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importance of metal jacketing industries - industrial ...

by:Breitex      2020-06-17

Metal sheaths are used to protect insulated pipes and other equipment from weather and mechanical weathering.Many industries such as petrochemical and oil refining.Metal sheath system is required.Metal sheaths are also used to protect the insulating materials applied to the surface, which act as insulation barriers to prevent physical damage.One of the main enemies of most insulation materials is moisture.It reduces the working efficiency of the insulation material and reduces the thermal insulation effect provided.The metal sheath provides good moisture-proof protection for this insulation.The metal sheath system is made of a variety of shapes and materials.The preferred inert metal for the production of metal sheaths.Aluminum sleeves are usually produced in rolls.This special metal sheath comes with options such as smooth, moisture-proof options for plaster relief finishes.Stainless steel sheaths are made of high quality stainless steel such as T-Meet industry standards of 304.The melting point of these high-quality steel used in the manufacture of stainless steel sheaths is in the range of 1400 degrees Celsius to provide excellent heat resistance.Like the aluminum sleeve, the stainless steel sleeve also has a smooth finish, plaster relief finish, grinding finish, etc.It is used to provide corrosion protection and additional heat protection.The most common industry for using stainless steel sheaths is the industry for refineries and for treating compounds.It is also used for parts that need to deal with high temperature problems.Polysurlyn is used as a laminated material to provide moisture-proof for various metal sheath systems.Polysurlyn is composed of 3 films laminated together to form a single layer.It has better moisture resistance, so it is widely used in place of polykraft in the latest metal sheath system.The three layers consist of high performance layers of high density polyethylene, surlyn and low density polyethylene.
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