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Four-story glass doors, \breathing\ walls, patented pizza boxes and a two-story yoga room covered in

Four-story glass doors, \'breathing\' walls, patented pizza boxes and a two-story yoga room covered in distressed stone to look like Steve Jobs’ favorite hotel: The staggering decadence of Apple\'s lavish $5bn Spaceship HQ

by:Breitex      2020-06-15
Shortly before his death, Apple
Steve Jobs, founder, had envisioned \"building the best office building in the world \".
There are also carefully crafted glass canopies, two
Story yoga room, a cafe with 4,000 people, with four
Story glass door and even patented pizza box to prevent the food from getting wet, the height of the Apple
The \"mother ship\" headquarters is expected to realize its dream soon
The company\'s obsession with detail isn\'t just about the product.
The project is expected to cost $5 billion (£4 billion)
It is not difficult to see why;
Amazing new pictures reveal the unimaginable attention to the details of the work on the almost finished \"Apple Park\" campus, from elaborate door handles to \"breathing buildings \",
\"Scroll down in order to take a new photo in Wired magazine on June, and a close-up on the newsstand on May 23
Look at some of the features that differentiate Apple campus from other campuses.
According to Wired, as early as 2011, just before Jobs died, Jobs spoke to the Cupertino City Council, saying it was a great building.
\"It\'s kind of like a spaceship landing.
\"Can we cut a corner here or there?
Asked about the obsession with detail, Cook told Wired.
This is not Apple dry.
It doesn\'t convey details to people who work here every day that are important, care about important messages.
\'I respect him,\' Cook said.
This is clearly his vision, his philosophy.
Our biggest project ever.
\"The campus of the future will soon usher in the first batch of employees who will be welcomed by a series of artificial hills, a mini campus
Will eventually contain 9,000 arid forests.
Resistant to native trees and \"breathing building\" powered by 805,000\"square-
Feet of solar panels.
According to Wired, the campus will also have 100,000 flats
Walking fitness and health center-this will contain two-
The story yoga room was built by imitation stone from the right quarry in Kansas, imitating the Stone of Jobs\'s favorite Yosemite Hotel.
Inside the circular building, each floor will be lined with fins called \"canopies\" with soffits at the bottom that allow the ring to \"breathe in\" air.
According to Wired, the shaft placed elsewhere will allow it to breathe warm air out to the outside.
There will be four of the buildings.
As the story of the cafe atrium, there are four
On good days the story glass door opens so the staff can eat outside.
Apple Park cafe will also use Apple\'s patented pizza box, which is believed to have been on trial on existing campuses.
All door handles in the building are custom designed by Apple and foster partners-both sliding and revolving doors, they have the same handle.
According to Wired, there are already several prototypes, some of which are \"very long and barely prominent\" and others \"closer and less tolerant \".
The stairs are carved with \"perfect white\" thin concrete.
\"This building will be home to many glass --
Closed \"podcasts\" designed for many different events, from work, collaboration to social networking.
Jobs\'s vision of the campus was to see harmony between the outside nature and the building itself, and to ensure that the right plants were perfect, he found David Maffley, a tree expert.
The idea is to use native plants that can withstand drought and even climate crises.
Earlier this year, Apple\'s flyover of a mother ship revealed that work on Campus 2 was nearing completion.
Incredible drone images also reveal amazing attention to the details of the site.
From the arrangement of the wires to the completion of the hidden pipes, there are no two aspects. 8 million-square-
The main building is too small to attract attention.
Apple hopes the campus will be finished this spring.
Since Apple announced its plans in 2011,
The date has receded slowly.
According to people involved in the project, Jobs\'s initial forecast was 2015, but it seems most likely this spring.
Over $1 billion (£800 million)
According to a former building manager, only the interior of the main building is allocated.
Louise mozgo said that the campus is an exception to the trend of a thoroughly open office aimed at promoting cooperation, professor and head of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at the University of California, Berkeley.
Central office building-
A giant glass ring is often compared to a spaceship.
Navigation could be a challenge, she noted.
It\'s not about maximizing productivity in office space, but about creating a symbolic hub for the global company, she said.
They are creating an icon.
An Apple spokesman declined to comment.
Technology companies have long favored general office parks, but Apple Campus 2 marks a new chapter in Silicon Valley architecture.
According to the 14,200 project description, the campus will accommodate 2013 employees upon completion.
Main Building-
Has the largest curved glass in the world
It will be surrounded by the lush canopy of thousands of trees.
A little trace of cement
Apple bought bin Laden campus from HP
Although the iPhone maker Packard has kept it for a century
Old barn in perfect condition.
But for those involved in the project, the most striking thing is that the Apple manager insists on treating the construction of this huge complex in the same way as the pocket design
Electronic size. Apple\'s in-
The housing construction team has implemented many rules, including the fact that the vents or pipes cannot be reflected on the glass.
Guidelines for special timber, often used throughout the building, are up to 30 pages.
A former architect said the company\'s keen design awareness has enhanced the project, but its expectations sometimes conflict with architectural reality.
With mobile phones, you can make very, very small tolerances, he said.
\"You will never design this tolerance on a building.
Your door will get stuck.
Apple has a variety of new ways of handling the building.
The architect de la Torre, who worked on the project, found many proportions
For example, the curve of the fillet-
Products from Apple.
Some workers were knocked like the iPhone\'s home button by the button between the elevators;
A former manager even compared the fashion design of the toilet to the device.
But De la Torre finally found that Apple executives are not trying to evoke the iPhone itself, but are following something similar to the form and dimensional ideals of the platonic.
They have somehow come to terms with design principles through years of experiments, and they are loyal to them, says De la Torre.
In the early stages of construction, the Apple manager told the construction team that the ceiling
Consists of large panels of polished concrete
A former construction manager recalled that it should be perfect inside and outside, just as the interior of the iPhone audio jack is finished.
Each of thousands of ceiling panels must be approved by Apple\'s interior
The House team and the general contractor, once at the store and then again at the construction site.
The former construction manager said that what you can\'t see is important to Apple.
One of the most annoying functions is the doorway. Apple hopes that the doorway is flat and there is no threshold.
But Apple has persisted.
The former construction manager said it took us a few months to try not to do this because it was time, money and things that we had never done before.
Signage also requires a delicate balance, as Apple wants all signage to reflect its stylish, minimalist beauty, but the fire department needs to make sure it can navigate quickly in case of emergency.
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