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how to buy a snowboard jacket

by:Breitex      2020-06-18
When purchasing snowboard clothing, the following three types can be considered:
Layer system: Wear base layer, insulation layer and water-
And the outer layer of wind protection.
This system is especially useful in jacket.
It is worth buying a jacket suitable for this system as you can customize your clothes according to the weather conditions outside.
With these three layers in mind, you can start thinking about what kind of jacket you want.
Teaching difficulties: the host where you are sitting.
It can be difficult to buy the perfect jacket for all possible situations, but that\'s the three
The layer system is.
Determine the average conditions of where you ride and how much water, wind and cold protection you need.
For strong winds and wet snow, you will want a jacket with a high waterproof grade, while for warm spring, you can wear a lighter jacket.
Think about whether you want a shell or a jacket.
The enclosure provides a strict outer layer, specifically designed to prevent wind and water and allow moisture to escape.
A jacket includes insulation to make it warmer.
The housing has many advantages, including more versatility for different weather, lighter weight, more comfort and mobility.
Remember, there are three.
You can wear extra wool at any time to provide insulation that is lacking in the housing.
A jacket is good if you like
In thermal insulation, or if you plan to use the jacket for general use in addition to skis, where you do not want to layering.
Determine what type of waterproofing you need.
This will be based on precipitation conditions and the type of snow (
Wet or dry).
Many jackets range from 5,000 to 30,000mm waterproof--
The higher the quantity, the more waterproof the clothes will be.
Fabric like Gore
Although Tex may not contain a rating, it is also highly waterproof.
Note that waterproofing also means wind resistance, so you may still want a higher waterproof jacket to withstand strong winds if the snow conditions are dry but the wind is strong.
Pay attention to breathability.
It\'s two to keep you dry.
Part of the task: keep the outside moisture and let your Sweat escape.
Like waterproofing, breathability is usually expressed as a grade in a similar range.
However, as expressed in grams, such as 10,000 grams.
As waterproof, the higher the better (More breathable).
Performance features are considered.
Some of the design features of the snowboard jacket will make it perform better on the mountain. Sufficient zip-
On warm days, you can ventilate and cool under your arms.
The leggings at the waist and cuffs will help prevent snow or water from slipping in.
Tape seams and waterproof zippers will increase the waterproof integrity of the jacket.
Also consider if you want a hood, no hood or removable hood.
Consider additional features.
Pure acting is your first goal, but you may want your jacket for other more basic purposes.
Make sure there is enough pocket space;
Zip pocket is also a good idea to keep things like car keys and money safe all day long.
Many jackets include an audio pocket to easily connect the wires to the MP3 player.
The goggles pocket is another convenient part.
Try your jacket.
Make sure it is spacious enough to be layered below.
If you\'re going to put cuffs on your gloves, make sure they extend to your hands so they provide enough coverage.
Consider the length of the jacket and if you want it to sit a little lower, provide extra moisture protection in the snow.
In addition to these basic considerations, fit or not depends a lot on you: make sure the ski jacket is comfortable and looks good.
Try on a few jackets and compare them.
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