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How Fabric Displays Work

by:Breitex      2020-06-19
The fur fabric display has some confusion about exactly what the fur fabric display is.
Despite some science blogs and magazines calling it \"furry TV,\" Philips Electronics filed a patent application under the simple title \"fabric display.
\"On the most basic level, this fur fabric display relies on very simple technology.
When the fur moves, it displays the image below.
This is an easy way to hide and show the design.
There are three layers of fabric display.
The bottom layer is conductive, which means it can carry power from the power supply-
Like a small battery pack. -
In the rest of the fabric, an electrostatic field is generated on the fur, which brings the same charge to each line of the fur.
The next layer of the fur fabric display is the base color or design of the fabric.
This can be a logo of the company, a picture, or a specific color.
The furry display does not change the design on the fabric;
It just hides or shows the part of the design at a given time.
The third floor is fur.
It can be any color, but it must be short enough so that when the user opens the electric field, the line will stand at one end, revealing the design or color of the fabric below.
For example, in a simple fur fabric display, you can cover the blue shirt with red fur.
When you turn on the power of the conductive layer, the red fur will stand up and reveal the blue shirt below.
For a distant observer, the shirt seems to have magically changed the color.
Patent applications refer to each small visible part of the base fabric as \"pixels\", which may be the reason why some articles refer to the display as a furry TV.
Although it is possible to approximate the original animation technique by printing an image on the fur layer and a slightly adjusted image on the fabric below, this is not the same as watching TV on someone\'s jacket.
In the next section, we will learn how some designers can use different forms of energy to make a fabric Display: heat.
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