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Height 1 meter 7, weight 80 kilograms, coat to wear much clothes

by:Breitex      2020-07-13
【 Height 1 meter 7, weight 80 kilograms, how to wear sportswear jacket 】 This there is no special standard answer, because each manufacturer some the size of the standard is not the same, the suggestion to experience, it can clear whether appropriate oneself. ( Sportswear shirts custom manufacturer) One meter seven, 160 jins wear what if one meter seven yards of clothes, but thinner, generally wear L, likes to wear long wear XL, to will be subject to your figure. One meter seven, 80 kg, belongs to the fat body, so can not be carried out in accordance with the standard on the measurement chart to choose, but should be on the top of the standard code number pops up a bigger size, this is for you to wear; But if your bust is particularly large, there will be no elected according to this method, but should be carried out in accordance with the chest matching selection; Similarly, if the waist is especially big, should choose according to the waist, not according to the length. As we all know, the general sports clothes are than leisure sports clothes is larger, so we can't choose according to the selection method of sportswear, but according to the sports clothes size to choose, but as a whole should be to choose big one yard, under normal circumstances, one meter seven should choose L yards, but the height 170 cm, weight 160 jins, you should wear xl yards of clothes. Relevant recommendations: basketball sports wear
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