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Is this the world\s most useful hoodie MailOnline meets the designers behind the travel jacket with

Is this the world\'s most useful hoodie? MailOnline meets the designers behind the travel jacket with 15 features including phone charger and removable travel pillow

by:Breitex      2020-06-17
The days of clothes are just over
More and more items are designed for travelers who want their clothes to be diverseuse.
The latest listing is the koala hoodie, which has 15 different features including a removable inflatable travel pillow, a hidden phone charger, and even a bottle opener as a zipper.
Despite the myriad features it offers, it looks like any other hoodie and mail online Travel exclusively presented the prototype with the designer himself.
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The brothers Ben and James Street got inspiration from their own trip and created the prototype.
Each hoodie comes with a rope bag that can be used separately.
The hood itself has multiple uses, which the brothers have shown on Facebook Live.
There is extra padding inside the hood, which provides a cushion when you pull the hood.
When you want to sleep, you can also pull an extra piece of fabric to act as a blindfold.
The removable travel pillow can be inflated or deflated as needed to provide neck support, which fits into the expandable area in the hood.
A zipper opens underneath.
Arm vents can help keep you cool when wearing a jacket and thumb holes can keep your sleeves low profileif you need it.
The zipper comes with a separate bottle opener, and the bro\'s festival is the best feature, so you\'re always ready for a beer.
There are several zip pockets in the jacket.
The hoodie comes with a removable charger and is placed in one of the pockets that can be used to charge your phone or other device when you are out for up to eight hours.
You can use the other three pockets for your phone, passport or glasses, all with separate zippers.
Your Pen even has a slot so you always have a handy one.
The brothers told the Daily Mail that valuables also had a secret pocket, although they did not reveal where --
So this is a mystery to be explored.
They will release the product for the first time on Kickstarter on August, which will be sold at an early price of $89 (£61).
Once the hoodie is released, it will cost $140 (£96).
The hoodie comes in three different colors: black, gray and blue, and you can also embroider your initials on the front.
If their Kickstarter campaign goes well, the brothers plan to roll out more colors and will vote through social networks.
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