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fitness focused terri hatcher sports tight striped leggings and tank top for a trip to the gym days

fitness focused! terri hatcher sports tight striped leggings and tank top for a trip to the gym... days after denying she\'s broke and homeless

by:Breitex      2020-06-13
She recently had to get rid of a somewhat disturbing rumor.
But Terry Hatcher seems to have been focusing on fitness since she was spotted leaving the gym in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning. The 53-year-
The old actress looks healthy in tight leggings and vests as she chats on her iPhone a few days after denying her bankruptcy homelessness.
When Terry stuffed her strap top into her high strap, her toned torso was on displaywaisted pants.
The black sports bra came out under her gray vest, carrying a black wallet on her muscle forearm.
The Desperate Housewives star took her fitness plan seriously and put on a pair of fingerless weight-lifting gloves while carrying neon orange water bottles.
When she walked from the fitness center to the car, the wise gray and turquoise sneakers were tied to her feet.
Terry seems to be wearing makeup-
The free face with dark sunglasses protected her eyes from the morning sun.
She recently denied claims by a Star magazine that she was broke, homeless and living in a van, saying the allegations were \"completely ridiculous \".
\"This is absolutely wrong. I am not broke.
I invested my money very well.
I\'m not homeless.
In an interview with local Los Angeles television station KTLA 5, she said I didn\'t live on my van.
Although she may not have a home, Terry admits that she spent more time in the renovated house --up 1978 VW van.
\"I\'m shooting my vlogging series Van therapy on my van,\" she quipped to reporter Sam Rubin . \".
The actress has a channel on YouTube called \"incubation change\" that includes her show \"fan therapy\" and her cooking series \"Don\'t go out of the box\".
Terry starred in Susan Mayer\'s eight seasons in the 2004 hit TV show Desperate Housewives --2012.
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