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how rapha pedalled its way to success in cycling fashion

by:Breitex      2020-06-21
Simon mortrun, founder of high-end bike apparel company Rapha, happily admitted that his business had a huge impact on people.
The main reason for this disagreement is the high price charged by British companies.
You either think it\'s worth it to buy a Rapha jersey for 110 or think it\'s too expensive, especially when you can buy similar products from other brands for less than half the price.
\"Some people love us, some people don\'t like us, it doesn\'t matter . \"year-
Chief executive
\"But our stuff is really good, if it takes someone 8 hours to ride a bike. . .
Then their clothes should be really good.
\"I don\'t want to make bad shorts or jerseys to play [lower]price point.
\"Rapha, founded in London in 2004 and sold directly to consumers through its website, is now one of the largest brands of bicycle clothing.
This year, the company\'s annual turnover is expected to exceed £ 50, and it offers the kit to the UK\'s leading professional cycling Team, Sky Team, which includes 2013 Tour de France champion Chris ·
Most importantly, its products are purchased by bicycle enthusiasts around the world at thousands of prices.
Rapha\'s popularity is far from the difficulty Mr Mottram faced in his first attempt to secure venture capital in 2001.
He said: \"It took me 18 months to raise 140,000 which is not a good success rate.
\"In order to get the money, I have had more than 200 meetings.
Mr. Mottram said he was considered a high-risk investment at the time, because it had been several years before the current boom in bike popularity began.
\"No bank will touch me,\" he said . \"
\"Who is really interested in cycling in 2001 and 2002?
This is just what we, weird people, do.
\"In fact, I have no experience in selling clothing or running an online business.
Mr. Mottram, who had previously had a career in brand development, was finally able to get money from six wealthy private investors and get \"long-term companionship from friends and family \".
The total investment agreement means that from day one he has only a minority stake in the business.
Mr. Mottram said that he came up with the idea of Rapha in 2001 because he was tired of what he thought was poor quality of available bike clothing at the time.
Most outfits don\'t fit, he says, or are made of uncomfortable materials, while others have only fancy colors.
\"I was shocked by the existing products.
\"So while continuing to work as a freelance brand developer, he is consulting companies such as BP and Peugeot in his spare time to work for a new bicycle clothing company.
Mr Mottram wants to design and sell clothes that look good, fit, work well in support, comfort and protection.
He designed the original jersey design, and after being inspired by a photo of a team of 1950 road bikes called San Rafael, he decided to use the name Rapha.
He then began to meet with designers, study fabrics and visit potential manufacturers.
The company initially produced the product and set up a website so it started business.
Mr. Mottram decided to use his expertise as a brand expert to build the image of Rapha only through word of mouth, rather than paying for advertising.
To help carry out the business in 2004, Rapha held a Tour de France bike show in a fashionable building in east London, inviting promoters of professional road bike racing community and bicycle journalists and
From the very beginning, Mr Mottram has worked hard to make Rapha an inspiring brand, posting fine videos and long term
Form articles on its website to enhance the fun of cycling.
Soon sales began to pick up and the company handed over £ 300,000 in the first year.
However, it was in the 2007 s that sales \"really started cars\", as bicycles suddenly became popular in the UK \".
Mr. mortrun attributed this to a number of factors, including the visit of France to London that year, and the growing popularity of government work cycle plans, which enabled people to buy bicycles at a lower price, and encourage more people to go to work by bike.
In 2008, the British cycling team dominated the summer Olympics in Beijing, ranking first in the medal list with 8 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals.
Sir Bradley Wiggins, Sky Knight, won the 2012 Tour de France.
With these successes inspiring more people to ride bicycles in the UK, the largest group of amateur cyclists has become a middle class
Elderly men nicknamed \"nurse --middle-
Old man in Leka
And these men often don\'t have the money to buy Rapha\'s clothes.
The deal with Team Sky was in 2013 when Sky moved from the German sportswear giant Adidas to Rapha.
A total of more than 250 people are now employed;
The Rapha website also has four bricksand-
Mortar stores in London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo.
As the company continues to plan to expand around the world while its products are made in China, Italy and Portugal, more outlets are in the pipeline.
Mr. Mottram still holds only a minority stake in the industry, but he says it has never worried him.
\"If I had a domineering shareholder trying to change my strategy, I would find it very difficult,\" he said . \".
\"But I have been given the credentials to build this thing in the right way.
\"I know we can be a successful niche, but I never dreamed we would be big,\" he added . \"
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