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by:Breitex      2020-06-16
Is there such a day?You\'re full of new discoveries.Align resolution.You haven\'t even gotten out of the door yet, and the thought of what you\'re going to accomplish is full of buttons --bursting pride.You have a purpose.You are ready for it.Today is the first day of the rest of your life.With pure will and determination, plus you have crossed the ultimate threshold: your clothes shrink and you get up and go to the gym.Remember the gym?Where you pay every month.There is a small label on your key chain, and when you buy sleep, you will generously flash to every supermarket inspector you meet --Party snacks and the like.But hey, that little key tag is like my own red badge of courage;it is proof-For sure, I spend money on a place to exercise and burn calories.Really, flashing that suction cup is almost as good as doing dozens of crunches.I see my gym key tag as an EZ Pass on the road to trashfood highs.However, as we all know very well, things that have not been fully coded in our memory library have to go down.I was there, walking around in quite pain.It was the pain that made me go to the gym.My clothes are tight, my body is shaking more than swinging, my stiffness and moaning get me to that oh-my-God-I-have-to-do-Something tipping point.So, I was there, flashing my key tag to the actual front desk receptionist at the gym.At least, I\'m here. I\'m looking forward to the trumpet;I went to a yoga class.Instead, I got a weak, boring smile and took a second look at my worn-out key tag.Based on my calculations, considering the membership fees I paid over the year and the number of times I actually showed up, the class cost me $145.I chose yoga on purpose.I want to start slowly and carefully;Yoga should be.I will be on the mat on the floor.How hard is this?It\'s about stretching and breathing.I can stretch, I can breathe.This should be feasible.I arrived at the classroom 10 minutes in advance.There is the coach;She is stretching and breathing.I already feel a sense of intimacy.There\'s some quiet meditation.Repeat the music with the word \"Ohm.The whole class integrates in silence;Everyone is stretching and breathing and quiet.Good so far.I felt hopeful and confident, after all, it was not my first yoga class, I disappeared in a pile of laughter;It is not the second lesson I have repeatedly hit the wall;It\'s not my third class either, I\'m vomiting and lame.I came to this room with some previous experience.This class is full of light.eyed, Gumby-Like a student.fitting togs.They are awe-Full of respect for the coach, a thin, stylish, superSerious young womanThe room bowed in front of her altar of yoga wisdom and she guided us to pose.The teacher\'s style is very strict.It can be imagined that the woman in boots, holding the crops in her hand, struck her palm rhythmically.We are on the mat.I am happy;I am very close to the floor.We are guided through a series of bodies.Animal pretzelsnamed poses.The teacher said that we should speed up the aerobic part of this project.Oh boy.We stretch;we breathe;we hold.Sweat came out on my forehead.The teacher said, \"kneel on the left knee .\"I said to myself, \"Owie .\"I have a problem with my left knee cap recently.I got on my knees unsteadily.Then, we experienced a series of twists, turns and persistence.Up and down facing dogs, swans, cobras, cats, the whole gang, as we move through stretching our bodies, clearing our brains, and oneness with the spirit.I\'m going to do some leverage with my right elbow.I found that my legs were wrapped and rolled around;To find a place to hide, my arms spiral like a snake.I can\'t tell the left and right.I feel confused and overwhelmed;All cognitive systems are shut down.In just a few minutes, I became a human knot, a virtual sweat pants and a screw for a T-shirt.Then it happened.I fell from space.Like in the movie, it unfolds in slow motion, ending with a bang of \"kaboom\" on my wooden studio floorI can add that there is a mirror wall.I fell off the mat.Obviously I didn\'t fall too far, more like it was because I missed the marker for the mat.But who did that?Who fell off the yoga mat?This is not a flying blanket,This is your standard rubber black mat.Well, me.Don\'t you think it\'s interesting?Strangely, no one in the class lost the beat, missed a pose, and no one even noticed it.There, I was very proud and beautiful, after eating EZ Pass for a few months, I did my fitness and I fell off the score.The word \"sin\" is translated into \"miss the mark\" in Aramaic \".\"I think missing my mat is synonymous with missing the mark.Through this definition, I broke away from myself and committed a crime.Instead of slowing down to listen and learn, I tasted something delicious.I forgot to fill this hole with holy objects.It\'s not a bad lesson even in a room full of mirrors.
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