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how to distinguish a fake north face jacket

by:Breitex      2020-06-17
Talking about outdoor clothing, the main focus is on fabric, unequal clothing use unequal work, usuallyof-The door jacket will use high technology.Why Polartec can be so light, but with such a good thermal coefficient.This is a high does not leave.As for the true and false identification of tumor necrosis factor clothing, the fabric is also a crucial factor.
Some of the fabrics are authentic but accessories fake North Face jackets.For example, zip, care tags, etc.It takes great care to find them, but if you don\'t know so much, you can tell the difference in many ways.1.Most tumor necrosis factors use the ykvislon5vs zipper, and 5 vs zipper is applied in tumor necrosis factors, Columbia, MHW, etc.
There will be a special film on the zipper, which looks particularly shiny.Counterfeit products cannot do this.2.Care label parts.The nursing labels of TNF and MHW are provided by the manufacturer. after the clothes are completed, the factory will destroy the remaining nursing labels.
As long as you look closely, you can still see it.The authentic care label is done by shooting and the character can see clearly.The edges of the authentic care label are usually solid sewn, and the two are pasted together with special items.
This is what most brands do.
We can see the real thing in our hands, each of which is a double layer, but it is not credible.Fake ones need to be washed several times before they can be separated.3.Lanyard on the neckThe authentic North Face jacket usually has a custom lanyard at the collar and few products are not available.
True tumor necrosis factor with tight lanyard, but not very difficult.The replica also has lanyard but does not reach the authentic scale.This is because the cost is too high.Some people also use some liquid to hard the lanyard, but the overall texture is very different from the real thing.
The above is the easy way to distinguish fake North Face coats compiled by Xiaobian for everyone, and other brands also have their own features.4.Embroidery of Logo.The LOGO image of each part is almost different.So how do we tell them?Many customers compare the logo to a different jacket logo.
It\'s hard to distinguish.
In contrast, the best way is to put the same style, the same fabric clothes together.The solid material can have a good embroidery logo, and the effect of embroidery is softer than that of the fabric.5.Warm, waterproof.Waterproof is the most important thing to do outdoor clothing.
So waterproof at every point.
Simple experiment: Put water anywhere in the cloth.Then you may find that the real jacket does not pass through any water for a long time.The most useful way is to compare a lot of North Face tops.
in many cases, you can see the difference between true and false
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