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jordan spieth\'s collapse at the masters the most shocking in golf history

by:Breitex      2020-06-20
With his head down and his hands in his pocket, it looked like he had just seen a ghost, and Jordan spice walked from Augusta National lodge to a large group, women and children around the scene of the Danny Willett tournament.
Spieth is wearing a green jacket and trust me: you \'ve never seen someone look so unhappy wearing a green jacket on Sunday.
For a defending champion who failed to defend the title of the champion, it was always a difficult exercise, and the ceremony began with the Butler\'s Cabin handing the jacket to CBS\'s new winner, this is especially true for fans and photographers waiting near Green.
But there has never been more brutal communication than this.
Willett switches, probably never again.
Club president Billy Payne expressed his eternal gratitude to spice for \"being such a great champion this year.
\"Soon, Spieth conducted a group interview near the club and conducted a self-interview like the 22-year-old professional old soul. year-
The old man has been explaining the inexplicable of hole 12.
Jay Danzi, a club elder and player agent, finally accompanied Spieth to the champions parking lot in front of the club;
The player actually nodded to several reporters he had walked.
Nick Fardo stopped him on the passenger side of the ceremonial car he was waiting for, shook hands with him and said a word of comfort.
Twenty years ago, Fardo was the beneficiary of Greg Norman\'s epic collapse, just before he met spys, three of them
The winner of master of Times agreed that the crash made Norman feel like a walk in Magnolia Lane.
Faldo told a small group of reporters: \"Greg is right. Judging from the word\" downward trend \", Jordan is on the rise.
He called the Shakespeare tragedy behind the 9 th \"a mixture of disaster and torture \".
Spires is still restless about reeling, sliding into a gray Mercedes-Benz SUV and driving out of Augusta National Airport at 8: 01. m. ET.
Standing near the clubhouse is a master rookie who spent a day with him, a child named Smeli Kaufman, who has just shot 81 people, and to the \"next time there will definitely be.
The sun will rise tomorrow.
\"Yes, it will rise in the morning, whether Jordan Spice wants it or not.
Kaufman said of the second question: \"Look at it a little smelly --\"
The place Terminator who just shot 73 people.
On this golf course or any golf course, there is nothing more eye-catching than the four-person Golf Course in bispice.
No. 12 bogey seven
Norman is bleeding.
Leading before turning around, he played with Terminator Fardo.
As we all know, when the stakes are high, Norman is holding the club too tight.
Arnold Palmer 7-
Leading nine holes in the $1966 raceS.
Open but he is always consideredfor-broke gambler. He foolishly (But foreseeable)
Chasing Ben Hogan\'s scoring record, he\'s playing with Billy Casper, an opportunistic Hall of Fame member.
Jean van de Velde got wet on Highway 72.
He took the lead on the canusti Field in 1999, but he is not a great player, which is not so much a tragedy as a comedy.
There\'s nothing funny about this one.
This is Phil Mickelson\'s 72.
The hole disappeared on the 10-fold wing foot, if only because Mickelson was always as reckless and fun as Ani in the choices he made.
Spieth said: \"I can\'t imagine it\'s fun for everyone except Danny\'s team.
And his fans. Willett, 28year-
The old Englishman, a talented player, deserves a title, not to mention the proud father of a new son;
His wife\'s pregnancy almost kept him out of his master\'s door.
He was the last person present and the last person standing, winning a breakthrough victory at 67 on his wife\'s birthday.
But it was the owner of Jordan Spice who lost, and he lost in an amazing way.
He blocked the nine in front of him with four straight birds to destroy Kaufman and other venues. \"A dream-come-
Spires called it \"the real first nine \".
This is him standing on the 10 th table-
Shooting ahead, the whole world is looking forward to the 9 balls in the back being a tap --
The leader\'s putter: Spice will be the youngest player of the Masters era with three grand slams.
He will be the first defender of the game. to-back, wire-to-
Big wire winner.
He will win the second Masters in his third appearance, after Tiger Woods won the second in seven appearances, while Jack Nicklaus and Palmer won the second in six appearances.
At 22, Spieth will match the number of green jackets won by Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Seve Ballesterosand Tom Watson.
He will join Woods, Nicklaus and Fardo as the only player to win the Masters twice in a row. He will be the first to win at least three double champions since World War II. bogeys.
You know what people would say if Jordan Spitzer did all this, right?
They will say that Spieth will one day surpass nicklaus\'s six Masters and become the greatest Augusta National player of all time.
Instead, they will talk about a different kind of history that began to form from hole 10 and hole 11 when Spieth started playing to prevent defense and lost his aggression and focus
He could have survived those holes.
Everyone knows.
As everyone knows, he can\'t survive.
Famous for the destructive decision of the evil 12 th. He had a 9-
He had a 150 iron in his hand.
Yard kick-off execution.
Spieth and his caddie Michael Greller thought the draw was the right choice, but as the defending champion stood above the ball he began to listen to an evil voice in his head, tell him to cut a cut.
\"That\'s what I did in 2014,\" Spieth said. \"I also spent money on the game at that time.
\"The ball fell short and hit Ray\'s Creek, but guess what?
That shot didn\'t let him lose the game, and it\'s worth mentioning that Spieth is a more experienced player than his 2014 rookie on the Bubba Watson watch.
Like Mickelson\'s second swing in the last hole in the wing foot is much more expensive than the first swing, Spieth also blew it in the second swing, after dropping 80 yards from the pin
\"I\'m not quite sure what\'s going to happen next shot,\" Spieth said . \".
Millions of shocked viewers know what\'s going on.
Spieth choked and sometimes happens to the best of them.
Maybe the hardest player in the world, it\'s hard to say but there\'s no better way to describe these 25-
There are three of his divot-
The car garage, it runs almost to the ball that barely reaches the water.
The Unbreakable spires were broken.
He took his next shot into the bunker, hit seven shots, and 13 3 shots behind Willett.
Spieth told his caddie: \"Man, it seems like we\'re going to crash.
\"What he did to the 12 holes on Sunday was even more shocking than what Ernie Ayers did to the first hole on Thursday, and Fardo estimates that within 12 minutes, Spieth changed from a command leader to a zombie film victim, no one will forget this.
Let\'s face it: on the Super Bowl goal line, the Seattle Seahawks lost to the New England Patriots and then lost the game.
I \'ve been writing about sports for 30 years, and this is the most shocking event I \'ve ever reported, the 2004 American League Championship Series between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox followed suit.
\"It will be a serious injury,\" said Farr, who comforted Norman 20 years ago in doing the same thing for Spieth.
\"He is doing something for joining our little club and it will be great.
I will welcome him to our small defensive club.
The good news is he\'s 22. You regroup.
He\'s so talented. . . .
He has a lot of expertise and he will have a chance to win the game.
\"Norman has never won a master\'s degree, and Palmer has not won any professional degree since he was in the United States. S.
Opening of 66 Olympic Games
Spieth is too young, too resilient to bear the same fate, his little birds on the 13 th and 15 th and close-
Bird 16 explains why
The child is the winner;
No change.
When he was a little choked to thank those who cheered for his rally, no one was surprised.
\"They almost brought me back,\" he said . \". Almost.
From the field on the left, 80 Masters became the craziest person, leaving a painful expression when Spice walked on the 72 th Lane wearing a hat and rubbed his head.
All of a sudden, the boy was surprised to see that every point implied by his backward line was old.
On Thursday, he took the opening ceremony of Route 66 with his new driver and took that crazy picture off the tree on Route 11, and everyone thought it was all over
\"Jordan is on a mission,\" his father told ESPN . \".
After that round.
\"He did not speak much.
\"He proved to everyone calmly but forcefully that he was still the grand slam winner of last year.
But the only player to reach the age of 19
In Augusta National Park (
In 2015, the act of occupying Woods\'s previous records-under)
But gave the most cruel lesson to the most cruel game on Earth.
Golf beat Spieth because it finally defeated everyone.
When these masters finally appeared in the book, spice still had to wear a green jacket on the shoulders of another person.
\"You can imagine,\" he said. \"I can\'t think of anyone else going through a more difficult ceremony.
\"The only thing more difficult than the ceremony is the pain suffered before the ceremony.
Jordan Spitzer may one day have four, five, six Masters.
But even at the age of 22, this is true of his 2016 Augusta National Sunday: He will take it to the grave.
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