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Jeans lose their allure amid U.S. yoga surge

by:Breitex      2020-06-15
The American obsession with jeans began to become thin.
Jeans are already popular.
Nailed in closets across the United StatesS.
After all, not as comfortable as many clothes, they can be worn every day, but flexible enough to be worn up and down.
But after decades of almost steady growth, sales of the iconic blues have fallen by six percentage points over the past year. Why?
Sports yoga pants and leggings are more popular than traditional Cowboys.
This shift is partly due to the lack of new designs, as the brightly colored skinny jeans were popular a few years ago.
This also reflects a change in people\'s perception of what is suitable for work, schools and other places that have asked for more formal dress in the past.
\"Yoga pants have replaced the jeans in my closet,\" said Anita Ramaswamy of Scottsdale, Arizona.
Learn to buy more leggings and yoga pants than jeans.
\"You can make it as sexy and more comfortable as skinny jeans.
\"To be sure, the jeans business is not dead: Retail Consulting\'s customer growth partner estimates that Cowboys account for the annual sales of U. S. department stores.
But sales of jeans in the United StatesS.
According to market research firm NPD Group, it fell 6 percentage points in the year ended June to $16 billion, while sales of yoga pants and other \"event outfits\" rose 7 percentage points to $33. 6 billion.
Levi Strauss, who invented the first blue jeans before 141, is one of the jeans manufacturers, admitting that their business has been deceived by the fashion industry\'s \"sports\" trend.
This allows them to create a new version of the more \"resilient\" classic denim and mimic the comfort of casual pants.
This is one of the few times that jeans have not been at the forefront of the \"trend.
Businessman Levi Strauss and tailor Jacob Davis invented jeans in 1873 after he obtained a patent to make cotton denim overalls with copper rivets in specific areas such as pocket corners,
To 1920 generations, Levi\'s original 501 jeans have become top jeans
Men\'s overalls are sold according to Levi\'s company website.
In the next few decades, the pants became mainstream.
In 1934, Levi took advantage of the rise of western films to launch the first pair of jeans for wealthy women who want to wear jeans on holiday pastures.
Then the teenage child raised the popularity of the pants, first of all greasy --hair-and-leather-
Jacket in the 1950 s and then hippie in the 1960 s.
But the biggest contribution teenagers make to the rise of Jeeps is the name itself: until 1950 years old, this pair of trousers is called work clothes or waist work clothes, but over the next decade teenagers start calling them jeans
Jeans were badly worn during that timeboy image —
Actors like James Dean and Malone Brando are popular in roles like this --
This has led to many schools banning children from going to class wearing them.
In 1960, Levi began using the name \"Jewish\" in advertising and packaging.
In the coming decades, jeans have become a way for people to express themselves.
From 1960 to early 1970, hip-
Haggs and Beldy became-
Statement of establishment.
Then in early 1980 and 1970, when designer brands like Jordache introduced a more stylish version, jeans became a status symbol.
Recently, names like \"7 For All Mankind\" earned $200 in jeans, which helped drive sales to $10 billion in 2000, to $, NPD said.
Jeans face other rough patches.
According to NPD\'s estimate, when cowboy sales fell by 3 to 4, 1970 s, while the popularity of fluffy pants surged and sales rose by 10 to 12.
The NPD declined to provide more historical sales data as it recently made changes in its approach, but chief industry analyst William al Cohen of the group said, with the recovery of kha cloth 12 years ago, jean\'s sales fell again by about 3 percentage points.
This is the last drop so far.
Fashion watchers say the latest decline is likely to be the longest.
Amanda Halley, assistant clinical professor of fashion marketing at LIM College in Manhattan, said the \"sport\" trend is the biggest threat to jeans because it reflects a fundamental lifestyle change.
\"Everyone wants to look like they\'re going to the gym, even if they don\'t,\" she said . \".
As jeans are becoming more popular, retailers and designers are more focused on sportswear than denim.
J. , for example. C.
Penney has recently doubled its back casual styleto-
Growth in the denim business has slowed.
Designers are also launching new jeans.
Levi\'s and VF
The makers of Wrangler and Lee jeans are rolling out the jeans they call stretchers.
Many brands are doing this.
Called jogger pants, loose
Fit sweat pants style with elastic cuffs at the bottom of the leg.
\"If leisure is what everyone is looking for, we can drive innovation,\" said James Curley, president of the Levi\'s brand . \".
It\'s too early to judge whether the new jeans will help the jeans pop back.
Jennifer Romano, for example, said she was not interested in them.
\"If I want yoga pants, I will buy yoga pants,\" said the publication director of the Rockville Center in New York . \".
\"I just didn\'t see jeans in yoga pants. \"
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