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Is this the most useful item of clothing ever Windbreaker branded the \Swiss Army jacket\ has 15 poc

Is this the most useful item of clothing ever? Windbreaker branded the \'Swiss Army jacket\' has 15 pockets, neck pillow, blanket and iPhone charger... all for $109

by:Breitex      2020-06-17
A jacket with such a multi-purpose is called the \"Swiss Army jacket\", which can carry everything from iPad to blanket with you and has become the most popular fashion item in the crowd
Raised $3 million (£1. 9m).
Bauxbox jacket, $109 (£70)
He had 15 pockets, conceived after 29-year-old inventor Hiral Sanghavi was tired of a long flight when he was unable to carry all the necessities.
The experienced traveler from Chicago has designed the jacket, which includes a neck pillow, Hood, eye mask, gloves, beverage holder and portable charger.
During his eight-hour flight and stopover, he was very upset, so he decided to design a costume that would meet the most common needs of travelers.
There are multiple compartments that can be filled-
The size of the tablet, mobile phone, headphones and small blankets.
It comes in four styles: soft cotton jumper, water
Wool windbreaker-
Lined pilot jacket and foldsfree blazer.
The removable neck pillow is designed to use the built in-in two seconds-
Deflate at the valve and shoot.
The inventor said the pillow fits in different sleeping positions and is placed in the hood where the eye mask also slides out.
Hiral, who is studying for an MBA at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Illinois, has designed more
The 29-year-old wife from San Francisco, Yoganshi Shah, dressed in functional clothing, designed a jacket that was able to ship everything on the iPad to an open-air beverage can.
It even has its own pen.
Combination of stylus.
The inventor is currently seeking money to produce his high
The tech jacket said: \"We want to include a lot of features on the jacket, but the built-in features
Neck pillow is one of the main pillows.
\"We wanted to offer a variety of creative lifestyle products of different designs for both men and women, so we created jackets, blazers and even bomber jackets.
Other useful things include a drink pocket, which is made of an insulated neoprene material that keeps the drink hot and cold.
The pockets of sunglasses include microfibre cloth and passport for cleaning the lenses-
Pocket size, easy access to travel documents when boarding and passing airline security checks.
The hand warmer in the front pocket protects travelers from the cold and open
The fingers and gloves slipped out of the sleeve. A small rolled-
Up blanket is long-haul flights.
By the time the project was written, a total of 15,026 supporters had raised $2,671,000 (£1. 6m)
The funding deadline is 38 days away.
It will be sold for $109 on November (£70)
And will ship around the world.
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