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Give us gender friendly arms, bullet proof jackets, sanitary pad dispensers: Women personnel tell go

Give us gender friendly arms, bullet proof jackets, sanitary pad dispensers: Women personnel tell govt

by:Breitex      2020-06-17
The three-
Day meeting held on January 6
In Gurgaon, senior women introduced capacity-building and leadership.
More than 20 lakh female personnel serving in the Indian security and police force, but in terms of training, performing their duties and law enforcement, they stood unsuspecting in the position of male colleagues: from body armor, helmets, to fire weapons, all equipment is designed and manufactured for humans.
Now, for the first time, female personnel at different levels and units are asking for gender --
Friendly equipment, guns designed with female body features, ergonomic uniforms, construction of toilets, hotels and personal policies that are gender friendly.
These and other proposals come from the 7 th National Women\'s Police conference organized by the recently concluded Police Research and Development Bureau and CRPF with the aim of increasing the productivity of female personnel deployed in the security field.
It will be submitted to the Interior Ministry and will be implemented throughout India once approved. The three-
Day meeting held on January 6
In Gurgaon, senior women introduced capacity-building and leadership.
The Inspector General (personnel) of Renuka Mishra Sashastra Seema Bal submitted a document entitled \"creating gender-sensitive work equipment and infrastructure, this includes more than 340 police officers from SSB, CRPF, National Police Academy, UP, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Odisha and Telangana
\"Women find it difficult to perform their duties wearing equipment made for men.
They all complain that the body armor is heavy and bad.
Naturally, they are flat.
\"Chest pain, which leads to pain and even breathing difficulties,\" Mishra told dna . \".
So is another body.
Protective equipment or riot equipment such as helmets, fiberglass shields, pulties, belts, shoes, winter jackets, etc.
The survey also raised questions about the use of firearms and whether women\'s personnel were able to use them.
\"Women have different bodies, their hands are very small, and they can\'t even eat many times --grip.
\"It doesn\'t mean they don\'t know how to use or shoot, it\'s just that the guns are too big,\" Mishra added . \".
Above, the policewoman carries.
Mishra said that 303 is used for patrolling, which is not only unrealistic for female personnel, but also unrealistic for men.
\"The government has to use these differences to help them get their work done more effectively, rather than saying that women are short in size and are not able to get it done.
\"The policewoman said that while all the equipment, equipment and uniforms are available in different sizes, both men and women, standard sizes are only purchased for men.
In Western countries, women have gender-specific gear, including hats or helmets, to make room for their hands-free belts with long hair, guns and accessories.
Other proposals made by the meeting were the modification of the infrastructure, including mobile toilets, sanitary pad processors and incinerators, the transformation of military barracks into guest houses with private space and women\'s rooms, health and safety, family and environment.
The lack of independent female toilet facilities during safety/band duty forces female personnel to drink less water to avoid relieving their own stress.
Most women have dehydration and urinary tract infections because they do not relieve themselves often.
There is also the problem of menstruation and the treatment of sanitary napkins.
Infrastructure is not conducive to women\'s work.
Mishra observed how a female person would perform her duties if she spent more time thinking about the uncomfortable environment and facilities? A senior official from BPR & D said that the focus of the meeting was to participate in these issues and have a dialogue with the policewoman.
\"Female staff in police or security agencies are under great pressure and their efficiency is often blamed.
These proposals will help address the gaps related to gender equality and police functions.
Although MHA does not force acceptance of all the proposals provided by process reengineering and D, the official hopes that, as in recent cabinet resolutions, women\'s representation will be enforced in the police force, this comes from the previous national conference on women, and even this year\'s proposal will be adopted.
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