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Guangzhou team uniforms custom probably how many money

by:Breitex      2020-07-11
Guangzhou is an international metropolis, located in the southern coast of the motherland, is a coastal city, here than industry developed, the natural sport custom manufacturer also very much, so a friend would ask, guangzhou team uniforms custom probably how many money? Small make up to tell you, different style and fabric, sportswear custom prices will also vary widely, at the same time, different manufacturers because of the cost of the technical level and other restrictions, any difference in price will say so, guangzhou team uniforms custom probably how many money, this is a more generic problem, I can only be divided into low-end apparel customization, the end of the sports clothes customization and three types of high-end apparel customization to introduce their prices. Guangzhou team uniforms custom about the price, Sportswear manufacturer) Guangzhou low-end team clothes customization mainly is a cheap, probably a few dollars to several dozens yuan, the price of the main between tens to hundreds of, and high-end sportswear custom price is expensive, most is in one hundred yuan of above, if is to use the fabric is good, or a golf sportswear, is even more expensive. Therefore, the guangzhou team uniforms custom need how many money, return true not good answer. Is a set design, development, product sales in the integration of modern sports apparel manufacturers, has 18 years experience in sports apparel industry, professional sports for schools, enterprises and government provide the required sportswear and equipment, is famous for its excellent quality, service perfect, has received the consistent high praise in the industry. Need to custom team clothes, just contact us! Tel: 020 - 38024509
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