Peter Mayer, 82
The major mainstream and independent publishers of the past half century have received so many millions
Known for books such as \"up and down stairs\" and \"Jonathan Livingston Seagull\" and known for its innovative and varied style. May 11.
Tessa Jowell, 70
The former British culture minister, who played a key role at 2012 London Olympics, used her cancer diagnosis for better treatment. May 12.
Margo Kidd, 69
In the late 1970 s and early 1980 s, she served as Lois Lane opposite Christopher Reeves in the \"Superman\" film series. May 13. Tom Wolfe, 88. The white-
The right wizard of \"new news\", before turning the ironic wisdom to novels such as \"vanity bonfire\" and \"one man, from the happy writers, the United States is full of rich records. ” May 14. Infection.
Robert Indiana, 89
A popular artist known for his 1960 s \"Love\" series. May 19.
Patricia Morrison, 103.
She\'s in the Broadway musical Kiss Me, Kate, on stage opposite yur Brinner in King of America, and in the movie with Spencer Tracy and Catherine Hepburn. May 20.
David winrick, 48
The groom said to a woman he had just met in the well, \"I will\"
A public wedding at a mall in the United States about 20 years ago. May 20. Colon cancer.
Clint Walker, 90
The burly, burly actor took justice as the headline character in the early Western TV show Xia Yan. ” May 21. Philip Rose, 85. The prize-
The award-winning novelist and fearless narrator of sex, death, assimilation and fate, from the comedy madness of \"Portnoy\'s Complaint\" to the elegy lyric of \"American Shepherd song. ” May 22.
Louis Posada Carriles, 90
A former CIA agent and Cuban exiled militants have been accused of organizing a series of Havana hotel bombings and the 1976 Cuban airline bombings that killed 73 people in 1997. May 23. Jerry Mullen, 99.
He is the last surviving Munchkin in 1939 classic movie The Wizard of Oz, and the most famous person to welcome Dorothy to the land of Munchkin. May 24. Alan Bean, 86.
A former Apollo 12 astronaut was the fourth person to walk on the moon, and later he began painting and recording the moon landing on the canvas. May 26.
Madiha Yousri, 97
In the second half of the 20 th century, an Egyptian actress was known for her iconic classical romantic character during the heyday of the Egyptian film. May 29. JUNE:Frank C.
Carlucci third 87.
He started his extensive
The government career as a diplomat, and under the leadership of President Ronald Reagan, ended the work of the Secretary of Defense. June 3.
Complications of Parkinson\'s disease
Clarence Fountain 88
Founding member of the Grammy Awards
Win the gospel group of blind boys in Alabama. June 3.
George von tieshousen, 104.
He was the last person in Germany to launch an American rocket. S. space program. June 3. John, 69.
A native Alaska broadcasting company, he helps protect Abbott\'s language and culture one by one. June 4. Kate Spade, 55.
Fashion designer famous for fashion handbags. June 5.
Apparently suicide.
Red Schoendienst, 95.
Managing St. \'s Hall of Fame second baseman.
The Luiz Cardinals won two titles and a World Series with 1960 seconds. June 6.
Jimmy Gonzalez, 67
He\'s the lead singer of the Grammy Award.
Win the Tejano group Jimmy Gonzalez y Grupo Mazz. June 6. Gena Turgel, 95
Comfort Anne Frank\'s Holocaust survivors in Bergen
A month later, the young diary writer went to the world and camp before the liberation of the Berson concentration camp. June 7.
Anthony burden, 61
The celebrity chef and citizens of the world inspired millions to share his love for food and the bonds it created. June 8. Suicide. Maria Buena, 78
A Brazilian tennis star has won three Wimbledon singles titles and four in the United States. S.
Opened in the 1960 s and 1950 s and helped usher in modern women\'s tennis. June 8. D. J. Fontana, 87.
A rock pioneer, rising from the Strip Festival in shrifport, his hometown of Louis Anna, to the peak of music history, became Elvis Presley\'s first long-time drummer. June 13.
Leslie Grantham, 71
An actor who became an English TV idol in the 1980 s
Villain \"Dirty\" Den Watts in soap opera Oriental. ” June 15.
Kanzo, 89.
One of the four brothers who created the Casio Computer Company
G-Japanese company behindShock watches. June 18. Vinnie Paul, 54. A co-
Founder and drummer of heavy metal band panyak. June 22. Heart disease. Kim Jong-pil, 92.
He is the founder of the South Korean spy agency, whose political skills have helped him to serve as prime minister twice, for the first time under his dictator boss, and later under a man kidnapped by his agency. June 23.
Joseph Jackson, 89
Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and their talented brothers and sisters horrible stage father who took his family from poverty and built a music dynasty. June 27.
Halan Ellison, 84
The prolific, aggressive author of a boy and his dog, and countless other stories that bash society with their nightmare, sometimes dark and humorous scenes. June 27. Steve diteco, 90
Marvel comics artist, who gave the world a woven net and soaring redand-
Blue shape of spider
Men and others
Strange Doctor\'s hideaway. June 29.
Irina sewinska, 72
A Polish sprinter, who ruled in women\'s track and field for 20 years, won seven Olympic medals and later became a member of the International Olympic Committee. June 29.
July: Claude Lanzman, 92. His 9 1/2-
The hour masterpiece \"Shoah\" witnessed the Holocaust through testimony from Jewish victims, German prisoners and Polish onlookers. July 5. Robert D. Ray, 89.
A former longtime governor of Iowa has helped thousands of Vietnamese war refugees move to the state and has defined Iowa\'s Republican politics for years. July 8. Tab Hunter, 86.
The blonde actor and singer is heartbreaking for movies like The Scream and the damn Yankee for millions of teenagers in their 1950 s!
A few decades later, he received new attention when he revealed that he was gay. July 8. John A. Stormer, 90.
Religious leaders and right wing
Wing activist self
In 1964, the publication of \"no one dares to call it treason\" became a sense of grassroots, but also the convergence point of the emerging conservative movement. July 10.
Old Nancy Sinatra, 101.
She was Frank Sinatra\'s childhood lover, becoming the first of his four wives and the mother of his three children. July 13. Gary Beach, 70.
A Broadway and television veteran plays a truly scary drama director in Mel Brook\'s monster, winning him a Tony Award in 2001. July 17.
Lincoln Brown, 86
He is considered to be one of the most important experts in the iconic monarch butterfly and a scientist advocating the protection of endangered species. July 17. Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga, 93.
She found evidence of thousands of Japanese.
Americans who were held in the United States during World War II were not for national security, but for racism. July 18.
Adrian, 79.
His military radio moves inspired Robin Williams to play a role in the movie Good Morning, Vietnam. ” July 18. Alene Duerk, 98
She was the first female admiral in the Navy and became a pioneer as the Navy provided more opportunities for women. July 21.
Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen, 96.
His outspoken support for nuclear disarmament, gay rights and the expansion of the role of women in the church has made him one of the most controversial presidents of the United StatesS. bishops. July 22.
80-year-old Elbert Howard, the big manHe was a co-
The founder of the Panthers Party has served as a newspaper editor, information officer and logistics genius behind the group\'s popular social programs. July 23.
Sergio Marchionne, 66
A charismatic and demanding CEO who planned twice
Save the company transformation of Fiat and Chrysler AutomakersSome failures. July 25.
Complications of SurgeryAUGUST: Charlotte Ray, 92.
She plays a smart and patient roommate in front of a group of teenage girls.
In a career that includes many other TV characters as well as stage and film performances, run the sitcom The Facts of Life. Aug. 5. H. F.
\"Gerry\" Lenfest, 88.
He made $1 billion in the cable industry and donated almost all his money to support schools, museums, news and Art in Philadelphia and elsewhere. Aug. 5.
Joel Robertson, 73
A chef, who takes a taste of simple mashed potatoes and gives diners a peek into the kitchen, shook the dull world of fine French cuisine. Aug. 6. Cancer. Paul Laxalt, 96
The son of the Basque immigrant, who gained political power in the position of governor of Nevada. S.
Close ally of Senator and Ronald Reagan. Aug. 6.
Margaret Heckler, 87An eight-
Republican congressman from Massachusetts, under the leadership of President Reagan and the US president, continues to serve as Minister of Health and Human Services. S.
Ambassador of Ireland. Aug. 6. Stan Mikita, 78
Help the Chicago Blackhawks to win 1961 Stanley Cup championship hockey superstar and become one of the team\'s most respected characters. Aug. 7.
Young Wild Wu, 67 years old.
Okinawa led a counter. U. S.
A military base movement on the southern Japanese island. Aug. 8.
Pancreatic cancer. Jarrod Lyle, 36
An Australian golfer, loved by people around the world in the long fight against cancer. Aug. 8. V. S. Naipaul, 85. The Trinidad-
Born Nobel Prize winner who writes accurately and lyrically in novels such as River Bay and Mr. house
The fragile, world-weary personality of bisvas has made him one of the most admired and controversial writers in the world. Aug. 11.
Aretha Franklin, 76
The undisputed \"Queen of souls\" is in \"thinking\", \"I Say a Little Prayer\" and her iconic song \"Respect, and becomes a symbol of global culture. Aug. 16.
Pancreatic cancer.
Vajpayee, 93.
The former Indian prime minister, a Hindu nationalist, launched a nuclear arms race with his rival Pakistan, but then started a breakthrough peace process across the border. Aug. 16. Kofi Annan, 80.
A charismatic global diplomat and the first African black man to become secretary-general of the United Nations
He led the world organization through the most turbulent times. Aug. 18. Uri Avnery, 94.
A pioneering Israeli journalist and peace activist was among the first to openly advocate the establishment of a Palestinian state. Aug. 20.
Barbara Harris, 83. The Tony Award-
Award-winning comedian
The neurotic charm lit up the Broadway stage and helped her shoot movies including Nashville, quirky Friday and the Joker. ” Aug. 21. Ed King, 68.
Lynyrd Skynyrd\'s former guitarist, who helped write several hits including Sweet Home Alabama. ” Aug. 22. Cancer. Robin Litch, 76
His voice is 1980 rich in television\'s \"lifestyle of the rich and famous. ” Aug. 24. John McCain, 81
He resisted the prisoners in the Vietnam War priisoner camp and later turned his rebellion into 35-
His one-year political career in Congress and the Republican presidential nomination. Aug. 25. Neil Simon, 91.
A playwright of a comedy master, his laughter
For decades, quirky couples, barefoot in the park and his Brighton Beach trilogy have dominated Broadway. Aug. 26.
Joseph Kobzon, 80.
The iconic Russian singer and political figure known as \"Soviet Sinatra\" for decades --long career. Aug. 30.
September: Haqqani, 72.
Founder of Afghanistan-
Worried about the Haqqani network, former president of the United StatesS.
Allies became fierce enemies. Sept. 3. Bill Daily, 91.
The leading actor in the comedy \"I dream of Jenny\" and \"Bob Newhart Show. ” Sept. 4.
Bert Reynolds, 82.
The handsome film and television star is known for his acclaimed performances in relief and Bukit night, with his popular commercial works such as smoke and robbers,
The screen loves life. Sept. 6.
Richard devworth, 92
Billionaires and colleagues
Founder of Direct
The owner and father of Orlando Magic, Amway giant-in-
Minister of Education, Betsy DeVosSept. 6. Mac Miller, 26.
Platinum hip-
Jumping Star, his rhymes swing from party rap to lyrics about depression and drug use, and from Jay-
Z. opportunities for rappers. Sept. 7.
Accidental excess
Marin March, 57. A three-
The time Tony Award nomination is known for its wonderful performances in Broadway\'s ragtime, passion and Kiss Me, Kate. ” Sept. 13. Gamil Ratib, 92An award-winning Franco-
The Egyptian actor, a villain or noble, made him a household name in the Arab world. Sept. 19.
Arthur Mitchell, 84
He broke the obstacles in Africa.
More than 1950 Americans are ballet dancers at the New York City Ballet and will continue to be the driving force behind the creation of Harlem dance theater. Sept. 19.
Tran Dai Quang, 61
The President of Vietnam is the country\'s number one president.
The leader of the Communist Party after the ruling. Sept. 21. Ion Ficior, 90.
He was jailed for the death of 103 political prisoners.
Labor Camp in Romania. Sept. 26. Marty Bahrain, 76
The patron of 1960 \"Voice of San Francisco\" is both the founder and lead singer of the Jefferson plane and the co-singer
The owner of the club where planes and other bands perform. Sept. 27.
Joe Mastrov, 98The Tony Award-
Outstanding, avant-garde musical \"song and dance performance\" and the winning story writer of touching and romantic \"She Loves Me. ” Sept. 28. Otis Rush, 84.
A passionate Chicago blues guitarist
Artists from Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton to the rock band \"Zeppelin\" have been influenced by music. Sept. 29.
Sonia Orbuch, 93
When she was a teenager, she joined a resistance group that destroyed the Nazis and spent the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. Sept. 30.
October: Do Muoi, 101.
Former general secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam, who had opposed the French colonial government, became a loyal Communist Party member. Oct. 1. Juan Romero, 68
Bus boy to the Robert F hotel
When the New York senator was shot dead in Los Angeles, Kennedy\'s aid. Oct. 1.
Leon ryderman, 96
An experimental physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on subatomic particles and created the phrase \"God particle. ” Oct. 3. Will Wendon, 70An Oscar-
Award-winning animator who invented Clement style
Bring California raisins to TV. Oct. 4.
Puerto Vallarta, 85.
A Spanish opera singer, known for her vocal skills and interpretation of the characters of Rossini, Bellini and Donizetti. Oct. 6.
Betty Lafon Grisom, 91
The widow of astronaut Vergil \"Gus\" Grisom, who successfully sued NASA\'s contractor after his death in the Apollo 1967 launch pad fire. Oct. 7.
George Taria Ferro, 91
The Indiana star became the first black player to be selected in the NFL in 1949, when George Hara and the Chicago Bear beat him in 13 rounds. Oct. 8.
\"Pik\" Botha, 86 years old.
He was the last foreign minister of the apartheid era in South Africa and a contradictory figure who firmly defended the rule of the white minority but acknowledged that change was inevitable. Oct. 12. Paul G. Allen, 65. He co-
Before becoming a billionaire philanthropist investing in conservation, space travel, art and culture and professional sports, he created Microsoft with his childhood friend Bill Gates. Oct. 15.
He sportshero jin shi lin ba liu
Dorcas Reilly, 92
The woman who created the mung bean casserole is a staple of Thanksgiving that millions of people enjoy. Oc. 15.
Alzheimer\'s diseaseDennis Hof, 72.
A legitimate pimping, who is notorious for the HBO series about his business, has shaped himself into Donald Trump --
The Republican candidate for the State Council, even if he had died, won the race. Oct. 16. Earl Bakken, 94
An electronic repairman who created the first wearable external pacemaker and co-
Medtronic, one of the world\'s largest medical device companies, was founded. Oct. 21.
Joachim Roenneberg, 99
A World War II destroyer who led five people.
The horrific blow-up of a group of people at a factory that produced heavy water deprived Nazi Germany of a key ingredient in making nuclear weapons. Oct. 21.
Tony Joe White, 75
Behind the success of \"Polk Salad Anne\" and \"Rainy Night in Georgia\", the country\'s blue and popular songwriters. ” Oct. 24. Ruth Gates, 56.
A pioneering coral reef scientist who has spent most of her career working to save the world\'s fragile and deteriorating underwater coral reef ecosystem. Oct. 25.
89-year-old James White
The murdered Boston gangster, who spent 16 years as one of the most wanted in the United States, benefited from a corrupt relationship with the FBI. Oct. 30.
Killed in prison.
Teodoro Petkoff, 86
A giant in Venezuelan politics, who led a communist guerrilla group when he was young, later won Wall Street\'s praise in a senior government position and then founded a newspaper, hugo Chavez, Socialist president. Oct. 31.
November: Raymond Zhou, 91
A legendary Hong Kong filmmaker who introduced the world to Lee and Jackie Chan and even brought the ninja turtles to the big screen. Nov. 2.
Mari Hulman George, 83
The \"quiet pioneer\" of the car racing has played an important role in the expansion of the Indiana highway, which has been known to millions of fans for years, and he has ordered countless riders to start the engine race. Nov. 3.
Ramona Reston, 91
A long-active activist who established the Civil Liberties Union in Southern California as a major organization. Nov. 3. Evelyn Y. Davis, 89.
The arrogant shareholder activist owns shares in more than 80 listed companies and rarely makes public appearances in the company
Meeting of investorsNov. 4.
Douglas Rain, 90
A Canadian actor who plays the most interesting role of Shakespeare on stage, but perhaps best known for providing rogue computer HAL in Stanley Kubrick\'s 2001: Space Odyssey” Nov. 11. Stan Lee, 95.
Creative generator, who revolutionized comic books and helped Hollywood make billions of dollars by introducing human weaknesses in superheroes like spiders
The man, the amazing Four and The Incredible Hulk. Nov. 12.
Catherine McGregor, 93
She plays the trivial, gossip mother Harriet o\'leeson on TV in the Little House on the Prairie. ” Nov. 13. Roy Clark, 85.
The country star, guitar master, has led the corn Keone TV show \"Hee hee\" for nearly 25 years, with \"When I was young Yesterday\" and \"honeymoon feeling\"” Nov. 15.
Complications caused by pneumonia
William Goldman, 87The Oscar-
Winning the screenwriter and the wise man in Hollywood, he won an Oscar for \"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid\" and \"man of all presidents\" and by announcing that \"no one knows anything. ” Nov. 16.
Ali Rhodes, 81
The symbol of Venezuela\'s socialist revolution continues to serve as a diplomat in senior government positions. Nov. 19.
Robert \"Bob\" McNair, 81
The founder and owner of the Houston Texans is one of the NFL\'s most influential owners. Nov. 23.
Betty bumper, 93
A former first lady of Arkansas, she advocates child immunization across the country and promotes restrictions on the spread of nuclear weapons. Nov. 23.
Bertolucci, 77.
An Italian filmmaker who won an Oscar for the \"Last Emperor\", his erotic drama \"The Last Tango in Paris\" shook the world. Nov. 26.
Stephen Hillenberg, 57
He created the absurd underwater world where SpongeBob and he lived. Nov. 26.
Lou Gaich\'s illnessJean Barker, 96
Socialite, code breaker, British government minister, and bon vivant, known for her title as Baroness Trumpington. Nov. 26. George H. W. Bush, 94.
As the coalition defeated Iraq in Kuwait, his presidency soared, but then plunged in the throes of economic weakness, leading voters to oust him after a term. Nov. 30.
December: Pete Shelley, 63
He\'s a singer.
Song writer and collaboration
Founder punk band the BuzzcocksDec. 6.
95-year-old of Belize Rio in Betancourt
A former Colombian president whose efforts to reach a peace deal with left-wing rebels in the 1980 s were destroyed by drugs --
Bloodshed and violent explosions supported by national security forces. Dec. 7.
Lyudera alexeva, 91.
For decades, a human rights pioneer and dissidents have challenged the Soviet Union and the Russian regime to release political prisoners and establish democratic rights. Dec. 8.
Nancy Wilson, 81The Grammy-
Winning \"song designer\" and torch singer
She is a platinum singer and a top concert performer. Dec. 13. ——
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