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how to get a funny smell out of your down jacket

by:Breitex      2020-06-18
Down is a soft fluffy material made of duck hair or goose hair.
It is usually used in a jacket because it is able to keep the heat and keep the body warm.
If you notice that your down jacket smells interesting, it may be that the down jacket is wet and has a bad smell.
If you have a front, you can wash down jackets at home
Loader washing machine
If you don\'t, take it to a professional cleaner or wash it with a dryer to remove the smell.
As long as it is positive, put the down jacket in the washing machineloader style.
The top loader has a mixer that can be destroyed.
Set the machine to a gentle cycle and use warm water.
Add mild enzymes-
Free detergent on the machine.
Use the appropriate amount of detergent shown on the detergent label.
Run the jacket through a complete washing cycle.
Put the jacket in the dryer with the dryer piece.
Put a few towels and jackets in the dryer and two tennis balls.
Towels help to absorb moisture and tennis does not make towels rough during drying.
Dry the jacket at lowheat.
Complete at least two complete drying cycles.
It can take hours to dry completely.
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