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how to pack for weekend trips

by:Breitex      2020-06-21
Packing out for the weekend is a precise science.
I\'m not going to tell you to bring two clothes and a pair of jeans.
It depends on where you are going, the weather and your personal style.
But I can provide some suggestions to help you pack successfully.
I usually work if I am traveling, so I have to bring my laptop with me.
Once you know what you really need, you can start thinking about what you want to bring.
Bottom line: pack things that make you feel the best, and pack things that keep you away from adventure.
When you pack your bags for your next weekend trip, here are seven things to consider: 1.
Keep calm and carryon.
If you remember your passport, credit card and medication, you may need these when you run around before the flight, and you are halfway to gold.
If left, most other things can be purchased later.
But you dare not check the bag during the weekend holiday!
You don\'t want to be crushed even if you don\'t fly.
That is to say, high-quality luggage is one of the most important investments for travelers.
Tiffany ethics and Eric Wilkinson luxury hotel, sales director of bosidd betumi, Sweden.
The most popular is the \"typical tote\" because it is stylish and durable, while Wilkinson prefers international carry
He reported that there were a lot of clothes in a bag.
Total is also a fan of the brand baggage recovery program, which identifies your bag with a unique registration number. 2.
Don\'t underestimate the power of plastic bags.
I put everything from the charger to the jewelry in a plastic bag.
I also always have a plastic bag on my way full of basic toiletries such as contact solution, lotion and toothpaste.
On short trips, larger plastic bags will double the laundry basket, but for those who want to sort it out, Wilkinson suggests trying space travel on Flight 001.
He said that on your outbound tour, you fold everything on one side of the bag, and then your dirty clothes will be on the other side when you come back. 3.
Accessories are your best friends.
During the weekend trip, neutral tones can maximize your choice while keeping on boardWell, carry it with you. able.
Then all you need is an incredible selection of accessories to illuminate and change your look.
Great accessories are my secret.
You can add a color to a simple black dress with some vibrant Prada high heels and then change your look by adding a long Chanel necklace and some premium necklaces
Wear high heels the next night.
When I left, I also like to add to my collection: picking up scarves from a store in London, or picking up bracelets from the Dubai market reminds me of how long I was when I got home4.
Wear the same clothes on both flights.
Picking your aircraft uniform is an important business that can help you save valuable carry-on itemson space.
For example, always wear your heaviest clothes on the plane, such as winter clothes and big boots.
When Travelers disembark at their destination, they often fall into completely different situations and the plane itself can be cold, so it\'s always a good way to put on your clothes. 5.
True to yourself.
Identify and embrace what you havehaves.
Frankly: I have too many black clothes but they are too easy when traveling and I don\'t care how often someone will see me wear them once.
So I felt relaxed when I knew I had packed a few.
And since I haven\'t accepted my Medusa yet-
Head like curly hair, I always carry a flat iron.
On the other hand, Wilkinson subscribed to what he called the trailblazer effect.
\"If there is a better table in the restaurant, I will wear a suit coat,\" he said . \".
The same is true for hotel upgrades.
My wife and I are laughing at this now because it happens a lot. âx80x9d6. Be prepared.
Part of my strength
The packaging strategy for weekend travel is invisible.
You want to spend them wisely when you only have a few days, so I did a lot of research on my destination in advance.
I save tweets, articles, quotes, friend suggestions, etc in documents and spreadsheets and then use sugarsync to link my laptop to my phone so I can
Even if you\'re a visitorwhere-the-day-takes-
Your traveler, it\'s always helpful to know what you want to do, especially when you book a room at that incredible new restaurant or go to a ticket to that restaurant --sell-out show. 7. Keep it light.
This rule is both literal and figurative.
In addition to not having to check in my luggage to measure myself, I also developed the habit of leaving books on short trips.
Instead, I took my iPad to the airport to buy a magazine. Land and land.
Ethics gives the best advice of all suggestions, leaving you with any pressure!
Remind me that the weekend holiday is to enjoy life and rest. Amen, sister.
Do you have any packing suggestions for a weekend getaway?
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