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in honour of the ‘little black jacket’

by:Breitex      2020-06-18
At first, it was a coffee table book. ex-
Fashion editor Carine Roitfeld took photos of models, actors and musicians all wearing Chanel\'s classic coat.
Now, the little black jacket is a big exhibition opening in London next month.
Forget the stereotype of arrogance;
Fashion is the only truly universal cultural pursuit.
The most loyal non-citizens have to dress in the morning, and whatever he/she chooses, there is some connection to the fashion show, no matter how cut.
There are even some clothes in each wardrobe that have a location: blue jeans, white shirts or simple black jackets.
Karl Lagerfeld and former Paris fashion editor Carine Roitfeld claimed this little black jacket for Chanel with a new book celebrating her box
Endless versatility of cutting classics.
Lagerfeld decree: \"Coco Chanel invented a work that has never existed in this special form and no one can take it from her . \".
Next month, an exhibition will be held at London\'s Sarch Gallery. googletag. {});
King Carl\'s talent includes photography, wearing a slim black quilting version of his coffee jacket, which takes 113 portraits of \"friends at home\"table tome.
Like Miss Chanel in life, Carl has made a lot of friends at the top over the years and it\'s interesting to see which one is his choice.
Models and muse like Georgia May Jagger, Jane Burkin and Claudia shivers mingle with actors, musicians, directors and writers.
This combination reflects the creative types of brand founders in society and in the profession.
If Chanel had written a similar book that year, she might have chosen Picasso and Jean cokto.
Lagerfeld also has a keen understanding of the BRIC countries.
If you are not familiar with some of these faces, they will be Chanel lovers somewhere in the world (
Tours have been held in Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong and New York).
The disrespect of Carine (
Genius, frankly)
Regardless of age, gender, political beliefs and time, LBJ\'s style makes it clear how LBJ gets along with anyone. googletag. {});
Former French Prime Minister and wife of resistance hero Jacques Chaban
Perhaps Del Mas is the most mature subject.
Virginia Ledoyen poses for Mary Antoinette.
Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is wearing a vintage PLA shirt and hat (
Must be the ultimate contradiction in clothes).
The jacket looks perfect.
Like the magic jeans in the travel pants sisters, the fabric will shrink to fit the fouryear-
Old and extended to fit the baling artist Sandro Kopp.
In fact, this is the main element of all the wardrobes.
According to Justin piccadi\'s Coco Chanel: Legend and Life, the iconic tweed style was during Coco\'s dealings with the second Duke of Westminster, created in the 1920 s is the perfect combination of Paris fashion and British nobilitystyle. A life-
Coco habitually borrowed a long gamine from her lover\'s wardrobe, and the flowers she made as signature fabrics were inspired by the Duke\'s Scottish style --
Made a game suit
As part of Chanel\'s iconic look, the dress gained international visibility after World War II (
Streamlined suit with quilting.
Handbag and two-tone pumps).
The March 1954 issue of \"American Vogue\" features three full pages of the designer\'s \"comeback\" series (
The house was closed after declaring war)
She restored and perfected her work in it.
LBJ soon became the great icon of the house like Chanel: lion head, Tea Flower, stars, interlocking \"C\" s and fifth place.
The shape of the cube can be realized without the shoulder
Chanel believes the restrictions are too strict.
She believes that \"the grace of a dress lies in the freedom of movement it allows \".
Instead, the front is assembled on the straight plate-grain (
No bust darts)
And use the side embed panel to connect it to the back panel with a central seam to maximize flexibility.
The sleeves are set very high on the shoulders, and for comfort and easy wear, the sleeves are slightly bent.
The chain hidden in the silk lining of the jacket is heavy enough to make sure it hangs well no matter what the wearer does.
Karl Lagerfeld was designed for Chanel since 1983.
Nearly 30 years of revising, rethinking, and reviving the founder\'s work linked him to her without infringing her memory. googletag. {});
Like a savvy political strategist, he pleases Chanel\'s loyal customers in her classic style while offering something new and inspiring them to attract young or undecided customers.
The jacket is still a key element of his collection.
The choice of the topic also reflects how he faithfully maintains the Miss\'s customer base.
Grace Kelly loves Chanel, and her granddaughter Charlotte castillage appears in a jacket and a tea-flower necklace.
The enduring appeal of LBJ makes it-
Stylish but with a la mode on the details.
Coco makes every season look new by playing with buttons, fabrics, hems or patterns.
Carl continues to maintain its importance.
He separated it from the suit skirt and paired it with everything from jeans to premium customization.
He deconstructed and recreated it in every conceivable structure.
He commissioned a 20-
The foot sculpture in its image for the 2008 fashion show.
As the model became thinner, he narrowed down accordingly.
As a staple food of style, the integrity of the clothing remains the same.
Fashion photography books of this size (
Especially brandspecific books)
Tend to start with an article that is a little bit pretentious.
The book does not include any words at all, except for a sentence by Argentine poet Roberto jarroz: \"There are clothes that will keep themselves alive, not worn out.
\"Even though Chanel\'s spirit seems to be on every page, the cover girl Carine still appears in the photo with the inflammatory look of her previous magazine in the headlines.
\"You know Carl, you have to surprise him,\" she told Women\'s daily at the opening of the exhibition Manhattan.
The Freja Beha Erichson model is wearing jackets, shorts and fishing nets that are used to nuns.
Another model posing naked as a corpse, except for the jacket and the body --stocking.
Actress Charlotte Gunsburg opened her heart to reveal a baby lump. googletag. {});
LBJ is a uniform for young designers, including Alexander Wang.
No matter how striking the look of the dress is, it looks very accessible, elegant and very satisfying.
Carine\'s more creative look is easily balanced by portraits that show a jacket on a regular street dress or an LBD (
Another great staple of cocoa).
Of course, the core contradiction of the book is that while anyone may wear a small black jacket, Chanel LBJ is a luxury that most people can only aspire to have.
Don\'t be afraid, your jacket
The trend of the season is good for you.
Have good quality when presenting classic multiple price points from tax regulations and Diane von Furstenberg (see Net-a-Porter.
Com and MatchesFashion. com)
Walk down the street to Zara.
You\'re looking, you\'re looking.
Little Black Jacket: Chanel classics re-examined by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld, stedl, available in selected bookstores.
The exhibition will open from Friday, October 12 to Sunday, October 28, at the Sarch Gallery in London. try {_402_S }catch(e){}
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