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For the Bride Who Wants a Simple, Sensuous Look

by:Breitex      2020-06-20
It seems that as long as Uncle Joe or Aunt Mary toast the bride, the 1997 style wedding dress will continue.
Is forever.
The bride got the same opera for decades
Sleeves, lace yards and enough ball-tonnage skirting dresses can sink a boat.
But this month, during the wedding season, Brooklyn legend\'s Kleinfield reported that an average of 120 of the bride price per day was appropriate and, obviously, was changing.
On April, the introduction and preparation of the bride is readyto-
Costume performance, a rare combination that highlights the style of a wedding dress-
Probably the most sensual and expensive clothing purchase for most women ---
Never more in tune with the evening. wear trends.
Minimalism, asymmetry, bare arms and discoloration are redefining the bride.
At the forefront of the movement are designers who started creating wedding dresses in the late 1980s s and early 90 s: Vera Wang, Amsale Aberra and the amazing Arnold skassi.
New Modernism attracts more designers who like to take risks.
Teams from Manolo, Erisa Yuki and Mark Badgley and James Mischka are all expanding the range of acceptable bridal outfits.
Advertising clothing has become more designer-driven and more reflective of a woman\'s wishes, not only to look fantastic on the day of the wedding, but also to look fantastic at her own weddingexpressive.
The ads are certain, legs-of-
Traditional dress with lambneck, puff-
The sleeve number, still has its strong support base, but now you can choose the spirit that is smoother and sexier, in a narrower shape, bare arms and shoulders, and subtle decorations, if any.
\"What we are trying to do is bring a kind of edginess to the bride, a kind of ultra-modernism . \"Wang said.
\"This is Jil Sander of Christian Lacroix, the bride and the bride. \'\'Ms.
Yuki, who designed the American version of Japan\'s kati Katsura series, is testing signature labels for punk rock singers and other free spirits.
\"Before, I couldn\'t sell my wedding dress to people riding motorcycles,\" she said . \".
The new series is a response to the demand for wedding dresses suitable for the holiday environment, which means that wedding dresses must be portable, more relaxed, with shorter skirts and shorter trains, smaller heads and fabrics such as elastic satin and feather polyester.
The Erisa line will be available at the Yumi Katsura boutique at 907 Madison Avenue (72d Street).
Yumi Katsura is also available at Saks Fifth Avenue stores outside New York, Marshall Field stores in Chicago and Kleinfeld stores.
Still, most brides see themselves sliding down the aisle instead of growling on Harley, the pass
The Faire approach is bringing more fashion into the closed world of weddings.
Now it takes a while for minimalism to penetrate into everyday dresses to penetrate into the bride.
\"People went out when I first showed my clothes,\" said the lady. Wang said.
\"Even the most tailor-made girl in Armani costume that day suddenly liked all of these things.
\"Former editor of Vogue, former design director of Ralph Lauren.
Wang is known for promoting bold ideas such as luxury men\'s dinner jackets and slim, low-key dresses in Bride, which are covered only with a pure fabric veil.
But in recent years, she has found loyal customers for her design with several imitators.
Her wedding dress and evening dress are for sale in the store at 991 Madison Avenue (77th Street)
In Barnes, New York, and Saks Jandel, Washington.
Her bridal design
Ms. Wang followed the popular tie in the evening dress.
Delicate velvet dress from last season-to-
The bride\'s dress has been translated into sheaths in autumn.
A year ago, the Badgley Mischka team decided to attend the wedding, and when women were found ordering white evening dresses for the wedding, the team explored the low-key decoration of the wedding.
\"When you keep the wedding simple, it\'s hard to make it look expensive,\" said Mary Ann Whitton, owner of Kleinfeld and wife of the company\'s spokesman, Michael zenick.
Kleinfeld also runs wedding dresses, the Saks Fifth Avenue salon that sells Badgley Mischka dresses.
\"Badgley Mischka boys are expected to bring back a tasteful form of beads,\" she said . \".
The new designers stand at the top, and their clothing costs $2,000 to $5,000.
Their customers, usually in their 20 s and 30 s, are much more complicated than young brides --to-
30 years ago.
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He said: \"Many women who come to us are dressed in designer clothes. they want to find wedding dresses . \"
Mischka, in pursuit of a more modern bridal look, has no veil at all when presenting the gown.
\"They still want a very simple silhouette . \"
Badgley said, \"but they want the fabric to be different and different.
From their evening dress, Badgley Mischka combines a delicate and simple celadon sheath with a guipure lace cardigan into an antique white dress, cleverly inlaid
Manolo shows that his bridal design is intertwined with his preparation. to-
Worn last month at the Oribe Fifth Avenue salon show that there is no crack between the day-to-day clothes he creatively cuts and covers and the clothes he designed for one of the highlights of women\'s lives.
A wedding dress is transparent with an asymmetrical hem;
The other is to apply the color of light margarine on the white tulle of embroidery and decals. Many new-
Guard designers like clothes with color tips-
Yellow cream, ivory, champagne, blushing. Ms.
Yuki said she had asked for a black dress many times.
Modern brides can hardly be called demure.
Compare the look of Caroline Bessett.
Kennedy\'s dress with her late mother was widely photographed in last September. in-
Luo\'s wedding photo 43 years ago.
Jackie Kennedy.
Dress custom rigid etiquette and provocative maiden. Ms. Bessette-
On the other hand, Kennedy\'s shocking Simple Choice reveals a healthy body and a desire for comfort and freedom.
Widely copied for evening dresses and bridesmaids, pearl-
The designer said that the colored silk sheaths designed by Nesso rodeitz are more symbolic than realistic for most brides.
No matter how many photos MSBessette-
Ms Kennedy, they tore it out of the magazine and most brides are not ready to wear a petticoat as their wedding dress yetWang said. But Ms. Bessette-
Dressed in a sleeveless petticoat and full of charm, Kennedy left the church and married one of the world\'s most qualified bachelors, reinforcing the wedding industry\'s march into fashion. Mr.
Skassey, ready. to-
Costume design made his name synonymous with Baroque fashion
The route of his wedding series for Eva hainar fusse
The name of the bride. His best-
It\'s asymmetrical to sell dresses. Shoulder sheath.
\"It may be an evening dress,\" he said . \"
\"The bride wants to look more sexy now.
I use the word sexy, not sexy, because sexy is not the word I\'m looking.
That\'s not what she thought.
Ultimately, whether it\'s minimalism or gorgeous, future brides still dream of making them look different, charming and special.
This is a fashion design opportunity that attracts innovative designers, even if it takes years and not seasons to change.
\"When we imagine our evening dresses, we see them dressed in palaces and marble stairs ,\"Mischka said.
\"They\'re actually going to the Marriott hotel.
But, he added, what the bride is more real than the work of other designers is that what we imagine is closer to reality.
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A version of this article appears on page B00011, country edition, May 6, 1997, with the title: for brides who want a simple, sexy look.
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