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In the winter to buy what kind of clothes

by:Breitex      2020-07-12
In the winter to buy what kind of clothes? In the summer to be over, can winter be far behind, because the temperature is low, so put on a thick cotton-padded clothes. But a person who loves sports, wear thick clothes every time to exercise is not comfortable, I like sport, general sportswear is not warm, if there is any quality is better, and then is still very warm clothes? Suitable for winter wear. ( Group T-shirt order) What to buy winter clothes is better in the winter the cold dry weather, so when choosing clothes must be careful not to choose the clothes is not easy to sweat, in addition, note also beautiful, so buy clothes in winter, we can from three aspects to select fabrics, style and color. First of all, the fabrics of winter sports must choose warm wind model, secondly to absorb sweat fast drying, it is best not to cotton, because it's not easy to absorb sweat after cotton clothes they drained, cause a man's clothes wet, stick on the skin, easy to let the body heat loss, hypothermia, causing cold and so on. Styles as far as possible choose to have a cap or velvet inside, is a pullover sweat pants before, but now looks very beautiful, the first is loose, and ease of movement. The second is hot, don't let heat escape. The third is the light, not too heavy. The fourth is the price. Not too expensive. Color words, it is suggested that it is black or other dark, because brunet easy absorption of heat, relative to the light color is easier to preserve heat, let oneself more warm, also show thin, don't look very bloated. Relevant recommendations: slacks customization
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