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green jacket, champions dinner and a lot of cash: here are all the perks patrick reed gets for winni

green jacket, champions dinner and a lot of cash: here are all the perks patrick reed gets for winning the masters

by:Breitex      2020-06-19
And pick up a handsome winner check for 1 euro.
61 m, Master champion Patrick Reid had a lot of extra treatment after winning the championship at Augusta National Stadium yesterday.
Reid blocked the strong challenges of Ricky Fowler and Jordan Spice on Sunday and won his first major title, although it was always a great day for golfers, the owner gives some special benefits to the winner.
First, Reed will get one of the iconic green jackets worn by members of Augusta National club.
2017 champion Sergio Garcia presented Reed with a trophy at the awards ceremony last night, but 27-year-
The old one is now customized.
A jacket that suits him.
Reid can take this green jacket home and be allowed to keep it for a year after which it has to be returned to the club.
A winner still \"owns\" the jacket and will be able to wear it whenever they go to Augusta in the future.
He will also be invited to host the championship dinner next year, host master week, and then attend the annual dinner every year.
Every living Master champion is invited and the menu is set by the person who won the last tournament.
This year, Garcia chose an international salad. The main course was a traditional Spanish lobster meal. The dessert was res honeycomb ice cream and espuma.
Winning the Masters also gives you access to the exclusive Champion locker room, which is reserved for previous winners, away from other participants.
Each new champion has a locker to share with the game legend-
Recent Champion Jordan Spitzer and four
Time champion Arnold Palmer before the death of a legendary golfer.
Another benefit that champions can enjoy is taking part in the competition outside the Masters.
Augusta National Golf Club is probably the most unique golf club in the world, and even the world\'s top players can\'t just show up on the course.
But the champions have special privileges, Adam Scott and Jordan Spitzer were named honorary members after winning the tournament, playing 18 holes with their father on the sacred court
Reid has also been granted a lifetime exemption, so he no longer has to worry about entering the world\'s top 50 to qualify.
Finally, in addition to picking up a check for a big winner, there are a lot of monetary benefits to winning a master.
Reid is qualified in any case, but the 100 rankings he claimed yesterday mean he will be in four World Golf Championships, which have not been cut after the first two rounds, so make sure you pay in cash.
The Masters also gave Reid 600 points in the FedEx Cup, which gave him an advantage in the highly profitable competition --of-
The season.
In the end, Reid also qualified for the 2019 Championship tournament, a match in which players who won last year\'s PGA Tour participated.
Again, there are no cuts, so Reid can support his bank balance further.
Winning the Masters championship is the best day of Reed\'s career and he will benefit a lot from the rest of his life.
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