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Gym-Dandy Togs / Outfits that are really designed to work out

by:Breitex      2020-06-11
Bend those pecs.It\'s January. The mantra is: lose the flour.Have you decided that you can raise your husband by this time next year?According to an annual report, weight loss is the top new year plan for women in 1996end poll by U.S.News and World Report(The most important decision for a man is to quit smoking, but only one percentage point behind in losing weight.) The stylish figure appears in The New Workout look this season: T-Shirt and boxer shorts or jogging bra top and bike shorts or leggings--Two of the most popular trends in sportswear.The days of the smooth, almost indecent thong leotards cut there have made the stay more comfortable.Form-The fitted leggings and tops are still very popular, but the fabric has lost the gloss of Vegas and the color has become softer.In these cold months, especially if you feel a little blue, loose clothes can be a good idea.As your weight drops, you can put on a more fitting sportswear.A few days ago, there was only one leotard in an advanced ladder class on Fillmore Street-over-Found tights.Two others.piece outfits;Jersey or T-shirt.A shirt on a rider\'s shorts, shorts or leggings.In a super sculpture class at the Gulf club, women choose to be relaxed --A boxer with a vest, or a boxer with sweat on the top and bottom.Jogging bra under t-shirtIt is especially convenient to wear a shirt during exercise.After you really sweat, after the most stressful part of the routine, you can twist it out of your bra, throw it aside and keep T-Cool to wear a shirt-down.Soft and comfortable T-for stretching or yoga classes-It feels great with shirts, leggings or boxer shorts.Sports coaches and sportswear designers say women now don\'t seem to want to get attention to clothing.\"I think the colors people wear now are much softer;Everyday colors such as black, white, gray, blue.For example, few people wear red clothes, \"says Catherine Songgang, a San Francisco-based urban lighting event costume designer.\"The trend is towards solid and away from the pattern.\"Her latest collection includes a range of antique washed green, blue and charcoal workout pants ($44), jogging bras ($23) and zip jackets ($74 ), there are all major department stores.Thong leotard, once seen everywhere, has become the way to keep warm legs.\"No one is wearing a thong on tights anymore,\" said Stella Sandoval, head of aerobics at Gulf club Bank of America.\"Wear real shorts;Wear black stockings or leggings.Prints are out.The band is inside.Deputy Jennifer falcona.The president of product development and sales at Danskin active wear said that while resilient sportswear are still popular, their levels are more loose --Clothes that fitNow there\'s a new category called \"shimmel \"---Jogging bra below the waist.Another category that is exploding is the cropped T-Shirt with gym shorts.Layering is in;Women look more comfortable in the gym.\"Anne appby, a designer in Los Angeles, has just launched a new active clothing collection designed to provide yoga power at Macy\'s and Nordstrom.\"My baby T-The shirt won\'t fall on your face when you make the bedside table, \"she said.\"At the end of the course, you get a little cold when you pose for the dead.My jersey is really big.They can cover you like a big blanket.
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