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How to Make Two Daft Punk Outfits With Helmets

by:Breitex      2020-06-20
There are quite a few details and details in the costume, below is a list of the things we use.
Before you start, I suggest you find an amazing girlfriend of talented people who can sew the 100-meter fishing line and the 75-meter national line into two sets of clothes, the result looks like a stupid punk original.
But you can\'t eat me. Outfits1.
Two jeans. 2. Two Jackets. 3.
Black fabric dye bag. 4.
The EL line of 65 m, cut into different lengths and pre-
Welding by order. 5.
Four KL10 power groups for EL wires. 6. Four 1.
5 m EL wire extension cord. 7. Four 1-
Month EL wire separator. 8.
Fish line 100. 9.
Two blunt needles. 10.
A box of plaster. 11. Four 9v (PP3)Batteries. Helmets1.
Two black boxes for motorcycle helmets. 2.
Two black (
Not street law in Britain). 3.
Two 5-meter-long EL lines, pre-
Welding by order. 4.
Two KH4 battery packs for EL Wire. 5. Two Seeeduino (Arduino clone)
Prototype board. 6.
Two max721 LED control chips. 7.
Two breadboards. 8.
Two 8x8 RGB co-anode (
Better cathode)LED Arrays. 9.
Two jumpers. 10.
4 AA batteries
I will upload the code I wrote for the Arduino to control the LED array so you can use it as well if you want.
Even if you want to change the display, it may be easier to start with something that is already working.
We were lucky that the vendors we used were great and we ordered everything-
Line up, show up in time, order is also very good.
Please note that all suppliers are in the UK, which is great for me to stay in London but probably not what you want.
They may ship on an international scale, but if not, I\'m sure you can find something to ship anywhere.
Accessories for EL Wire and EL Wire, extensions, Splitter and battery pack we use Surelight, they are friendly groups located somewhere in the north.
I think it\'s Sheffield.
Surelight either sells EL wire by meter or at pre-
Cut and weld length, it is great if you are not confident to cut and weld your own wires. (We didn\'t).
All the wires we bought were their super bright series (2. 5mm)in Red (obviously. . )
Very high quality.
In addition, they were delivered quickly in two days of memory. In pre-
The length of the cut EL line we bought: 4x10 m (
All the pants and cases have been used)2 x 5m (
All helmets have been used)4 x 3m (
Sleeves, used 3, spare 1)4 x 1. 5m (
Gloves, did not use them at the end, maybe we will wire them to Glastonbury).
Electronic devices for HelmetsWe we bought two seeedu, one Arduino, hundreds of jumpers, two LED arrays, some LCD displays for SKPang are not used, Seeeduino battery connectors, etc, their service is great and works for almost all products delivered the next day.
We ended up using the max72 21 LED controller chip, but we bought several different ones to play.
We only had a short time to do the costume before the party, so I chose a little redundancy instead of being caught.
We bought the chip from Premeir Farner and the delivery was prompt and everything went well.
Cheap black shiny motorcycle helmet is by far the hardest to find.
I really don\'t want to spend a few hundred pounds on a helmet, I just want to chop it up and smash it.
Luckily I found the Nightingale motorcycle on Ebay
They seem to be big sellers on ebay).
They also have a website here: looking at some of their products on EBay, I called them and ordered two boxes of wired full face glossy black motorcycle helmetsstreet-legal (
As the kind sales staff repeatedly told me)
70%-tone black sun visor.
They showed up again the next day, about £ 50 per person.
Making clothing is the most time consuming part of the whole project.
Kelly found a stupid punk image in their glowing glory
Line, then outline a copy of the pattern on a5.
Then it took her about two weeks.
Weekends and evenings)
Sew the 75 m El thread on the jacket and trousers with a fishing line of more than 100 m.
She used the fishing line so that the EL line would not be covered.
Before Kylie started sewing, she figured out how much/how much length of EL line we needed to blur the pattern she designed with a bunch of string and tape.
I\'m glad she thought of it because it shows that we need twice as many wires as I thought.
We plan to use two KL10 power packs for each unit, they run a 9 V battery and it is recommended to use a 15 m wire.
We used a 10 m long wire for the pants, a 10 m long wire for the jacket, and one or two 3 m long wires for the sleeves (
Kylie\'s jacket is smaller than mine, so the original 10 m covers the torso and a sleeve).
We also thought my jacket was not dark enough so we dyed it in the bucket for about an hour or so.
At the end of the day, Kylie had plastered all her fingers and almost lost her mind.
But it\'s worth it. the clothes look great.
Note: You have to be careful not to bend the wire too badly or it may have a little black spot.
The pattern Kylie came up with was very cunning, avoiding sharp turns by crossing under the fabric in some places.
Here\'s a great guide on how to sew EL Wire synthetic clothes: How long can the battery last?
Before I started, I couldn\'t find any real time about the duration of the EL line of different lengths or the Arduino battery powered by the battery.
It wasn\'t until the party that I was a little worried that I would be lit up like a Christmas tree for 15 minutes and then everything would get dark!
The time for our battery to run is as follows: 1.
9 v battery red super bright EL line with a section length of about 15 m (2. 5mm)
It lasted about 2 hours on the KL10 power supply. 2.
A 9 v battery with a section length of about 13 m red super bright EL line (2. 5mm)
It lasted about 2 times on the KL10 power supply. 5 hours. 3.
The two AA batteries in the KH4B inverter run the 5 m long red super bright EL line on the helmet for about 5 hours. 4.
A 9 v battery supplies about 4 of the Arduino, max72 21, and LED arrays.
Run the program I attached to step 4 for 5 hours.
Hope this helps, be sure to say hello if you are stupid punk in Glastonbury this year!
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