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jacqueline fernandez, shraddha kapoor and others show how to rock the anti-skinny jeans like a boss

jacqueline fernandez, shraddha kapoor and others show how to rock the anti-skinny jeans like a boss

by:Breitex      2020-06-20
In recent years, Bollywood\'s divas has shown how to rock the baggy denimIn, and the world of Cowboys has changed happily.
Showing off their limbs in tight jeans and possibly choking them in bargaining, after which our divas chose to be more relaxed.
In the latest findings, Raveena Tandon shows how to do the job by combining loose capris with a white coldshoulder top.
The day before that, gen-
Now the girl Ananya Panday also put no-
Elan with a white top and a light blue ankle looks a big fusslength number. The blue-and-
Almost all the ladies like the white combination.
Shraddha Kapoor looks laid back in a pair of lazy clothes
Come back with her-
Look up, as did Calisa Kapoor when she was on holiday in London.
Patralekhaa and Nushrat Bharucha tie the cowboy to the knotted T-
Shirts, showing off their mid-range hue.
The latter chose to go distressed pants at the waist.
Kriti Sanon is wearing a green jacket that looks simple.
The difference that Jacqueline Fernandez wore gave it a sexy twist
There are fluffy sleeves on the top of the shoulder bodice, while Janhvi Kapoor chooses another classic black and blue.
Designer Nachiket Barve describes this trend as a comfortable meeting style.
\"Especially during the trip, we saw Bollywood actresses wearing tight or super
Skinny jeans for years.
\"With this trend, it\'s like a comfortable meeting style, loose jeans are naturally working well,\" he said . \".
Designer Rick Roy also thinks everything is in there. “Anti-
Great fit pantstime.
\"It\'s all for comfort, it\'s so simple,\" he said . \".
In this way, maven Kareena Kapoor Khan wore striped tops and denim jackets last month while collecting air miles.
When the choice is reversed
For clothing, Nachiket means several things to consider.
\"It\'s more effective for people who are healthy and lean.
\"Loose or loose jeans make the curve look fat,\" he notes . \".
To stand out in everyday life, the designer says, \"it\'s important to deliberately look stylish, but in some cases it looks laid back --back.
In order to avoid such mistakes, loose denim fabric should be matched with sunglasses or beautiful handbags, and the hair is done right.
People should make sure it doesn\'t look bad.
This is something to remember more than anything else.
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